Hi everyone, this is my first fan fiction piece. So I am going to split it up into chapters. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to post them they are greatly appreciated. Flames will be laughed off but post them anyway if you feel the need. So sit back and enjoy the story, next chapter will be posted as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: If they were mine Jazz would not have died in the movie (best I can come up with yet)


Chapter One

Bumblebee and Sari were at home playing video games. At the moment it was some high-speed race. Despite the fact that 'Bee claimed to be the fastest thing on wheels he was sorely loosing to his friend, but it wasn't entirely his fault. Sari was using her All Spark key to boost her controller; she was winning without even trying.

Just as they were turning to go into the homestretch there was a loud crash from the direction of the bedrooms. Bumblebee stopped playing to look around. Sari was almost to the finish line when he turned off the game.

"Hey! I was winning!"

"Yeah, you were also cheating! Don't you dare try to look innocent, I saw you use the key when you thought I wasn't looking. Anyway, didn't you hear that?"

As a matter of fact she had. But she was so into the game that she just dismissed it as being Prowl. He sometimes used the hole in the roof in his room as a way to come and go without having to be anywhere near Bumblebee. But as she thought about it, he would never make that much noise. They got up and walked over to Prowl's room to see what could be going on in there. They didn't find him though, as they opened the door they were greeted with the sight of Starscream. Instantly Bumblebee had his stingers out and pointed at him.

Starscream surprised both of them, instead of trying to reduce 'Bee to spare parts Starscream fell flat on his face whining. "Oh please gracious Autobot have mercy! I wasn't going to do anything; I would be much too scared to fight one such as you!"

Bumblebee wasn't fooled for even a moment, "No tricks you!" he shouted.

Sari was too busy laughing to say anything. Someone had really done a job on the Screamer. Starscream was one the floor, spread-eagle style with his hands on his head. He was even shaking. Either he was a really good actor (which they knew he was) or he had finally cracked. This was entirely possible. Bumblebee blinked and shook his head, was he seeing things.

"Please Autobot, don't shoot, I'm too young to die!" If robots could cry he would have been doing so.

'Bee looked at Sari, "Is it just me. Or are you seeing this too?"

"What are you doing? Just send me off-line if you're going to. But don't drag it out, I can't stand the wait. It scares me!"

By now they were beginning to realize that this was not a hoax, that something was really wrong with him. The only problem was what to do. Sari grabbed a pair of stasis cuffs; he wouldn't be able to move with them on. Then they could call for help. "Here, use these."

Without taking his eyes off the shaking Starscream, Bumblebee mumbled thanks. He leaned over to put them on, the result was instantaneous.

"No, no, no! Not the stasis cuffs! I have an irrational fear of stasis cuffs!" he was on the floor screaming (hence the nickname Screamer) and rolling around. There was no way he was going anywhere.

"Come on Sari, there is no way that I am leaving you alone in here with him." Without hesitation Sari followed him, but she couldn't get the thought out of her mind that something wasn't right.