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"What are we doing?" she inquires looking at him with her best inquisitive stare.

"We are hiding." He replies like it's the most natural thing in the world.

She studies him for a while but follows him anyway. They walk together as quietly as they can and head to his office again.

"Who are we hiding from?" she asks in a whisper and he turns to look at her with a raised eyebrow.

"From your mother of course!" he exclaims making her giggle.

"So, we are playing hide and seek." She guesses and he pauses.

"Kind of…" he replies and they sneak into his office.

He sits behind his desk and she sits on a chair next to his. He hands her the coloring book that rests on his desk and she gives him a wide grin. He smiles back and he switches the TV on.

"So, is mommy looking for us?" she asks after some silent minutes.

"Of course she is! She wants to send us to the clinic!" he says incredulously and she laughs.

"No Uncle Greg, she wants to send you to the clinic!" she says seriously and he pouts.

"See, this is unfair! It's always me she is after!" he accuses and she laughs again.

"Because you are the doctor." She replies, a smile on her lips.

He pretends to think about it for a while and he rubs his fingers over his chin.

"Fine, I give up. You are right kiddo." He says feigning defeat and he ruffles the little girl's hair.

She squeals and tries to take his hand away from her head.

"Uncle Greg!" she says through laughter and he stops and looks at her with a smirk.

"Ok, I think you can continue drawing and I can continue watching." He states and turns his attention at the TV again but he knows that she is still looking at him.

He looks at her again and he finds her looking back at him with her best puppy-dog eyes.

He sighs theatrically and pulls two lollipops out of his jacket pocket.

"Don't tell your mother because then I will spend the rest of the day in the clinic for giving you candy before lunch." He says in a serious tone and she nods vigorously, accepting the lollipop.

He pops the other lollipop into his mouth and then he looks back at the TV.

The silence doesn't last long though because Cuddy comes into the office, yelling his name.

"I think she found us…" she whispers and he groans, burying his face in his hands.

"I can see you." Cuddy says, her arms crossing in front of her chest.

"Really? Damn, and I thought this was a good hiding place." He quips and she rolls her eyes.

"Do we get to look for you now?" the little girl asks expectantly.

Cuddy looks at her questioningly and House smirks.

"Uncle Greg said that we were kind of playing hide and seek." She explains and it is then that she understands.

"Will you stop corrupting my daughter?" she asks, looking straight into his eyes.

"Sorry, can't do." He replies, the smirk never leaving his lips.

"What does corrupt mean?" she asks looking at House expectantly.

"It means that I give you too many candy." He replies before Cuddy can say anything.

"Oooh… He hasn't corrupted me a lot mommy; he just gave me one lollipop today." She says seriously and Cuddy can't help but smile at her daughter.

"Then he is off the hook… for today." She replies looking at him when she says the last sentence.

"Goody!" he says clapping his hands together.

"Do we have to go?"

"Yes Hannah, we have to head home." Cuddy says and the little girl nods.

"Can't I stay with Uncle Greg or with daddy?" she asks pleadingly.

"Nope. And besides daddy is already at home." She says and Hannah starts gathering her coloring book and markers.

She hugs House and gives him a kiss on the cheek and then takes her mother's hand.

"Bye Uncle Greg, I'll see you tonight!" she says with a big smile and House nods and waves at her.

"Why? What will happen tonight?" He asks and Cuddy smirks.

"You are babysitting tonight." She says matter-of-factly and he looks at her inquisitively.

"Really?" he asks and Hannah nods.

"Uncle Greg did you forget it?"

"Maybe it slipped my mind." He replies, making a face and Hannah giggles.

Cuddy sighs and takes Hannah's bag in her hand.

"Thank God you have Allison. Goodnight House." She says and he smirks.

"Night Cuddles!" he replies and he watches as they walk away.


"Why are we babysitting tonight?" he asks the moment he enters the house.

She quirks an eyebrow and studies him for a moment.

"Because James and Lisa have a wedding to attend and they have to leave tonight." She replies and it is his turn to raise an eyebrow.

"It's a shame… I really wanted to have my wicked way with you." He says, waggling his eyebrows and moving closer to her in order to wrap an arm around her waist lazily.

Before she has time to react his lips attach on her neck, leaving open mouthed kisses on the skin there.

Her arms wrap around his waist and hold him tightly, giving in to him completely.

