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What's Right in Front of You

Chuck looked himself over in the mirror and smiled happily at what he saw. The white dinner jacket looked fantastic over his black t-shirt, with a stylish British flag on the front, and sat nicely over his pants – also black. He gave his reflection a wink before picking up the bottle of wine and heading out the door.

Once Chuck had arrived at his destination, he took a quick moment to check himself over. Satisfied with how he looked, Chuck gathered up his courage and knocked on the door. He fidgeted nervously as he waited for the door to open.

The apartment door opened a moment later and Chuck smiled charmingly at the occupant. "Uh... Hey." Real smooth, Bartowski, Chuck chided himself.


Chuck looked into Casey's shocked blue eyes. His smile widened as he looked at NSA agent. "Can I come in? I brought wine." To illustrate his point, Chuck waved the bottle of wine back and forth in front of Casey.

Completely bewildered, Casey moved to the side and let Chuck enter his apartment. He shook his head to clear it and turned to see Chuck making himself comfortable in his kitchen.

"What are you doing here and with wine no less?" Casey couldn't help but be a bit suspicious considering he had overheard the conversation Chuck had had with Roan earlier.

Chuck looked up from his task of trying to locate the bottle opener. "Hm? What do you mean?"

"I mean," Casey paused. The kid knew that he was under surveillance 24/7 – at least where Casey was concerned – so there was no real point in beating around the bush. "Aren't you supposed to be at Walker's with that wine?"

If Chuck was surprised by the fact that Casey knew of his talk with Roan, he didn't show it. The Nerd Herder continued to search for the bottle opener. He gave a small cheer of triumph when he located it amongst Casey's vast array of utensils.

"Found it!" Chuck turned to Casey and showed him the bottle opener. "See? You know for a super spy, you aren't very organized."

Casey threw a glare in Chuck's direction. "Good for you, Chuck. You found the elusive bottle opener," he growled out sarcastically. "Now answer the question!"

"Oh... What was it again?" Chuck tilted his head to the side in mock confusion. He knew what the question was, of course. He just wanted to see Casey squirm.

"Chuck," Casey threatened as he took a menacing step closer. His tone alone promised Chuck a painful death if he didn't answer the question.

Chuck took a step away from Casey. He waved his hands in front of his chest in surrender. He hoped it would somewhat placate the other man. "Okay, okay, Casey, calm down. It was just a joke. Okay, a joke never hurt anyone, right?"

"It might hurt you." Casey let the unsaid but guaranteed threat hang in the air.

Chuck swallowed nervously. This isn't really going as well as I hoped it would... "Okay... According to the conversation you overheard... Yes, I should be at Sarah's with this wine... Well this and a rose."

Casey's slumped in disappointment, mentally of course. He had known that there was no way that Chuck would come to his apartment with a bottle of wine. Walker probably just kicked him to the curb and Chuck probably just wanted to drown his sorrows and Casey was the lucky one that he picked to share in his pity party.

" – oblivious."

"Huh?" Casey said slightly dazed. He hadn't realised that he had zoned out while Chuck was speaking and he had tuned back in only to catch the end of his sentence. "What did you say?"

Chuck smiled crookedly at Casey. It was a soft but knowing smile. "I said that for being a famous and renowned super spy and master of seduction, Roan is pretty oblivious."

Curious and confused baby blue eyes met Chuck's eyes. "How so?"

"You have to ask?" Chuck quipped. "God, you're just as clueless as Roan."

Casey growled deep in his throat and approached Chuck like a predator approaches his prey. Chuck gulped and backed away from the NSA agent. He tried to keep some semblance of space between them. It worked – but only until Chuck's back collided with the fridge and Casey closed the remaining distance.

Casey was practically pinning Chuck to the fridge, even though the older man wasn't even touching him. Chuck had to fight his body not to react to Casey's proximity and the pure heat radiating off the agent's body.

"Chuck... Men have died terrible deaths just for saying "Hi" to me. So you are extremely lucky that you have that computer in your head because without it you would have been dead before you said the first letter of that sentence."

Chuck gulped. Casey was terrifying when he was pissed. Hell, he was terrifying when he was happy. It didn't help that the deep rough voice that Casey had used to threaten him had shot a spike of raw arousal straight to Chuck's groin.

"So, Chuck," Casey spoke somewhat dangerously. "Why is Roan clueless? I certainly thought that he has you and Walker pegged."

Focus, Chuck told himself. He looked into Casey's questioning gaze and could see a small spark of... something flicker in and out of the piercing blue gaze.

"Yeah, well... That's why he's oblivious. Roan thinks he has me pegged but he's way off. I'll give him some point in regards to Sarah though."

"So... Do tell, how was Roan wrong about you?" Casey pressed.

"See! That's why I'm starting to think all of you secret agent types are oblivious! Come on, Casey. Think about it for a minute!"

Chuck stared at Casey, silently hoping that the NSA agent would finally get a clue and see what was right in front of him.

"As soon as that computer is out of your head," Casey paused as he pressed himself even closer into Chuck, "you are going to have nowhere to run and I am going to make you regret those "oblivious" comments."

Chuck had to suppress a groan of exasperation and of pleasure. Casey was still ignorant of what Chuck was trying to get him to realise. But the feel of Casey pressed fully against his was driving him mad with arousal. The NSA agent was just a few scant inches away from feeling what he was doing to Chuck. Casey was just too blind to see it and that was getting on Chuck's last nerve.

"Damn it, Casey!" Chuck growled at the other man.

"Watch it, Bartowski. You're on pretty thin ice," Casey warned.

Chuck snapped when he heard Casey's comment and his brown eyes clouded over in anger. "You idiot! How can you not understand what's going on here? You're so obsessed with what you think is going on that you're not seeing this," Chuck paused for a breath and gestured his hands between them to emphasis his point.

Casey watched Chuck as he gestured at himself and then at Casey. He could see the frustration in Chuck's eyes and he knew that there was something lurking under the surface. "Get on with it, Chuck," Casey said gruffly.

Chuck stared at him incredulously. Words were obviously not getting through to the man before him. Well actions do speak louder than words... "Fine! If you don't get it then I'll show you."

With a strength that neither of them knew that Chuck possessed, the younger man grabbed Casey's wrist and pulled it towards his body. Chuck placed the big, strong hand over his aching erection and he moaned gratefully when Casey – on reflex – tightened his fingers around his cock.

"Do you get it now?" Chuck asked.

Casey could only stare. His hand was still firmly cupping Chuck's groin and he didn't even try to move it away. He met Chuck's eyes and saw the hopeful expression in his brown depths.

"Chuck," Casey started. "I – we... can't..."

The spark of hope that had sprung to life within Chuck, died out when Casey spoke. He let his hand drop from around the agent's wrist. With a slight shove, Chuck pushed Casey away from him and moved as far as he could away from the agent.

"Yeah... You're right," Chuck spoke quietly.

The younger man stood there quietly and waited for Casey to do or say something. Casey didn't. Chuck sighed and started to head towards the front door. Chuck got the message loud and clear. Casey didn't want him.

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