Chapter 2 – Out of the bag

Ginny stood in front of Harry wearing nothing but a silken, pearly white nightgown. The moonlight tinted her red hair with silver. He reached out his hand and cupped one of her ample breasts, feeling its smooth weight and the slightly pert nipple. Ginny sighed and bit her lower lip. Harry embraced her, breathing in the scent of her perfume, feeling her heartbeat against his own. God, how he wanted her. He caressed her neck with his lips; she moaned and pressed her hardness against his thigh… Harry's eyes flew open in horror and he glanced down between their bodies. There most definitely was a hard-on digging into his flesh, a quite impressive one at that. Harry blinked and looked up. Staring back at him was Malfoy. Draco fucking Malfoy, naked, smirking and very horny.

"Harry!" someone shouted.

Harry jerked his head upwards hard, crashing it into something solid. The pain ripped through his body like a very cold shower. Trying his best to make the room stop spinning, he reached for his glasses and fumbled them on. Rays of morning sun bathed the tent in a yellow glow. The first thing Harry saw clearly was Hermione and Ron standing very close to his bed, both of them with terrified looks on their faces.

"You were screaming, mate." Ron said worryingly. "Was it a bad dream?"

"Was it about… you know, Him?" Hermione filled in, and Harry could see that she was gripping her wand inside of her pocket.

Harry opened and closed his mouth like a fish on dry land a couple of times before he got a grip on himself.

"No, not at all. It was just… unpleasant, that's all." he said, tucking the sheets around his lower body like it was the most natural thing in the world.

His friends seemed pleased with his answer, he saw Hermione letting out a sigh of relief and the tension in Ron's shoulders disappear. Not until now did Harry perceive that Ron was only partially clothed, Slytherin's locket blaring against his naked chest. He stared at it in resentment. His whole body churned with the aroused echoes of the dream and his disgust towards it occurring.

"Breakfast is ready!" a renowned voice called from the kitchen.

Harry suddenly noticed that the air was full of the aroma of freshly made pancakes. He caught Draco's glance from across the room. The slytherin's lip had a small, devious curl in the corner of his mouth, just as if he knew exactly what was going on in Harry's mind. Harry rubbed the aching spot where he had hit his head on the bed frame, cursing himself a million times over.


For two days Harry had been avoiding Draco's looks, for two days he had tried his hardest to pretend that it – he refused to think of it as anything other than it – had never happened. Now, he was sitting at the table stuffing pancakes in his mouth, and it wanted to tear him up from the inside. Draco had dealt with the situation in a different way. When Harry refused to talk to him he had opened up bit by bit towards Hermione and Ron instead, causing first confusion and then acquiescence. The tables have turned; Harry had taken on Draco's role of being quiet and avoidant, and Draco now talked more than Harry had seen him doing for a long time. He was talking to Ron as they ate, and the topic of discussion was not new. They were always talking about the locket and how to destroy it.

"What if it is more complicated than we think?" Draco said, leaning on his elbows. "What if it takes another one of the horcruxes to destroy this one?"

"Let's hope not." Ron said between two munches. "I can't take the blasted thing much longer. Every time I put it on me it weighs more. I don't recognize myself when I have it on."

Harry watched as Ron poked the chain of the locket. He clenched his lips together. Ron had not the slightest clue what he was talking about.

Hermione pierced the last piece of her pancake with her fork and sighed.

"When we're done, it's time to move again." she said. "We have been in the same place for far too long."


It was little after noon when they were finished dismantling the tent and lifting all the spells. The sun had already begun sinking against the treetops as they took off into the woodland. The Forest of Dean was burning with all the fiery colors of autumn, golden, oranges and auburn. The air was high and slightly chilling, there would be frost covering the ground come nightfall. Hermione and Ron were in a good mood, joking and laughing as they strolled in front of Harry and Draco. Harry was staring at the ground, but caught himself glancing at Draco in the corner of his eye over and over. Draco was humming on a quiet melody, his hands tucked in the pockets of his black slacks, his eyes wandering the skies absentmindedly. Harry wanted him to shut up; he wanted him to feel the remorse and distraught he felt himself, he wanted to be eaten alive by the ground if only it would stop his thoughts from racing. How could he be bloody humming?

The four of them climbed a small ridge, entering a shadowy glade. A tiny rivulet crossed the north part of it, disappearing in creeks among the trees. After a short debate they decided to pitch camp. By the time the tent was up and most spells casted, the shadows had grown longer and streaks of mist drifted quietly over the moss. Hermione stretched her back and shot a glance at Ron. He returned it with a smile.

"Harry, why don't you and Draco go and find some firewood so we can make dinner? Ron and I will finish up the enchantments."

Harry stared at her, but she was so busy eyeing Ron that she didn't notice it. He murmured something and turned around, setting off into the woods behind the tent, his fists clenched. He hoped that Draco somehow would decide not to follow, but the rustling steps in the leaves behind him quickly told him that he hadn't been that lucky. As soon as they were out of earshot, Draco appeared smoothly by Harry's side.

"Man, those two need to bloody do it already." Draco stated. "The tension could drive anyone insane."

Harry knew very well that he wasn't talking about Ron and Hermione, but he tried his hardest to ignore it, the way fought hard to suppress the effect that Draco's close presence had on his body. Instead of looking at the slytherin, he examined the area until he found an old maple, and advanced quickly towards it. He started ripping off so many dry branches he could reach from it with his bare hands. For a few minutes no one said anything. Draco had seated himself on a tree stump behind Harry, and the splinters in his cold fingers were nothing compared to Draco's eyes, burning into his back like hot iron.

"So, when are we going to talk about it?"

