Author's Notes: Hey everyone! This is my first attempt at a Beetlejuice fic, so I would appreciate any feedback I can get. Just to make it clear, this takes place during the wedding of the movie, except Lydia makes a deal with him to postpone said wedding until she graduates from high school, so it also develops into the cartoon as well. (I seriously hope that makes sense.) Also, this is a very smutty fic. If you're uncomfortable with that, or not old enough to read such things, I suggest you do not read. This is pretty short prologue, though I promise that if people want me to continue, I promise the chapters will be longer. Anyways, please, please, please review!

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters and the slight plot of the movie. Also, there are two things that I mentioned (a promise, a ring) that I put in my story the same way that WithoutHesitation did in her fic. So, credit goes to her for her brilliant ideas that I borrowed for the sake of my story. (Also, she writes beautifully, so I highly reccomend her fics!). So, please don't sue. You wouldn't get very far if you did.


She had actually agreed. Was this girl more stupid than she looked? But, a promise was a promise, and he wasn't going to question her sanity. Seriously, who was he? He was the ghost with the most? His lips curled into a smirk as he heard her say his name three times. He had to admit, he could definitely get used the way she said his name. And then, in a flash, he was a part of their world now. He was out!

"It's show-time!" he exclaimed, and then got to work on what he set out to do. He would save those stupid Maitlands. Then, he would marry that girl, and he had to say, she did not look half-bad. How old was she? Oh, hell, like he cared. Fact was, she was old enough to say yes when he had asked her to marry him. Well, actually, he never really asked, did he? He kind of just told her, "Marry me and I'll save your friends." Hm. Well, he supposed it didn't matter then, did it.

Beetlejuice worked as swiftly as possible, saving those stupid newlyweds. Then, with a wave of his hand, the girl's parents were strapped to a chair, gags over their mouths, so no one could send him back. Not when he was so close. No way in hell would he let himself get sent back now. Almost immediately afterwards, he quickly changed his clothes from raggedy clothing into what he would like to think of as a svelte red tuxedo. He licked the palm of his hand and smoothed his hair back before adjusting the cufflinks of his long-sleeved shirt. His green eyes found his bride-to-be looking at him what could only be as horror. He cackled to himself; she was afraid of him. Not that he was surprised…

But she wasn't afraid of him, per se. She just couldn't believe that with all his magic, he chose to wear that to his own wedding. Lydia Deetz didn't know the man very well, but her mind told her she really shouldn't be surprised, should she? Before she knew it, she was instantly transformed into a matching wedding dress.

"Okay, hold it," she said firmly, her big, dark eyes narrowing at him.

He turned to glance at her as a priest appeared, looking somewhat tired, and maybe even a bit bored.

"Somethin' the problem, babes?" he asked her, cocking a brow suspiciously. What was this girl up to? She couldn't possibly be going back on their promise now, could she? Even so, he was sure he could get around it in some way. Loopholes were his savior.

"I'm not marrying you," she stated, placing her hands on her hips and cocking her head to the side. Her shoulder-length black hair followed her head's movements, billowing softly behind her.

"You bitch!" he growled, taking a step closer. Barbra Maitland made a move for Lydia, but Beetlejuice managed to tie her up, and that dweeby husband of hers, just in case. To top it all off, he gagged the two newlyweds as well. No one could help the girl now; she got herself into this mess, and he'd be damned if he let her get out. "You made a promise."

"Would you just let me finish one goddamn sentence?" she practically yelled, her pale cheeks slightly flushing. "I'm sixteen years old. I would rather wait until I finish high school before I actually walk down the aisle. And then, by that time, I'll be eighteen; I'll be an adult."

There were sounds of protests from their witnesses, and the priest regarded the scene as a grand waste of his time, but Beetlejuice studied the girl for a long moment. The first thing he noticed were her coal-colored eyes, looking at him so angrily. Her breathing was heavy, causing her cleavage to press against the cut of her dress. This girl, what was her name? She looked determined, and even he had to admit that she had to be slightly crazy to actually go through with it. He didn't trust breathers, and he wasn't about to start… but this girl, she was making him suspicious. His forefinger was sliding horizontally on his chin, deep in thought.

"Just wait two years," she said softly, reiterating her request. Her dark eyes weren't as hard as they were; she looked somewhat exhausted.

"You'll just send me back," he stated finally, shaking his head. He crossed his arms over his chest. "No way, babes. I did what you wanted; no you have to do what I want, and I want out."

Lydia thought about this for a long moment. She was never one to break a promise, but there was no way in hell she would marry this monster until she graduated from high school. Finally, her eyes readjusted themselves back into his, and she sighed very softly. "I won't send you back," she told him. More squirming and murmurs from the horrified witnesses. Lydia paid them no mind. "And if anyone sends you back to your world, I promise to bring you back to this one. Just wait until I graduate."

She was offering him two years out without being married? Now that he could definitely live for. And what was two more years? He'd been waiting for this chance for a very long time now. How long had it been now? Six hundred years? Yeah, he could definitely wait two more measly years. However, he didn't trust her, and wasn't about to let her pull another fast one on him, so he stuck out his hand.

"Promise?" he asked her, very seriously, his eyes boring into hers.

She hesitated for a moment, before nodding. The mumbling was very incessant now, but neither Beetlejuice nor Lydia seemed to notice. Lydia placed her hand into his, and the two shook. Something very cold crept up Lydia's arm and continued to spread through her body. It stopped somewhere near her heart.

"Say it," he demanded, his eyes narrowing, and his teeth grinding together. He tightened his grip around her hand. He could tell he was hurting her, but she seemed unaffected. She wouldn't let pain flash across her features.

"I promise," she said through her teeth, and just like that, he released her. She staggered back a couple of steps, and looked dumbly at her hand. What had he done to her?

"Oh, and babes," he said, glancing at her, "I should probably warn you; you break that promise, and well… let's just hope you don't, hmm?" He raised his brow at her before disappearing into the cold night.

Almost instantly after his vanishing act, the priest disappeared and the Maitlands, as well as the Deetzs were free from their bindings. Lydia's clothes changed back to the ones that she had been previously wearing. It was like nothing had happened. Everything relating to the wedding had disappeared save for the ring on her finger. She scowled at the piece of jewelry, and expected to yank it off and throw it out the window, but when she tried such a thing, she found that the ring would not budge.

A pop sounded behind her, and she turned. An old woman with hard eyes and a cigarette stood behind her. She was looking at Lydia with conflicting emotions in her eyes; pity and anger. "What have you done?" she finally asked.