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If you haven't read What Not to Wear: Bella Swan, don't worry it's not vital to your understanding of this one. However I would recommend reading it because I might make some references events in the first one.

For those of you who haven't seen Wife Swap before, it's a TV show where two moms switch households for 10 days. The first five days they live like the family usually does, following the rules the other mom wrote up. Then the next five days, they get to change things up and the family gets to live by the other mother's rules. The thing that makes it funny is that they pair up families with VERY different lifestyles.

This story will be post Breaking Dawn. Any powers that I gave Bella in WNTW are void. With the exception that her shield can now block Alice's power. It's imperative to the story

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Wife Swap: Cullen's vs. Carter's

Chapter 1- In which Bella gets her revenge

Bella's POV- 3 years later.

"Alice!" I yelled.

"Yeah Bella." She said as she zoomed into the room from downstairs.

"What did you do with that skirt I got for Nes – Renesmee, last week?"

"I threw it away. It was one ugly skirt. I can't believe you would have thought to buy it. By the way, you almost called her Nessie again." Alice mentioned with a smirk.

"Alice! I can't believe you threw that skirt away! It was perfectly fine. And I did not almost call her Nessie."

"Well I didn't through it away, away. I gave it to Good Will. Now some homeless child will have a skirt to wear. It is better than nothing, but not by much." She added in an undertone.

"Alice, I can't believe after all these years you still can't accept that I don't want Renesmee looking like she walked off the runway of a fashion show. She's still just a child, even if she looks like she's 14."

"Do you really think I would let you dress her?"

"We'll of course not, but I did expect that you would respect my wish that she didn't look like a Chanel model."

"She doesn't look like a Chanel model though, she looks much better than that."

"You know what I mean Alice."

"I do too; you want your daughter to look like some trashy normal human."

"I do not Alice; I just want her dressed appropriately for her age."

"The age she is, or the age she looks?"

"Obviously the age she appears, I wouldn't dress her in toddlers' clothes."

"Then what I dress her in is fine. Besides, she likes the clothes I get for better than the ones you get."

"Whatever Alice, I give up." I said defeated, but that was just for show. In my mind the wheels were already turning for the method of payback that Alice would receive. After the whole What Not to Wear thing, and now the daily battles over Renesmee's outfits, it was time for revenge.

That night when I was sure that Alice was preoccupied, I went online and searched for the TV show Wife Swap. I quickly filled out the application form, creating a semi-true picture of our real life family situation.

Alice and Jasper would be the married couple featured. Emmett and Edward would be her "biological" brothers all of whom were adopted by Esme and Carlisle. Rosalie and I would be her sisters-in law. Renesmee would still be mine and Edward's child (the likeness was undeniable) but everyone takes part in raising her. The whole "it takes a village to raise a child" saying would be our excuse. That was also my made up excuse for why all of us "adopted" children were still living with Carlisle and Esme even though we are married. I said that we had a strong sense of family despite our unusual living situation and differences in backgrounds. (If you didn't get that at all, it's just Bella describing what pretense she made up to conceal the fact they are immortal vampires from the whole world)

I sealed the envelope, ran to the nearest post box, deposited the letter and ran back. It took all of 30 seconds. I also included a check for 15 hundred dollars, as an incentive to put Alice on the show before she could get any visions tipping her off.

A/N: There it is, Chapter 1. I know it's kind of short but there will be more in the near future.