Shadow of Vader

It was they day after the second exam of the chunnin exams was finished. Naruto was looking for Kakashi to teach him for his fight with Neji Hyuuga. He new that the chances of him winning without help was few and hoped that his sensei would help him out.

He found Kakashi standing by a tree, reading his perverted icha icha paradise book.

"Hey, Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto yelled out as he approached.

Kakashi looked up with his usual bored expression and eye-smiled at Naruto. "Hello Naruto."

"Kakashi-sensei, I need help training for the finals, can you help me"? Naruto asked hopefully.

"Sorry Naruto, but I have to train Sasuke. His opponent is pretty tough." Kakashi replied.

Naruto look downcast, but then he looked angry and glared at Kakashi, which disturbed the one-eye jounin. "I see. And a train Hyuuga prodigy with a years more experience, a powerful bloodline, and a willingness to kill other leaf ninja isn't tough enough to train the stupid "dobe" deadlast for huh." He said in a cold tone.

Kakashi was surprised by Narutos' tone and glare. "Listen Naruto, I got you another sensei so you don't have to worr-"

He was cut off by Narutos' cold tone coming out again. So, pawn the idiot on a lesser teacher, give the prized Uchiha your undivided attention and hope the deadlast survives. Let me guess, your going to teach Sasuke one of your best jutsus while I'll probably just learn another charka control exercise and that's it." Naruto said with a sneer.

Kakashi, and Ebisu who was hiding behind another tree twitched at the truth of his words and felt slightly ashamed. Kakashi tried to calm the enraged boy. "Now Naruto, I just-"

"Shove it Hatake." Both Kakashis' and Ebisus' mouths dropped. They had never heard Naruto address anyone by their last names. That meant he was beyond pissed and hurt. "I'll train by myself. I'll obey on missions and anything else that I have to, but other than that, I'm done with you." Naruto turned and fast-walked away.

Ebisu came out from behind his tree and stood next to a shame-faced Kakshi. "I think we just screwed up, big time."


Naruto was PISSED! But he shouldn't have expected any better from his sensei.

His entire team, besides him, was Uchiha centric and he was just the disposable cannon fodder. A meat shield to be thrown in the way if the last Uchiha was in danger.

As he was fuming, he came around a corner and saw Sasuke and Sakura standing in the middle of the street with the crazy examiner lady, Anko and team 8's sensei Kurenai.

He could hear their conversation as he slowly walked towards them.

"Take that back!" Sakura shouted.

"No way, I still say the little Uchiha should have been dropped from the finals. He's a threat with his emo-avenger brain and weak will." Anko responded.

"Anko, calm down, we can't change what's happened, so let it go." Kurenai tried to keep her friend from making a scene.

"Hell no, that wimpy brat could snap and kill innocent people and wouldn't care. I heard what he did to that Zaku kid from sound!"

"I don't care if you are a jounin, no one talks like that about Sasuke!" Sakura screamed.

As Naruto got closer, her heard the shouting match continue for a little longer. A few people had gathered, but far enough away so that they wouldn't be directly noticed of involved, but could listen in.

Then, as Naruto was near, he saw Sasuke was livid and the curse mark on his neck pulsed within its' sealed confines. Finally, he snapped. "How dare you mock me you worthless female trash!" He then did a few quick hand-signs that ended on the tiger seal, it was a fire jutsu.

Naruto, seeing what was about to happen, quickly mad two shadow clones and ran towards the three women.

As they turned and looked at the Uchiha in shock, he let loose a "dragon flame bullet" jutsu at them. Its' flame burning white hot and rushing, in the form of a dragon, right at them.

Just as it was about to hit, they were pushed out of the way.

When they looked back, they saw Naruto and his two shadow clones in their place as the fire hit him.

His clones were destroyed, he raised his arms up to block, but they were burned and turned to ash. The blast knocked him back incinerated his legs below the knees. His body was badly burnt and his hair was almost gone. A few scorched bones could be seen as he hit a nearby wall.

The wall collapsed on top of him, and all was dark.

Everyone, Sakura included, could only look on in horror at what Sasuke had done. Even the people who didn't like Naruto were horrified. First, that the Uchiha had tried to kill his teammate and two other women for talking about him, and second, because if Naruto was the demon they thought he was, then why did he just sacrifice his career, maybe even his life, for others.

