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Chapter Six: Plot twist(I couldnt think of an original title that suited my tastes so I decided to use this as the title because by definition a plot twist changes the expected outcome of the story and this chapter changed my expected outcome of it...)

"What was that?" I asked as if I had misheard, "Sasaki is the new origin of this world? How is that possible" Koizumi nodded and smiled blankly "But that's just... Sasaki doesn't have that power... How could she have done something like that? And more importantly why?"

"My sources gave me some rather interesting proof regarding that however I'm not too sure of why it happened. Regardless it did indeed happen and your childhood friend has managed to influence the world as Miss Suzumiya did a few times before."

Koizumi's light replies really pissed me off, why couldn't he just come out and say who and were these sources were. Was it really that troublesome to include a mysterious source from higher up in the organisation into what we were doing? And where exactly was he taking me? All of these circulated in my head and I snapped

"What sources? What proof? Aren't you just using me for your own personal gain? Yes it's probably something along those lines. That date with Haruhi tonight was just a way for you espers to take care of your problems by shouldering the burden off onto me right?"

His expression didn't change in the slightest and we sat there in that unmoving care for a few seconds before shuffling movement in the seats in front of us diverted my attention.

Two familiar faces looked back at us. One of them belonged to an old man with whitening hair and a moustache. I instantly identified him as Mr. Arakawa; He was another person in the organisation. He had been on our SOS brigade Co-Ed field trips disguised as a Butler. While he really did have amazing skills as a butler and a cook that would never bring suspicion to him he was also a maniac driver who pursued kidnappers at an amazing speed. I speak from experience from when Miss Asahina was taken.

The woman next to him in the passenger's seat was yet another member of the esper organisation. Miss Mori Sonou disguised herself as a maid during the SOS brigade field trips but in times like these she would dress like a normal office lady which made me really wonder if she was one of Koizumi's superiors but she had dodged the question last time I asked her.

"Is there a problem back there?" The old butler asked Koizumi

"Oh not at all Mr Arakawa, everything is fine" He replied.

"Very well then, Arakawa. Let's get going now" Mori said before the two of them turned back in their chairs and started the car.

It was at this point Koizumi began to speak again, "I bought my proof with me tonight" he said smugly "That is the very reason why Miss Nagato is here. But the question is can you believe what she says?" You bastard.... you know that Nagato is perhaps the person I'd trust the most in the whole SOS brigade. I've even done so in the past... However nothing has been confirmed as of yet so I should ask her myself.

"Nagato is that true? Is Sasaki really causing things to happen in this world like Haruhi does?" Nagato's liquid helium eyes bore into my skull for a few seconds before she nodded slightly and only said "Yes"

But that can't be. Sasaki didn't have any powers to do that last time we met; in fact one of her group asked me to help them transplant Haruhi's power over to her so I don't get it at all.

It was at this point that the car stopped and the sound of the opening door snapped me back to reality "Miss Nagato we are at your apartment now. If you would please" Arakawa said politely. Nagato had her gaze fixed on me before she got out of the car and started walking into the apartment complex. "Well now that she is gone I can talk to you about another urgent situation" Koizumi said looking at me smiling

"What urgent situation could this be?" I asked half concerned half annoyed. If he had waited until Nagato was out of the car then it could only be an esper related problem. "You see the closed spaces Miss Suzumiya creates are now merging with other unidentified closed spaces that we believe to be created by none other than Miss Sasaki herself. Electricity flows freely in that closed space and even more disturbing is that those dreary skies have been replaced by a white radiance that almost seems like this world"

"Wait, Electricity, White radiance?" Koizumi didn't need to give me any more proof than that. Those were Sasaki's closed spaces for sure."Wait if you espers described what does fit as Sasaki's closed space then how do you know that you just didn't enter one of hers instead"

"It's because we espers from the organisation have always sensed other closed spaces but we could not enter them. Besides there was something else. Those Avatars were there wreaking havoc in an almost replication of this world."

The car stopped once more. This time in front of the familiar park that I had met so many people in before. "You can wait in the Car Mr. Arakawa this shouldn't take too long." Arakawa nodded and Koizumi got out of the car and came around to my door "Well then... Would you like to see one of those merged closed spaces?"

I couldn't get my head around how that these events were happening but if Koizumi was willing to show me that they were then I wouldn't resist. In fact I'd like to see and confirm it with my own eyes so I know that I'm not being screwed around with.

We walked into the centre of the park and sat down on a bench to wait until it was all clear to go inside on of those merged closed spaces. I glanced at my watch and saw it was a little after eleven 'O' Clock at night. I was supposed to be home about an hour ago. The two of us just sat there with only the cold wind blowing through the trees. This was the kind of place you wouldn't mind bringing a girl on a date but I felt kind of annoyed that I was sitting here with another guy. It was at that moment when Koizumi's mobile phone began to ring.

"Hello" He answered "Yes... Yes... Miss Nagato has? And you were there? Black taxi huh..... Oh I see..... The whole Brigade? Have you notified Miss Asahina? Oh I see.... Yes he's here with me now... Would you like to speak with him? Oh right... Okay then we'll be there soon..."

Wow that whole conversation was confusing... I couldn't piece it together at all... Just what exactly did Haruhi tell Koizumi about Nagato? For some unknown reason I breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that Koizumi didn't get to say goodbye and it seemed that Haruhi had hung up like she would always do. At least she is still acting normal.

"What was all that about?" I asked Koizumi as he flicked his hair back and put his phone back in his pocket. He was hesitant at first but then he turned to face me with an empty smile on his face.

"It seems that Miss Suzumiya was on her way to the store when she saw Miss Nagato get out of a suspicious black taxi... .. Shortly after that Miss Nagato collapsed near the entrance to her apartment and has not yet come to. This is concerning her so she wants to assemble to entire SOS brigade. Miss Asahina is on her way to Miss Nagato's apartment rather reluctantly may I add and now we too must go. I'm afraid something big is starting to happen."

Wait what? Nagato collapsed? She's not a normal person like everyone else and there's only one way that could happen and that the... Don't tell me... Kuyou Suoh.... I was about to run back to the car ahead of Koizumi when he grabbed my arm, held me back and said in a low whisper "We have company"

A bright light engulfed the park and three solid forms stepped out in unison. It was hard to identify any of them but I had a feeling I knew exactly who they were. The light died down and my suspicions were confirmed when I was bought face to face with Tachibana Kyoko, Fujiwara the sneering bastard and Kuyoh Suoh.

"Thank you for saving us the trouble of tracking him down" Kyoko said half bowing to Koizumi "But we'll be taking him from here on out. From this point onwards Kyon will be the property of Sasaki and she will reveal to him the truth of four years ago"

I just love those annoying cliffhanger chapter endings but I'm sure that this was a bit too cliche.

I'm not going to promise when the next chapter will come out because of what happened last time I did. However I would like to say that I'm looking to have the next chapter out before christmas. It goes without saying that the next chapter will be as hard if not even harder to write and keep within the reasonability of the Haruhi Universe.
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