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Inuyasha-(looks at me like I'm an idiot and wispers) "kira-san is a complete morin"

Sesshomaru-sama-inuyasha! Show respect to the lady of the western lands you face the consaquense!!

Kagome-now what did he say about kira-san?

(me)/kira-san-he called me a morin… sesshy will you slap him I'm not close enough

Sesshomaru-sama-hai I will


Kira-san-adigoto sesshy (kisses him on the check)

Miroku-kira-san maybe we should move on with the fanfic?

Kira-san- ahh! Yes now thank you miroku now sehsshomaru would you do the honors?

Sesshomaru-sama-Of course my dear we hope you enjoy this chapetor and plz R&R and agine thank you for reading!

the mystery of the broken heart

chapetor one: the fight

Inuyasha sit!

What was that for kagome?!

You'r and idiot you ran off to kikyo and almost got yourself killed!

You'r just mad because you'll never be as good as kikyo. Inuyasha mummeld

Now Kagome's face had gotten bright red You know what that it I'm so sick of you comparing me to kikyo! Kagome had grabed her things and was looking at inuyasha with tears in her dark brown eyes.

I'm going and finding the jewel myself and when it's finshed……… she stoped for a moment..

You can have the shikon-no-tama!

With that kagome ran off into the forest crying not caring were she was going. She had no-one and she would be damend if she went back to inuyasha he had hurt her for the last time. The jewel was not even close to being complete and naraku had about fithteen of knew it would be hard and she knew she would have to train her powers. But she belived in knew…she could do it. Then all os asuend two strong arem raped around her. But she did not pull away.

You'r not as alone as you may think kagome. She was no ecxpeting to her the voice she just heard it was sesshomaru-sama the lord of the western land.