Sasuke smirked and turned to walk away. "Stupid Dobe, very stupid. Oh well." Then he walked away, everyone too stunned to stop him.

"Sakura couldn't believe that…that Sasuke had tried to kill her, and that he may have just killed Naruto and didn't even car!

Anko and Kurenai recovered first and rushed to the rubble and dug what was left of Naruto out. What they saw nearly made the wretch.

When Sakura look over at her fallen teammate, she screamed. "NARUTO!!!"


"Dam, Damn, Damn!" Kyuubi roared in his cage. "Just perfect kit, now your crippled and weak. We are so dead! You just had to save those females, stupid human." He was frustrated. He knew that snake, Orochimaru, was planning something big. It was just a matter of time. That Gaara, the boy with Shukaku in him was no doubt part of it. And now, Naruto was crippled and weak.

"Damn It!" Screamed the great fox. After a few more minutes of venting, he calmed down. "Okay, let's look at the situation here. Weakened container, check. Looming danger and possible death, check. Now options. Hmmm… Well, I suppose I could re-grow his lost limbs…no, that would take months, time we don't have. Can heal everything back to normal except the limbs. Hmmm… If I remember right, the puppet users of Suna could replace limbs with puppet ones…no, same problem, not enough time to acquire and train to use." The fox sat, deep in thought, until he remembered something. "Hmm…I wonder if I might find the answer in the charka stream"? The great Kyuubi, the nine-tailed fox lay on his stomach and entered a meditative state.

He soon found himself in an endless void of charka. It was divided into three sections. A light side, a dark side, and the twilight lands in between the two sides.

As he was walking, he saw numerous beings who had ascended into the state of pure charka upon their deaths.

Then, not knowing why, he was pulled towards the edge of the twilight lands near the dark side. There, sitting on a large rock, was a young man with brown hair in black leather and brown cloth robes.

The young man looked at the Kyuubi. "Who are you"? the young man asked.

Kyuubi sat on its haunches and looked at the man. "I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune. I came to this realm to search for an answer to a problem I have. I felt myself drawn here. Who are you"?

The young man stood and bowed to Kyuubi. "I am Anakin Skywalker. I was a jedi, turned sith, turned jedi. I am a master of the force, which is what we are surrounded by."

Kyuubi looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well, where I come from, this energy is called charka, but semantics are pointless I suppose."

Anakin nodded. "So, what is this problem of yours"? H asked.

So, the Kyuubi told the young man about Naruto, his life, and what his current condition is.

Anakin was amazed that such a young boy could width-stand the hate and pain enough not to lose himself, and even sacrifice himself for others.

Anakin was deep in thought, then he smiled and looked at the great fox demon. "Well Kyuubi, I may have a solution to your problem."

Kyuubi looked interested. "Do tell."

"Well, I can give you all my knowledge about the force and technology of my time and galaxy, and you can teach this Naruto kid. If he trains and works hard enough, he could become incredibly strong." Then Anakin looked pensive for a moment. "I have just two requests for you."

"Which are"? The Kyuubi asked hesitantly.

"That he wears my Vader suit for one. I caused so much evil with that form, I would like for it and the name to be used for good, for once."

Kyuubi thought about it and nodded. "Agreed, I too would like to see such a powerful form rise again. Now, the second request"?

"I wish for you to revive my padawan, Asoka in your world. She can help Naruto and I believe I owe her this since it was my fault she died. Her force spirit self is around here, and I know she always wanted to help others. And, if this Naruto is as nice as you say, maybe he can heal her wounded heart." Anakin pleaded.

Once again Kyuubi thought about it and nodded. "Very well, give me the knowledge and bring her here and I will do what I can." Kyuubi said.

Anakin nodded and rushed out to find Asoka. When he did, he told her of what he'd arranged and she smiled at him. She had long since forgiven him for his falling to the dark side and they were friends, but the student master bond was forever broken.

When they found Kyuubi, Anakin gave it all his knowledge and the Kyuubi thanked him and left with Asoka, back to Narutos mind.


When Naruto awoke, he was in a sewer.

"What happened"? Then he remembered Sasuke and his attack.

He looked himself over and found that he was fine.

"What is going on"?

