Belladventure Chapter 26 –

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"So, Jacob...." Emmett started as they ran together. They hadn't yet split up as they were running on the same track, until they got to the upcoming waterfall, in which they all had different routes to take from there.

"No, Emmett, I won't tell you what happened" Jacob sighed, and desperately tried not to think about it, pushing everything besides the present to the back of his mind. Edward would give him up.

"Why? Was it really that bad?" Edward asked, secretly trying to probe Jacob's mind for the answers. He could have read the leader's mind, but he had been too focused on Carlisle and Esme getting free, than what was going on in the tent not ten metres away from him.

"It was that bad. So many bad memories..." Jacob shuddered, as he thought; better add that to the collection.

"Well it doesn't matter anyway, because we can always" Jasper halted, knowing that if he revealed Alice's film, not only would everyone want to watch right now, but Jacob would find some way to delete it. And that couldn't happen! So he changed his sentence, without only a second's pause "get you drunk. Human's reveal everything when they're drunk" he completed the sentence, sounding matter of fact.

"How would you know? Beside's I'm no lightweight" Jake scoffed, thinking about his size and werewolf genes. No way would they allow him to be a lightweight. Though he had never really gotten drunk, even thought Paul and Jared had tried to convince him to at bonfires. Those two were bad influences...

"I happen to have a degree in Psychology, I could get it out of you right now if I wanted to" Jasper replied, but really hoped no one would ask him to demonstrate his skills. He was no hypnotist, that was for sure.

"Oh really? Show me" he said, though regretted it as soon as he said it. If he wasn't bluffing, then a horrible truth was about to emerge. Edward, saving them both the embarrassment, changed the subject.

"The waterfall should be right ahead" he diverted the subject, looking towards the map.

"Yes, then we can finally win this race" Rosalie huffed, glad at the thought of getting away from everyone. Her family drove her half crazy sometimes. Well, actually, most times. She usually felt like the only sane one in this family. A scoff came from Edward, and she glowered.

"If you're the only sane one Rosalie, I'd hate to think what we're like. No wonder everyone avoids us at school!" He cried, and Bella laughed.

"I don't think it was your insanity that people avoided you for" she chimed, remembering from personal experience. All those years ago, deducing that they must want the isolation, rather than crave it. That money and beauty could buy you that much...And now she was a part of it all. What a strange world.

"Well done Bella, at least someone is actually using their brain today" Edward rolled his eyes, and Rosalie characteristically glared.

"Oh what, as opposed to you never using it Edward?" She counted, sounding smug at the jibe.

"Yeah, I'm a real halfwit aren't I? That's why I always OWN YOUR ASS at Trivial Pursuit" Edward shouted, looking rather his smug with himself now. The rest of them groaned.

"Please don't bring up Trivial Pursuit again!" Alice cried, dramatically throwing her arms across her face, shielding her eyes from the light in horror.

"Esme's poor furniture..." Bella muttered, recalling the incident.

"Oh come on, you know I was amazing. Like a Trivial Pursuit ninja" he laughed and they all stared at him. Edward became a very different person when Trivial Pursuit was involved. It was frightening.

"You may have the brains, but we all know who wins at Call of Duty!" Emmett boldly claimed, crossing his arms over his puffed out chest.

"You mean Jasper" Edward said dully. Emmett chest deflated.

"Oh, yeah. Stupid vampire wars!" He cursed, and Jasper scowled.

"They weren't stupid. And of course I bear you at Call of Duty, you lot are amateurs. The only person who has a chance of beating me is Renesme" they all looked at the child, currently playing with a flower on the forest floor.

"Oh, she looks innocent now. But get her on an Xbox and it's like BOOM. Mad skills erupt" Emmett explained to the rest of the family.

"Mad skills, Emmett? Seriously? Where do you get this stuff?" Rosalie said in disgust. He looked down sheepishly.

"It's TV, isn't it?" She sounded like a mother scolding her child, and Emmett's slow, embarrassed nod added to the effect.

"We never should have got him that TiVo" she muttered under her breath, before the conversation went in a different direction.

"Anyway...whose seen that vampire film?" Alice asked, and the rest of the family looked at her questioningly.

"Oh, you mean that one where the vampire and human fall in love? What a cliché, as if that could ever happen" Jasper scoffed, and Bella coughed pointedly.

"Oh, apart from you guys of course. Your love is 'special'" he made quotation marks in the air, and Edward shook his head.

"Glad to hear you think so highly of us" he said sarcastically.

"Yeah, apart from that it's quite good though" Alice shrugged.

"Oh, apart from that one guy. What's his name? Jason, something like that. Anyway, he looks like he's in pain, all the time. Three words; get. A. Grip" Jasper laughed, and the rest laughed along with him.

"And did you see that guy with the long hair? The tribal one? What a weirdo. Seriously, his hair." Jacob's wide eyes conveyed his thoughts about the character, and the rest all nodded in agreement.

"It's quite sweet though. The sequel comes out in November, Old Sun, or something like that. Let's go and see it!" Alice planned ahead, and they all agreed.

"Whey! We're finally at the waterfall!" Emmett cheered, and the rest cheered along, though not as enthusiastically.

"I guess we'll split up then" Edward sighed, getting out his map. The others followed suit.

