A New Beginning

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Chapter 1: A New Beginning

It's been months since Captain Aizen was stopped. Both Soul Society and the real world are more or less at peace now. There's only the occasionally Hollow that enters the real world. Those are easy enough to take care of though. Ichigo and Inoue admitted they both had feelings for one another and started dating since. They're all in their senior year in high school. Ishida sometimes helps with getting rid of the Hollows but otherwise he hasn't been seen around much except at school. Rukia left for Soul Society and comes around to visit every once in a while.

Ichigo and Inoue were walking back from their date when suddenly they both looked up feeling something's reiatsu.

"What's up with this reiatsu?" Ichigo asked.

"I don't know." Inoue answered.

"Ichigo!" Someone called. They turned to see who it was.

"Rukia." Ichigo stated as he looked at the black haired girl standing in her Shinigami attire. "Do you know what's going on?" he asked.

"Not exactly, but I'm here on orders from Soul Society. The world is in danger. Come with me." She answered.

"Got it." Ichigo said as he forced out his Shinigami within. (A/N: I didn't exactly know how to describe that. If anyone has any suggestions on it please share it with me.) "Inoue, sorry to leave like this."

"I understand." She answered. "Be careful."

With that Ichigo rushed after Rukia. After a while they came up on a massive amount of Hollow.

"Menos?!" Ichigo questioned.

"Yeah. I don't know what's going on, but they're just flooding out of Hueco Mundo. If we don't do something the real world is going to overrun with Menos as well as others we don't want."

"Just take them down right?" he asked.

"As far as I know." Rukia answerd.

"Got it." Ichigo answered and started to fight them. "They just keep showing up. It's like they're multiplying!" Ichigo said after a while.

"I don't understand why." Rukia stated.

"Dammit. Rukia, it's endless." Ichigo cursed.

"We need to find some way to seal off Hueco Mundo until we can figure out what's going on." Rukia stated.

"How do we do that?" Ichigo asked annoyingly.

"I don't know exactly." Rukia answered. "Ichigo! Watch out!" she called as a blue stream of light came soaring through and wiped out all the Menos in sight. Another was fired at the entrance to Hueco Mundo immediately after sealing it off. "It's over."

"Thanks Ish—ida." Ichigo started to say but turned to see no one there. "Has it been sealed off?" Ichigo asked Rukia.

"Yeah. I guess Ishida did it."

"Was it Ishida?" Ichigo asked.

"I suppose. That was the Quincy arrow right? He is the last Quincy."

"Yeah. I guess."

From the top of a building stood a slender girl with long purplish blue hair and pale blue eyes stood watching the Shinigami. She wore glasses and a white uniform type of attire that looked like it was a long sleeve shirt with a short skirt and a small cape like top. She stood watching the Shinigami as they tried to figure out what happened. Ishida. Who are they talking about? She thought. These Shinigami are Ichigo and Rukia. I've heard of them. I should probably keep an eye on things here. I just want to know what they meant by this Ishida being the last Quincy. That's impossible.

"So how are things going in Soul Society?" Ichigo asked Rukia.

"Things are pretty normal except for what happened just now." She answered.

"That's good. So are you gonna be coming back to school?"

"Yeah I'll be back in a few days when school starts."

"We'll see you there." Ichigo replied as he said bye to Rukia as she went back to Soul Society.

A few days later: The first day of school

"Yo, Ishida!" Ichigo called to their friend. "Thanks for helping with the Menos the other day." He told him softly as he came up to him.

"What? Menos? I wasn't there. I couldn't make it." Ishida answered.

"But you shot your bow thing."

"I'm telling you I wasn't there!"

"It was your bow and arrow!"

"It wasn't me!" Ishida yelled.

"Ishida, we did see your bow and arrow." Rukia told him calmly.

"Well I wasn't there so I don't know how." Ishida replied calmly as he straightened his glasses.

"If it wasn't you, who was it? We were sure it was the Quincy bow and arrow."

"I don't know." Ishida replied.

"Class, we have a new student today." The teacher announced as a girl with long purplish blue hair with pale blue eyes hidden behind glasses walked into the classroom wearing a school uniform.

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