He decided to walk along the sewers corridors for a while, until he came to a huge room with a giant cage in it. On the cage was a small piece of paper with the word seal on it.

"What is this"? Naruto asked.

Two huge eyes flashed open and Naruto jumped back. "Hello, little human." Came a low powerful voice.

"Who…what are you"? Naruto asked.

"I…I am your pain and power, the Kyuubi." The great demon said simply.

Naruto gaped. This was him, the demon who he is hated for. The monster his village sees him as. His face contorted into rage and hate, but then seemed to ebb away. "So, this must be my mind, huh, what a dump."

The Kyuubi was surprised at the kits' reaction. He chalked it up to shock and continued. "Now, listen human. Thanks to your act of heroism, your limbs were burned off and must of you was burned unrecognizable. I can heal everything back to what it was…except the limbs."

Naruto processed this. "So, I'm going to be a cripple for the rest of my life…damn." He said with a hint of rage.

The fox chuckled, this caused Naruto to look up at it with an angry glare. Kyuubi spoke. "Now, Now, Kit. I refuse to let my container be weak, so I have found a remedy for your problem." The Kyuubi smirked.

Naruto, skeptical, asked. "What is it."

"I have found a form of charka training that, in combination with a few technological designs, will restore you to full mobility and make you stronger than ever before." The fox said simply.

Naruto smiled a little. "Okay, so what do I have to do"?

"First, I will finish my repairs on your body, in the meantime, you will train. Time in here moves faster than outside. A minute out there is a week in here. So, while I prepare things, you and your trainer will begin your lessons."

"Trainer? But, aren't we the only ones here"? Naruto asked.

"Normally, yes, but I traveled into a sort of spirit world and got a new friend to help you." Kyuubi moved to the left side of his cage to make room for someone moving to the cage door.

Naruto was stunned. There, walking through the bars, was a beautiful girl, about his age. She had full lips, great curves and full…assets. Her skin was red and, instead of hair, she had what looked like connected horns on her head and two horn-like tendrils coming down in front of her shoulders and on tendril down her back. Her eyes were a beautiful crystal blue.

"Kit, this is Asoka, she will train you when I cannot, and will be your friend and partner from now on." Then Kyuubi turned and went to the back of his cage to rest and prepare for Narutos' training and healing.

Asoka looked at the boy in front of her and blushed, though it was hard to see with her skin-tone. This boy was very handsome and his blue eyes radiated kindness and strength.

"Hello Naruto, I'm Asoka, it's nice to meet you." She held out her hand.

Naruto took it and shook and smiled. Oh yes, things were looking up, way up.


The third Hokage was worried and sad.

The boy he saw as a grandson was lying in a square glass tub of special burn healing gel, without his arms or legs.

His ninja career, as well as his normal life was over.

Rage came to the old Hokage as he remembered the cause of this. That damn arrogant Uchiha brat.

When he received word of what happened from Iruka and that Naruto was stable, the Hokage stormed out and found the Uchiha talking with Kakashi about training.


Sarutobi rounded a corner and saw Kakashi and his student.

Kakashi looked over and bowed. "Good day Hokage-sama." He said happily.

"Good day…GOOD DAY!" The old man roared.

Kakashi stepped back from the Hokages' angered stance.

"Kakashi, do you have any idea what that…that…that bastard child of an Uchiha has done!" the Hokage pointed at Sasuke like he was Orochimaru himself.

Now Kakashi was really confused.

Sasuke sneered. "Watch what you say old fool."

As soon as those words left his mouth, Sarutobi, faster than the eye could see, punched him to the ground and had his foot on the Uchihas' neck.

"Sasuke! Hokage-sama, what is this about"? Kakashi asked, terrified of both what the Hokage would do to Sasuke, and what Sasuke could have done to anger the normally kind old man like this.

The Hokage, while still keeping his foot where it was, looked at Kakashi. "This traitorous twit, assaulted three kunoichi without provocation with a "dragon fire bullet" jutsu and would have killed them if Naruto hadn't pushed them out of the way!" Sarutobis' eyes turned cold and sorrow stricken. "Narutos' arms and legs were turned to ash and all but 2% of his body has 3rd degree burns covering it. He is in a comma and they have no idea if he will ever wake up. And…I'm not sure if I want him to if he wakes up just to realize he is doomed to a life of pain and being crippled." The Hokage looked at Kakashi with tears in his eyes. "His body, dreams and maybe even his mind are gone forever. At the moment, he is dead in all but fact," He looked down and sneered at the struggling Uchiha, "and it's all because of this little shit!"

