This is the first chapter of my Fanfic story- Never Forgive Me. I ran it on the Flock Forums and it got a pretty great response so I said I would edit it, improve it and start to post it here. The first chapter is unbelievably short (I know) but trust me when I say the chapters will get longer. Think of this as a little introduction or prologue! Well, let me know what you think. The main thing to remember in this story is that Max and Ari are NOT brother and sister (I wrote this long before book 3 was released by JP!) Well, that's about it! On with the story...

~Fang POV~

Here I am.

At last, I'm here.

Apartment 105.

It had taken so long to get to this point, to find her, to let myself stop being so pigheaded. I had shrouded myself in fake anger and selfishly become more introverted then ever, ignoring everyone's pain in an effort to dispel my own. It didn't work and only the most masochistic of all men could put up with painful separation like this for so long. I was ready to renounce my masochism. I was willing to get her back. After all, I was here, wasn't I?

We had had our fights, boy did we have our fights. We always bickered and argued, we had fought before but not like this. Never ever like this. This was the Hundred Years War in comparison to a minor disagreement.
It had been so long since I had seen her. So very long since I had seen her beautiful, golden hair and her lively, piercing eyes. With an ever-present pain in my chest that often constricted and made it hard to breathe- I realised that I had missed her. It was my own idiocy that was to blame. Stubbornness was clearly a strong fault in both of us. We had gone way too far this time, we had split up the Flock and caused huge rifts between everyone. It wasn't fair, it wasn't natural and we all doubted that this would ever be set right.

But now I was here to try to fix it.

Time to make amends.

Time to win back Maximum Ride. Who currently resided in Apartment 105.....