Draco's voice rang clear through the quiet forest. Harry closed his eyes and grinded his teeth.

"Talk about what?" he grunted and continued ripping branches from the maple.

"About you, pinning me to the floor and fucking me."

Harry hadn't heard Draco move, but his voice was much closer now and the air was positively vibrating with the obscenity of his words. Harry felt his grip around the branches slacken and he tightened it immediately, infuriated with himself.

"That wasn't-"

"It was the best sex I've had in my life." Draco cut him off, almost hissing.

Harry spun around, finding the slytherin mere inches away from him, his cheeks reddened by the cold air, his mouth slightly open. His hollow granite eyes were magnetic, he was consuming Harry with those eyes, in a way that made Harry want to flinch away and pounce him at the same time. He was afraid of how his body was throbbing, aching for Draco's touch. But he was much more afraid of the transformation Draco had gone through over a short time, from someone Harry could tolerate into someone he might even like. It shouldn't happen, it couldn't happen, he would not allow it. Harry tossed the branches aside and drew in a sharp breath.

"Listen, what happened… I didn't want it, neither of us did and we both know it! It was because of the locket, we weren't ourselves! It was all a mistake, a huge disgusting mistake, my skin crawls just thinking about it!"

"Oh, don't tell me you didn't fucking enjoy it." Draco hissed and closed the distance between them to nothing before Harry could blink.

Draco placed his hands against the maple on either side of Harry's shoulders, effectively closing him in. His face was so close that the steam evaporating from his mouth tickled Harry's lips. Draco's own lips were chapped, pouting and demanding, his eyes even more so, but Harry refused to back down.

"Leave me alone..." he mouthed between clenched jaws.

Draco's face didn't change, but his right hand moved swiftly down Harry's body, grasping his painfully aroused cock through his jeans, squeezing it firmly. Harry's hips buckled involuntarily and he stifled a moan.

"So what you're trying to tell me," Draco whispered, moving his hand slowly, "is that if I got down on my knees right now…" He leaned closer, breathing his words into Harry's neck, making him gasp. "…and closed my mouth around your hard cock… you would recoil?"

"Yes!" Harry gasped, grabbing Draco's hips and brush against him hard, meeting his equally severe arousal.

Draco's smirk changed into a strangled breath as their aching bodies crashed together. He marked Harry's neck with a bruising kiss, occupying him while he unfastened Harry's jeans, moving gracefully down to his knees just like he had said. Harry's cock twitched when it was released into the cold air, but soon twitched again much harder when Draco took close to its entire length into his warm, eager mouth. Harry's head fell back against the tree, it hurt where he had hit it earlier that day but he didn't care. All he cared about was Draco's tongue(where in the world had he learned to use it like that?), smooth, licking, prodding, as if trying to drain his very essence… Harry opened his eyes and looked down. Draco locked his gaze with Harry's, his grip around Harry's hips tightened as he took every inch of Harry's manhood down his throat. Harry moaned loud enough to make a crow in a tree nearby take off to find a quieter place. Draco grinned around Harry's throbbing cock and started moving faster, Harry tangled his fingers in his blonde mane, driving him deeper… His hips were trembling, his entire body overflowing with the violent pleasure that sent sparks to his groin, contracting his muscles… and then, just as Harry was losing it, Draco withdrew, exposing him to the cold again.

"Fuck, Draco…!" Harry panted, leaning against the tree for support. Draco grinned, unfastening his belt.

"That's right, Potter. This is the part where you fuck me."

Draco chuckled at Harry's large eyes as he leant forward against the maple, stepping out of his slacks, baring his behind for Harry to view. The full curve of Draco's arse was too much for Harry, he moved over to the slytherin instantly, grabbing him from behind, stroking his cock against his soft, warm crevice. Both boys moaned and Harry started rocking against Draco, damping his cleft with pre-cum, burying his nose in his blonde curls.

"Fuck me… now…" Draco groaned and arched his back up against Harry's chest.


"No bloody buts Potter! Just take it… slow." Draco hissed, spreading his legs just a little more to give Harry access.

Moving Draco's cloak out of the way, Harry kept rocking against him, slowly entering his slick, warm tightness. Once his glans was sheathed he couldn't control himself any longer and grasping Draco's shoulders, he jerked forward, entering him all the way. Draco whimpered, and that was the most arousing thing Harry had ever heard. He began pounding him roughly without a second thought, and when Draco moved his hand down between his legs to jerk off, Harry gathered both of his hands and put them above his head, pushing him against the tree. This however only seemed to arouse the slytherin further and his hips bucked forward every time Harry thrust into him, half-choked groans and hisses spilling over his lips. His arse was so tight, contracting around Harry's slick, throbbing cock in a way that made him see stars. He felt his pleasure mounting uncontrollably, as did his pace, sweat started to form on his temples as he pounded Draco's arse harder, faster…

"… gonna make me cum, fuck, I'm gonna- aAh!" Draco moaned, a violent shiver shaking his body.

He tried to break his hands free, but Harry held on, riding his orgasm out of him, watching his cum splatter onto the tree in thick strings. And it ended for Harry just like it had that unearthly night two days ago, Draco's shivers ripping his own climax out of his body, and he came hard and deep into Draco, panting against his neck until there was no air left in his lungs. As swiftly as it had begun, it was over, and the darkened forest was quiet again.


Later, as the two of them approached the tent, Ron popped his head out the opening with a bemused grin on his face. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Oi! Did you get any wood in the forest?"

"More than we'll possibly ever need." Harry grunted and dropped the armful of maple branches he'd been holding in the mouth of the tent.

Draco followed Harry inside, chuckling perhaps just a little too loud.