Kakashi looked horrified. The old Hokage then told him who the three Kunoichi were and what they were doing before Sasuke attacked and what witnesses accounted for.

Then, before he removed his foot, Sarutobi did a few hand-signs and a red-ish-black glow came upon his index fingers on both hands. He touched them to the Uchihas' temples and a seal appeared there.

"I have sealed away his bloodline, and I will not give it back." The Hokage said as he stood and walked away.

Sasuke roared in outrage and ran at the old man. Kakashi appeared behind him and knocked him out.

Sarutobi turned around. "Kakashi, take him to Ibiki and tell him, no one, not the council, not a civilian, not even a sannin gets to see him until I call for him. He will be punished, Uchiha clan be damned!" Then he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Kakashi sighed sadly and while throwing Sasuke over his shoulder, looked up at the sky. "Naruto, I'm so…so sorry." He then disappeared, just as the third had a moment ago.


Sakura, Kurenai, and Anko waited outside the intensive care burn ward. The Hokage ordered that no one be allowed in to see Naruto.

"I can't…believe he did that." Sakura muttered as tears stilled came down her face.

"I told you." Anko said, with an equally sad and tearful face. "That damn Uchiha, I knew he'd snap. I should have just knocked him out and locked him up. I'm so stupid!" She yelled in frustration and sadness.

Kurenai placed her hand on her friends' shoulder. "Come on Anko, we couldn't do anything to stop the council and Hokages' ruling." She sighed. "But, you're right, they should have…we should have seen what was in him, even before the curse mark."

Sakura was torn up inside. Her…no… Sasuke Uchiha was willing to kill the three of them because she was defending him. And…and…her other teammate, the one she saw as being an annoying baka, who she hit and shouted at all the time, threw away his life for her and the other two, if not in reality than practically.

She hoped…prayed…begged that he would be alright, but she knew he never would be. Even if they healed his burns, his arms and legs were gone. His dreams of being a ninja, a Hokage, were gone. She realized that he had so little, and that one thing was what drove him forward in his hard life. Now, without it, what would he do? If he lived, would he curse them for saving him to live a life of pain and regret?

The Hokage appeared and the three women stood up.

"Hokage-sama!" Sakura shouted. "How is he? Is Naruto…alright"?

The other two had equal expressions of concern.

The old man sighed sadly. "He is alive, but…he will never have his limbs again, and his body…all but 2%is covered in third degree burns. It may take years before he can even leave the hospital, let alone go back to his apartment."

The three of them looked incredibly sad about this.

The old man looked at them and pulled them into a four-way hug.

They shed tears both silent and loud out on him. When they were done, he looked at each and spoke. "Now, go home and rest…inform your friends and students as you see fit, and ask that they pray for him…for a miracle.

They nodded and left.

The aged Hokage looked at the floor, a few tears dropping from his eyes.

He turned and walked into the Intensive care burn ward and went to Naruto.

He looked down at the poor boys burnt form and prayed to the beings above that he would survive this.

Then, as if in answering, a dim glow overtook Naruto.

The old man looked down and saw that some areas were healing.

"The Fox!" the Hokage thought, glad for once that the demon was sealed in Naruto.

Then, a strange surge of charka flared up and a large fox head made out of Kyuubis' charka appeared before Sarutobi.

"Hello, old monkey." The head said in Kyuubis' voice.

"Kyuubi! What are-" The old man was cut off by the fox growling.

"Not now old man, just listen. I will not allow my vessel to be weak. If he dies, I die. So, he is being taught an ancient for of charka control and skills long since lost. I have called an ancient spirit to teach him. When he awakes, he will be more powerful than ever. I have talked with Naruto, and he has agreed to my plan. I can't take him over, but he can allow my consciousness out for limited periods of time. Now, to replace his limbs, I will need various materials, an adequate forge, tools, and a place where I will not be disturbed. And I can see your question forming so before you ask, this will make Naruto stronger, wiser, and happier, as much as I can tell." The old fox said calmly, a new facet to the fox from Sarutobis' perspective.

