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The Power Of Haruhi Suzumiya.

I had never in my wildest dreams expected my life to turn out this way. No matter how long I had to get over it I could not accept the fact that the people I hung out with were special and different from everyone else. No I wasn't talking about different as in mental and personality differences. I was talking about the fact that all my friends shared a common trait. They were all supernaturally gifted.

First there was Yuki Nagato. A silent Bibliophile who was the only member of the original North High Literature club. She was secretly an alien data life-form sent from beyond the stars by her master to observe and find the answer to their kinds own evolution. Yuki had saved my life many times but more specifically the incident with Ryoko Asakura and the Tanabata affair were the ones I would always remember. She liked to read and spent all day cooped up in the brigade room reading book after book after book.

Next there was Itsuki Koizumi. The Brigades own smiling doofus. Behind this smile though lies the real Itsuki Koizumi. Although he is yet to show me his true colours he has told me that one day he hopes to drop the facade and have a good old laugh about this. Itsuki Koizumi is an esper in disguise who works for a massive organisation. Although I am yet to meet the head of this organisation many of the 'Lower people' as Koizumi would put it have revealed themselves to me during the first year of high school.

Mikuru Asahina was the Brigades super-cute mascot and Tea server. Although Mikuru served us as maid and seemed helpless and normal, in reality she was a time-traveller from the future sent back to the past. Mikuru has a special role in the Brigade as she would warm my heart every time she gave me a cup of her delicious tea. Not only that but just the sight of her would warm me to the core. Miss Asahina would also cosplay in various outfits as the Brigade chief demanded it. Now up till now my eyes had been graced by many of Miss Asahina's cosplay outfits including a Nurse, A battle waitress and my personal favourite The maid outfit.

This next person was the Brigade commander who made sure each and every one of my days on this earth were never boring and uninteresting. Haruhi Suzumiya was the kind of girl who would just never sit still no matter how many tranquilisers someone would shoot her with. She was the kind of person who believed in the supernatural and devoted her life and to an extent ours to finding these supernatural events. And just so you know Haruhi has no Idea that the people closest to her are in fact the very supernatural creatures she wants. I did try telling her once but all that got me was a very big lunch bill she was supposed to pay.

As for the SOS brigade well that's the Spreading excitement all over the world with Haruhi Suzumiya brigade. It was started when I regrettably gave her the idea that if you are wanting something different you should just invent it. Of course when I said those words to Haruhi I had never expected that they would come back and haunt me. I bet you are asking yourselves If I hate the SOS brigade so much why don't I just quit it. Well that's impossible for two reasons. One I kind of like this new interesting brigade thing. Being and ex-believer in paranormal and supernatural existence I was shocked and excited to find that these things really do exist and have manifested around me.

Well not exactly me and that's the second reason. Haruhi is the most special of them all in the supernatural sense. She can create and change the world depending on what she wants. For instance she wanted an alien so Nagato appeared. She wanted an esper so that smiling idiot Koizumi came and she wanted a time traveller so Miss Asahina came. Because Haruhi wanted to be surrounded by the supernatural she created a world where she is. Right about now many of you may be wondering what wonderful and weird power I have. Well that's kind of the thing. I do not possess any supernatural skills, talents or even a supernatural relative. However according to the other three in the group I am the most important because I was chosen by Haruhi Suzumiya. Chosen for what I don't know, But I do know that if I ever tried to leave the Brigade there would be several people chasing me back so the world doesn't end.

And finally me, the second year junior high school student dragged into this all For now you can just call me Kyon. It's a nickname my aunt had for me and overtime it eventually became the name my sister spread to all my friends. I'm pretty that no one knows my real name anymore. Ah well that doesn't matter much to me.

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