When Captain Fanzone finally ran out of air Blurr was the first one to recover. He stood up from where he had sat down on the ground during Fanzone's rant. He pulled in air over his cooling vents before he began to talk. It wouldn't do to yell at an officer of the law, not at all. But as usual, once he began to talk he just kept going.

"Now listen here Coppy! I am a member of the Cybertronian Elite guard; I am here for security reasons. We think that the Deceptions have found a piece of the All Spark. Bumblebee and Sari have agreed to help me get it back from them. We are going to stage a street race to try and lure them out into the open. We are going to act like we also have a piece of the All Spark, and when they come to get it we will be waiting for them. Got all that?"

Sari was trying so hard not to giggle, and to think that he had made all that up on the spot.

Officer Fanzone looked him up and down; he seemed kinda hyper to be part of some kinda elite whatnot. "Let me see your badge please mister. Blurr, what kinda name is that?" He reached out his hand for his badge, or whatever it is that giant alien robots carried.

Blurr handed over the same data pad that he had shown Bumblebee earlier, smart human not to trust every robot that he saw. He would live much longer that way. Fanzone looked at the screen from every angle, there didn't seem to be any way around it, he was going to have to let them race.

"Fine, but only one run! From this end of the street to the overpass! Anything more and I will pull you all over and give you so many tickets that Prime will blow a gasket! You got all that mister?"

Blurr pulled a very professional look as he took his badge back, he was also a very gullible human, and that could be both good and bad. Depending on whose side you were on, but for now it was good. Very, very good.

Both robots transformed and Sari hopped back into Bumblebee, they were off before Fanzone had a chance to change his mind. Not that it would have mattered; Blurr would have just pulled some more official stuff on him. They were going at a fairly fast pace down the road, but because they were on 'official business' and thanks to Bumblebee's sirens, nobody would dare to stop them. It was unlawful yes, but so was blowing up buildings, and the 'Cons did that on an almost daily basis. So, technically speaking, what they were doing was not even worth looking cross-eyed at.

It was only a few moments before they got to the street racing area, and as Blurr had said there was nobody there, they place looked like a modern western town. All it needed was tumbleweed going past.

Bumblebee, Sari and Blurr spent a few moments deliberating about a star and finish line, when that problem was solved it was only a matter of finding a starter. Leaving Sari behind was not an option. She made that clear as soon as the subject came up. That left one other option, captain Fanzone quickly found himself to be the center of attention.

"No way, I am not going to help you three get into trouble. Street racing is against the law anyway, the only reason I'm letting you even do this is because, Buzz over thereā€¦"

"Blurr." All three corrected him.

"Blurr, whatever, said that it was important and he is a member of some Elite Guard. So no, I will not be your starter."

They didn't take 'No' as an answer. Fanzone was physically positioned in the center of the street. He was less than happy. He reluctantly raised the makeshift flag, and without a word let it fall. Both 'cars' were past him before it even hit the ground.

Sari was thrown back into her seat from the force of their acceleration. But she wasn't scared, well, maybe a little. It wasn't that much different then when they got chased by Blitzwing, just that there was nobody shooting at them this time. And that was a good thing, no the only thing worrying Sari was that they might not be able to move out of the way of a wall in time.

Bumblebee and Blurr were almost evenly matched, their engines screamed as each tried to get the better of the other. They were concentrating so hard on winning that neither of them was talking; the comlinks were silent the whole time.

Bumblebee's engine was screaming, protesting the abuse he was giving it by driving so fast for so long. Sari had her hands over her eyes then, she was beginning to regret her decision to go along for the ride. Both mechs were going all out, jockeying for positions. Because there were not more cars it was a sprint the whole way. Any letting up and it was a sure thing you would lose. Blurr was regretting not having his usual speed, because then, 'Bee was not in his review mirror. He was in Bumblebee's. And that was how they crossed the finish line; Blurr was just half a car length behind 'Bee, but it was enough.