The Hokage thought about it and, as much as he could see, the fox wasn't lying and he had valid reason of survival for doing this. "Very well, I shall have Naruto moved to a safe house and set up a guarded perimeter, but I won't tell them what they're guarding, but I want an idea of what you're building first." The old man said firmly.

The fox image smiled. "Very well."

Then the image shifted into a sort of hologram and an image of Vader showed up and then what was in it.

The old man smiled in awe. Oh yes, Naruto would be back, with a vengeance.


So, after moving Naruto into the safe house in a secluded part of the forest, and making a 200-foot perimeter around it, Sarutobi Ordered the materials and paid for them himself, so the council wouldn't find out.

The month was nearly over, and Naruto had become a master of Chakra-Force, as he called it. He had been training to gain all the skills of both Jedi and Sith and succeeded. Asoka said that, while she was primarily a light side user, that the force is strongest in balance. So, instead of being Jedi or Sith, Naruto was a Twilight user, or a now named Seidi.

He mastered many forms of Chakra sabers and technology that he would need.

Narutos' body repairs and armor had come along nicely. Kyuubi, possessing a shadow clone, had made and attached a dura-steel limb on each stump. His arms were metal from his collarbone to his fingertips, and from just above his new kneecaps down. They were as light as his old limbs, but much stronger.

His skin looked just as it had before the burning. His body was more muscular thanks to intensive physical training. He had many gravity and resistance seals on him to help with his speed and strength. With them off, he could push back Manda and outrun Gai and Lee without their weights on with the first gat open.

His eyes were now a steely gold-ish-yellow, due to his contact with both the light and dark sides of Chakra-Force. Also, his hair was an equal mix of blond and black now, and more spiked towards the back of his head.

His armor was also finished. He looked exactly like Darth Vader, except without the chest device. In its' place was a plate with two red lead symbols crossing each other in an X pattern.

At his left hip was a cylindrical device, his charka-saber. It looked like the one the original Vader had used. At his lower back, on his belt, were two more charka-sabers. These were modeled after the ones Ventress used. They were a back up if he lost his, or if he needed to switch to a two-saber style in a fight.

His helmet covered head, and triangular mouthed mask made him an imposing figure.

He had taken up the Name Vader as a tribute to the original and to fulfill the promise of the names redemption.

Kyuubi had also rebuilt many of the vehicles and druids from that distant galaxy of long ago. Vader now had command of 400 super-battle druids, 150 destroyer druids, 50 basic battle druids for command spots, monitors, or menial work, 70 grievous body guard druids, and one, yet to be finished, general Grievous body. It still needed an organic component to finish it.

Droids were not the only things the Naruto and Kyuubi had. Kyuubi had taught Naruto about seals and they had managed to create a fantastic one. The "Battle clone" seal. This when applied to a single clone, alters it into a tough fighter with jounin level strength, charka, speed, and abilities. A special part of the seal is that it continuously drains charka in the air to refill the clones' supplies, like a living creature. No longer would they be useful, only until they run out of charka. They could still be killed, and their info would come back to Naruto, but, they could easily replace their numbers by cloning themselves. Of course, if the seal was tampered with, or Naruto willed it, all the clones would explode within a hundred mile radius.

And, Kyuubi had also built various ships, speeders, tanks, walkers, and vehicles for both druid and clone use.

So, basically, Naruto…uhum…Vader, had a nearly endless and tireless army at his command.

Asoka was also happy with both his, her, well their progress, on more levels than one.

They had spent a mental lifetime in Narutos' mind and had learned from each other…and fallen in love. When they weren't training or sleeping in his mind, they were in each others' arms. Asoka and Naruto gave each other their first kiss and even made out a few times a week, when Naruto wasn't in armor.

Asoka had to admit that, at first, the old visage of the sith lord unnerved her, but now, only evil and enemies need fear the shadow of this new lord Vader.

She had learned to be a Seidi as well and now sported red and green fused Chakra-saber. The colors wouldn't mix, but they moved like clouds in the beam to be an ever-moving show of life and power.

Narutos' own three Sabers were a dark red/ burnt orange. He couldn't seem to let that color go it appeared.

Now, Lord Vader and his beloved stood before a glowing screen. It showed the stadium where the finals would begin in the morning.