She tilts her head to the right, giving him better access, and he wastes no time taking advantage of that.

His lips find their way to her pulse point and drop a small kiss there and then they leave feather light kisses on their way to her lips.

He claims her lips with his in a slow kiss and he wraps both his arms around her waist, dropping his cane on the floor and bringing her body impossibly closer to his 'til there is no space between them.

He hears her moan when he grinds his hips into hers and he smirks smugly against her lips.

"Do I have time or are you going to make me stop?" he whispers and he knows that even if they didn't have time she wouldn't have stopped him.

"If you don't finish what you started I'm going to get really mad." She warns and he smirks.

"Kinky, I like it." He replies and starts walking towards their bedroom, his arms always around her waist.

"How much time do I have then?" he says in low tone that sends shivers down her spine.

"An hour…" she mumbles distractedly, her eyes darting to his lips.

"Enough for now." He states and claims her lips again in a passionate kiss leaving them both breathless.

They move slowly to the bedroom, their lips always locked together as they try not to stumble and fall on the flour.

She has already unbuttoned his shirt and she is trying to get it off but she can't since he refuses to let go of her.

She groans in displeasure and he pulls back in order to look at her, a satisfied smile on his lips.

"In a hurry, aren't we?" he asks and he releases her for a minute in order to take of his shirt and t-shirt.

"Much better." She comments and her hands come to rest on his bare chest while his arms wrap around her body again and their lips lock together.

They finally reach the bedroom and tumble on the bed together.

He lands on top of her, letting out a hiss as his thigh connects a little harder than he intended on the mattress but before she can say anything his lips are on hers, silencing her.

His hand glides under the blouse she is wearing, caressing her soft skin and she arches her body into his touch wanting more of this, more of him…

He removes her blouse with her help, revealing her lacy bra and he starts kissing from her collarbone, between her breasts until he reaches the hem of her jeans.

He looks up at her with a mischievous look and he unzips her jeans, pulling them down her legs.

His eyes connect with her green-blue ones and he gives her a small smile before pulling her panties down and dropping them on the floor along with her jeans.

"You are too dressed for my liking…" she says in a sultry tone and she makes him lie on his back.

She has him out of his jeans and boxers in no time and her eyes travel over his body appreciatively.

"I thought we didn't have time." He states with a smirk and she rolls her eyes.

She has no time to say anything because he drags her to him and he makes her straddle his hips.

His hand unhooks her bra and he throws it on the floor and he has her right where he wants her. Naked in his arms…

She kisses his lips softly, her hands lace through his hair and she slowly moves her hips to his, taking him in inch by inch and making him groan. This slow pace is almost torturing and she knows it very well.

She starts moving slowly, deliberately on top of him, wanting to drive him crazy and she isn't far away from her goal. She can tell that he is starting to get really frustrated.

"Are you gonna move?" he asks, frustration evident in his voice but she just smiles innocently at him. He still hasn't figured out how she manages to pull off a smile like this when they are doing that.

She places kisses all over his bare chest, starting from his collarbone and moving to his neck and to that spot that makes him shiver every time.

She never seizes her movements above him and his arms wrap tightly around her waist when she starts flexing her inner muscles.

He buries his head in the crook of her neck and he holds her against his body.

"You know what? I've had enough." He says through panted breaths and he flips them over so that he is on top of her and in charge now.

She looks straight into his blue eyes and she kisses his lips softly.

His fingers lace with hers and he brings her hands over her head, pinning them to the bed.

He starts moving this time in a fast and hard rhythm that has them both gasping for breath a few minutes later. Their joined hands dig into the mattress and he thrusts deeply inside her.

Her moans grow louder by the minute and his left hand leaves hers in order to trail a path from her neck to her breast and it finally reaches the point where their bodies are joined.

"Greg…" she mumbles his name before he even touches her and he smirks smugly.

He teases her with quick touches and she protests in frustration, biting his shoulder.

He lets go of her other hand too letting her touch him like she wants to and he claims her lips with his.

Her hands glide up and down his back and he starts teasing her again.

"Greg, please…" she manages to say and he knows that it's time to end the games.

He starts thrusting with the all the power he has left making her cry out and he adds to her sensation when he starts to rub her clit in circles.