"Yes, we should be seeing Carlisle and Esme soon" Bella noted, dislodging her compass out of her pocket.

"We should be there in precisely three hours. Oh, I nearly saw who won then. I guess it could all change" Alice said unhappily, not being able to predict her own future yet.

"We will win. And you will lose" Rosalie threatened. Emmett came to her side, backing her up.

"Yeah because we're the Cullens. And the Cullens never lose" he said in a menacing voice, though Emmett couldn't really pull of menacing. It was more like bad cop threatens criminal in cheap TV show.

"Uh, Emmett" Jasper started, pointing out something quite crucial. "We're the Cullen's too" Emmett, shuffling around after this statement, rebuked.

"Well, they're not!" He pointed fiercely over to Jacob, who looked bewildered to suddenly be a part of the conversation.

"One of them is" Bella inputted, holding Nessie's hand for the time they had left.

"I meant Jacob. I've got my eye on you" he put two curled fingers up to his eyes before pointing back and forth towards Jacob, the definitive 'I'm watching you' gesture.

"Emmett! Please stop watching cable!" Rose cried, his cheesy 'gangster meets cowboy' attitude making her despair.

"Okay, I will" he said in a normal, if not slightly obedient voice. When Rose's back was turned he went straight back to doing the gesture, his eyes squinting in an attempt – which failed – to give Jacob the evil eye. Then, an idea flashing across his mind which led both Alice and Edward to start giggling uncontrollably, Emmett decided to act. Before Jake could ask what was going on, Emmett had pulled him into an impromptu hug.

"I'm going to miss you!" he cried loudly, before whispering quietly;

"Tell me what happened or I throw you in the waterfall."

"No. You wouldn't dare" Jacob gripped on tighter to Emmett's side, anchoring himself despite his words.

"Fine. Have a nice swim" with haste, Emmett threw Jacob out of his hands and in the general direction on the waterfall's lake. He landed with a massive splash, which covered the rest of them with droplet's of water. Shouts of 'I'm wet!' came from Rosalie and Alice, whilst the rest of them just laughed.

"Ugh, I smell like werewolf!" Emmett complained, brushing his clothes as if that would make a difference.

"Here, take a swim!" Jasper helped Edward push Emmett into the pool, revenge for earlier. Edward raised an eyebrow to Bella, as he stood behind Rosalie. Bella understanding what he wanted – namely revenge – stood behind Alice. The two of them were watching Emmett and Jacob have a water splashing fight like school children.

"Fancy a dip?" Edward whispered into Rosalie's ears, and as she screamed she sailed through the air, before taking the plunge. Alice, who had remained stationary with a vision through this, suddenly screamed;

"No, Bella, don't!" Too late, she was already careening through the air, and landed with little splash, surprisingly, into the water. She had further notice of the dive though.

"I think we have had our swim already for the day, Edward" Bella smiled, and Edward laughed.

"I whole heartedly agree!" He beamed, and with a wave to Renesmee, Bella grabbed Edward's hand and ran off into the jungle, a head start before the others. Leaving the screams of indignation behind, they laughed as they silently ran through the forest.

Meanwhile, back at the waterfall everybody was starting to get out, though Emmett and Jacob were still fighting. Jasper, the only one not to get pushed (or thrown) in was helping Alice out of the pool, and consoling her as she moaned about her damp clothes.

"On the plus side, the see through look is a very good one on you" Jasper praised, and Alice grinned.

"I might just let you off for that" she countered, and the two gathered their things and ran off into the jungle, leaving Rosalie, Emmett, Jacob and Renesmee behind.

"Emmett! Get out, NOW! WE HAVE TO BEAT THEM!" Rosalie urged, hoisting herself out of the pool and gasping in disdain, as she took in her soaked image.

"You look hot!" Emmett shouted, and Rosalie smiled wryly. That was one way of putting it.

"I'll get you for this, Emmett" Jacob vowed, swimming across the pool to gather this things. Nessie circled around in order to helpfully pick up the stuff, and when he was out Jacob stripped his wet shirt, put in the pack and without looking back tore off with Renesmee into the jungle.

"How are we going to win now?" Rosalie asked Emmett, as he sauntered towards her.

"How we always do" he shrugged, and an evil grin emerged on Rosalie's face.

"We can cheat?" She asked, rubbing her hands together.

"I've already planned out the route" he grinned back, the two partners in crime.

"Then what are we waiting for? I love you" she smiled, and he gave her a cheeky one back.

"I know" with an eyebrow quirk she laughed, and the two raced off in a different direction to the others.

In the bush, just a few metres away, Carlisle and Esme hid. They had, as Bella had predicted, caught up to them. And just in time too. Carlisle turned off the recording button and put the camera back in his pack.

"This is the best technology" he sighed contentedly, and thought about all the antics he had just caught on tape.

"They won't be happy" Esme's voice sang, and Carlisle laughed.

"When are they ever, my dear?" She smiled, the question very true.

"You're right, of course. Now, let's see what happens next" Esme suggested, and they got up from their hiding place.

"It's sure to be...different" Carlisle concluded, and Esme curtly nodded. Finally all the Cullen's left the waterfall behind, on their way to the finish line. The race was almost over.

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