Asoka looked at her shadowy lover, which they were in all but the act as they had wanted to wait for a special time, or when they could relax for a long time. He looked at the screen, the top of his mask and helmet off of him.

His blue eyes went to hers and he smiled.

She smiled back. "Ready, my love." She said as she wrapped her arms around his right arm.

He smiled wider. "Of course. Soon, the Seidi shall rise, and we will destroy those who threaten our home. I talked with the old man, he has informed me of everything Jaraiya has told him. And about the traitorous emo-rat." Vader said with a small scowl.

Asoka sighed and patted his arm. She knew that both her love, and the old Hokage were furious that the council had used an underhanded interpretation of the law to free the traitor and even give him back his spot in the finals and force Kakashi to teach him.

Naruto had heard of his sensei's sorrow over what had happened and had screamed and refused to teach the "lower than trash" Uchiha. Naruto knew he had only taught him what he was forced to and that he had asked the old man time and time again to let him apologize to Naruto. The old man refused, but said he'd give Naruto the message while he was recovering.

Sakura had also been looking for Naruto along with all the other rookies, Gai's team, Anko, Iruka, the Konohomaru corps. ,and the Raman chef and his daughter. But, the Hokage had said that Naruto was undergoing a new recovery program that had a high likely hood of success, but must be done in a safe, secluded environment, and again he said he'd pass their words along to him.

They had all sneered and shot poisonous glares at the Uchiha. Even their parents, both clan-head and civilian had looked at the Uchiha with disgust. Even some of the former hateful villagers looked at him with a frown now.

Hinata was devastated by the news of what happened to Naruto and had turned to her teammates and even her father for comfort. Hiashi Hyuuga, even as cold as he could be, knew that this was no time to be the cold clan-head, but a supportive father, as much as he was capable of that is. When Hinata stopped crying, she threw herself into her training and defeated her sister and others on numerous occasions in spars. He insecurities gone, she vowed to get strong enough to protect her friends and crush the Uchiha bastard, much to her clans' amazement and delight. She also started to develop a small crush on Kiba, but she decided to wait until her revenge was complete and she was a clan-head before she would get lost in romance again. She came to realize that Naruto was more of a brother or comrade who shared similar pains, than a lover of boyfriend. She had no doubt they could have developed into that, but fate, what little she admitted there to being, was cruel in many cases. Oh well.

Asoka smiled and leaned up to kiss Naruto on the cheek. He now stood at 6'2" while she was a nice 5'10".

He smiled at her and brushed her cheek with his left hand and cupped her face. "Go to bed, Asoka-hime, I'll be there shortly." He said lovingly.

She smiled and nodded. She left the room and went to change into her night gown.

Just because they didn't have sex, didn't mean that they didn't sleep in the same bed, or cuddle, grope, and kiss a bit.

Naruto, after getting his armor off with the help of some battle droids, went to the bedroom of their compound, designed by Naruto, Kyuubi, and Asoka, and built by druids and clones, and lay down on his and Asokas' soft bed in his boxers. His metal limbs, which had sensors that let him feel as if they were his original ones, had been covered with a thin, skin-like substance that kept it at a temperature that matched the rest of his body. The false skin could be removed and a new one applied if the limbs needed to be removed or repaired.

Asoka came in a moment later and he was stunned, as always by her sexiness. If her exotic alien looks weren't enough, then the thin, low cut, purple nightgown that barely made it past mid-thigh was definitely enough to send any straight man or women into a lustful, drooling trance.

She swayed her hips as she walked and leaned down at the foot of the bed, enough to let Naruto/Vader get a good look at her firm valley, as she crawled up next to him and snuggled next to him.

He ginned and pulled the blankets over them and wrapped his arms around her.

He then looked up. "Light off!" he said in a clear voice. The sound operated switch turned off the lights, and only the dull glow of a few devices in the room illuminated it.

Asoka leaned over and kissed Naruto passionately. "Goodnight, my lord." She said with great love and affection.

Naruto smiled in the dark. "Good night, my goddess of the stars."

She felt her heart skip a beat. She smiled and shook her head. "The way you talk." And gave him one more, deep, tongue probing kiss, before she settled back down and they fell into deep sleep.

Ready, for tomorrow, the day the Seidi rise in the village hidden in the leaves.