She moans loudly and soon it is too much to bear and she is tumbling over the edge with his name on her lips. He follows moments later and he drops his head on her shoulder, placing a small kiss there.

Her hands move in a soothing manner over his back and arms and he sighs contently.

"See? It's much better when you move…" he mumbles and she smiles.

She kisses his temple and she drags the blanket over their bodies.

"We need to get up… Lisa and James will drop Hannah off in a while." She says in a low tone.

"When did I agree to this?" he asks running his stubbled chin over her collarbone and then placing sloppy kisses on the skin there.

"Last week…" she replies a little distractedly.

"Last week when?" he asks and moves his hand in order to cup her breast.

"When you were with Hannah outside the clinic and you were diagnosing patients together." She replies and lets out a moan as his hand massages her breast.

"I think I had too many candies that day, didn't know what I was saying." He replies with a smirk, very pleased at the reaction he managed to draw from her.

She realizes his plan when he starts kissing his way to her stomach.

"Ok, as much as I'd like you to continue you can't." she states seriously and she pushes him off of her making him groan in displeasure this time.

She takes her clothes and heads straight to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

"Get dressed!" she yells through the closed door but instead of that he just lies on his stomach and buries his head under the pillow.


Thirty minutes later and the door bell rings.

Cameron goes to open the door while House remains sitting on the couch in front of the TV without even turning to see.

He can hear talking and after some minutes the door closes again and he hears someone running towards his place.

Hannah launches herself on the couch next to him and is ready to start talking but he stops her, placing his finger over his lips and indicating her to stay silent.

She looks at him with raised eyebrows but doesn't speak. She waits as patiently as a five year old can for him to turn and look at her.

The show he was watching ends and he turns to Hannah with a small smile on his lips and she grins widely at him.

"Uncle Greg!" she exclaims and throws her arms around his neck hugging him tightly.

"I think you are suffocating me kiddo." He says, placing his arm around her small body.

She pulls back and beams at him.

"What are we going to do now?" she asks expectantly and he pretends to think about it.

"I say you sit there quietly and I watch TV." He says after a while making her frown.

"Or, we could watch this DVD of your favorite movie, then eat and then play together." He adds with a little smirk when he notices her expression and she immediately lightens up when she hears his second suggestion.

"The DVD!" she says enthusiastically and he laughs lightly at her eagerness.

"Ok, I'll put this in and go tell Aunt Allison to make pop corn." He instructs and she nods vigorously.

"Aunt Allie!" she yells and runs to the kitchen.

House shakes his head in amusement and stands up in order to put the DVD in the player.

A minute later Hannah returns to the living room and sits down on the couch again.

"Aunt Allison will make the pop corn and she will come to watch the movie too!" she announces cheerfully.

House gives a nod and returns on his position on the couch. She scoots close to him and rests her little hand on his thigh.

He quirks an eyebrow and she smiles.

"Are we going to play hide and seek later and hide from Aunt Allie?" she asks in a whisper and he can't help the laugh that escapes him.

"We'll see." He replies with a wink.

An hour and a half later the movie has ended and House with Hannah are playing on his Play Station while Cameron is sitting on the couch, a book in her hands.

She glances at them from time to time and a smile finds its way to her lips. She also can't shake a certain feeling when she watches House interact with Hannah.

"Uncle Greg, I can't press two buttons together my fingers are too small!" Hannah protests and interrupts her train of thought.

"Hey, stop making excuses! Deal with it, you are going to lose again." He states, turning his head in order to look at her and Hannah pouts.

"I don't like this game anymore." She replies with a frown dropping the joystick on the floor and then she crosses her arms in front of her chest.

Cameron smiles at the small girl's actions and rests the book on the coffee table.

She stands up and goes to sit down on the floor next to Hannah.

"How about we make a drawing together?" she suggests with a smile and Hannah beams at her.

"I'm going to make a drawing with Aunt Allie." She states looking at House who smirks.

"Fine, I'll just watch TV." He announces and he switches the Play Station off.

He moves to sit down on the couch while Hannah and Cameron bring some markers and paper and they sit around the coffee table.

He finds the show he is watching boring and his eyes travel to Cameron and Hannah who are drawing and laughing.

When Hannah was born, and for the first months of her life, he was afraid and he had that unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach constantly.

He thought that Cameron was going to ask sooner or later to have a baby of their own and that thought terrified him. He wasn't ready to be father and he didn't know if he would ever be…

But as time passed by his feelings changed slowly…

And now he knows that he wants to have children with her. He just doesn't know how to initiate that conversation.

He is sure that she wants children, he can see it every time that Hannah is around. He thinks that she is going to be a great mom that every kid would want. He still has doubts about what he is going to do with a baby but, hey, he managed to keep Hannah alive one night he was babysitting alone when she was no older than one month so it can't be that hard…

Plus he is going to have her around.

He notices that she is watching him and he shrugs at her. She gives him a small smile and she turns her attention to Hannah who is trying to draw a dog.

Hannah's bed time comes sooner than she would have liked and she whines all the way to the bedroom.

"I don't wanna go!" she complains as House leads her to the bed Cameron has set up for her.

"I don't want to go either but we have to." He states and Hannah frowns.

"Are you going to bed to?" she asks with a raised eyebrow and he nods.

"Can I come with?" she asks hopefully and he considers that idea for a while.

"Please, please, please!" she repeats pleadingly clasping her hands together under her chin.

He smirks at her actions and he changes direction and heads to his and Cameron's bedroom instead.

Hannah hops on the bed and House switches the TV on and then settles down on the bed as well.

"Keep quiet because Aunt Allison is going to understand that you are not in bed." He instructs and Hannah nods. Then she lies in the middle of the bed and she turns her attention to the TV.

Soon, though, she moves closer to him and he pats his left thigh with his hand. She smiles and she lays her head on his thigh. It doesn't take her too long to fall asleep but he just leaves her there, not wanting to wake her up.

Cameron enters the bedroom some minutes later and she quirks an eyebrow when she spots them lying on the bed.

"She didn't want to go to bed alone." He explains and she smiles at him.

She moves into the room and goes to lie on her side of the bed.

The moment Hannah senses her movements she scoots close to her and snuggles in her right side.

House looks at her with a smirk and she shakes her head.

"See? That's why Lisa says you are spoiling her." She says matter-of-factly and he snorts.

"I am spoiling her? She is sleeping in your arms." He points out and Cameron ignores him and arranges the blanket over Hannah's body.

She turns her attention to the television and he just watches her for some silent moments. He moves closer until he is resting his head on her pillow and Hannah is right between them.

She turns her head to the right and she finds him looking straight into her eyes, a look so soft that makes her to not want to look away.

He brings his hand up and he caresses her cheek tenderly.

"You want one of those, don't you?" he asks, looking intently into her eyes.

She sighs and she averts her gaze.

"Please Greg, not now…" she whispers, afraid to approach the subject, afraid that if she says yes he is going to run away as fast as he can.

He knows why she avoids to answer and he feels guilty about that.

He drapes his arms over Hannah so that he can rest his hand on her hip and he scoots even closer to her.

"I want an answer." He says and his soft tone makes her turn to look at him.

"I'm perfectly fine with how things are between us." She replies, trying to stop him from continuing this but he doesn't fall for that.

"But you do want this. You do want a baby with me no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you are perfectly fine." He says and she closes her eyes.

"Yes…" she says in a whisper.

She doesn't get a reply to that and it scares her. She opens her eyes and she finds him watching back at her with a smile.

She looks at him questioningly and he laughs lightly at her shocked expression. He caresses her cheek with his thumb again and he leans in to place a kiss on her lips.

"Good. 'Cause I want one too…" he states seriously and she seems unconvinced at first but his smile tells her that he is not joking about this.

She breaks into a wide grin and she kisses him again.

"You are not joking, right?" she asks looking deeply into his eyes.

He shakes his head negatively and she smiles at him again. He claims her lips again and they kiss softly, tenderly.

A soft whimper makes them break apart and they smile at each other when they remember that Hannah is still between them.

"Let's keep this G rated for tonight." Cameron says with a smile and House smirks.

"Fine… but tomorrow night I'm going to change the rating." He says waggling his eyebrows and she tries to stifle her laugh, not wanting to wake Hannah up.

They stay looking at each other, small smiles on their lips as they think of what is about to come.

His eyes dart to Hannah's sleeping form and she looks at him with a smile, knowing full well what he is thinking about. He looks back at her and he smiles back.

And they both think the same thing. Hopefully in a few years Friday night in bed with a little one sleeping between them will be their life…