"Umm, hey Naruto." She said with a grin she hoped was convincing. She looked up at Nacondas. "Wow…big white snake you have there." She felt like she was looking at a copy of Manda, but with different coloring and kinder eyes.

"Well, thank you. But I'm surprised you haven't commented on Nacondas-sama." Naruto said with a smile.

Anko went through several shades of red as she looked at him and blushed…realizing how her last statement had been interpreted. "T-That's not w-what I was talking about!" She said with clenched fists.

Nacondas laughed and Naruto smirked. "I know, but you were so tense. If we're going to talk, I would like for us to be comfortable. I assume you heard everything while you were hiding back there." Naruto, without moving his head, pointed to the exact spot she had been.

She let her head fall in shame for being detected. She raised her head and smiled sheepishly as she looked at him. "Oh…uh…sorry about that."

Naruto chuckled. "It's fine. Now, what did you wish to know? Also, what is your name? I could continue you to call you pure flower, but I would like to get to know you better than a title.

Anko blushed again. She seemed to be doing that a lot around Naruto. "Well, I'm Anko Mitarashi. I wanted to thank you for before when you helped my friend Kurenai and me. I'd also like to know what's this about Manda and Orochimaru and you killing them."

Naruto looked thoughtful. He was still trying to make up his mind when a female voice was heard. "I think we can trust her Naruto-kun."

Anko looked around for the owner of that voice. It seemed to come from behind Naruto, but there was no one there. Then she saw it. An orange snake slithered out from around Narutos' neck. It slithered down to the ground and moved away from Naruto. When it was a few feet away from him, a big cloud of smoke poofed into existence. When the cloud disappeared, there stood a girl Narutos' height and age standing next to him with her arms crossed under her fairly developed breasts. Anko thought she was pretty cute, and the fact that she had a grin that matched the one she usually wore helped out with her instantly liking the dark-skinned girl.

Naruto looked at her. "You think so Yoruichi?" Naruto asked. She walked over to him, swaying her hips in a way Anko understood and that had Naruto, with his sightless vision, rooted to the spot he was on, and wrapped her arms around him from behind, pressing her nice sized breasts into his back.

She smiled s sweet smile. "Yes, I do. I told you I've watched this village for some time and I know she hates Orochimaru as much as you and the rest of the snake clan does. She was his student, and he left her like trash after putting a curse seal on her. And because of that, the villagers treat her similar to how they treat you. She also wears the mask of a sex-crazed, blood-obsessed psycho, to keep people from hurting her again. She only allows Kurenai and the old man to see her real self." Yoruichi said as she looked at Anko.

Anko was stunned. This…snake…girl…person had just nailed her entire profile on the head. She didn't think anyone would know that much about her.

Naruto looked down for a moment, and then reached up and took off his blindfold. He looked Anko in the eyes.

Anko gasped. She could see it, as plain as day. She saw his pain, his loneliness, and his fear of being hurt by anyone who approached him. She'd eyes like that every time she'd looked into a mirror. Behind both their masks, they were the same fragile, broken, lonely people that had wanted nothing more than one simple thing to hold onto in their lives.

Naruto saw much the same in Ankos' eyes. As much as his blind-sight skills would allow him to see, Naruto still found that the real way to know someone, was to loom into their eyes. That was another reason why he'd wanted to wear his blindfold on top of training reasons. He didn't want anyone to see the workings of his soul, or his pain.

Naruto walked over to Anko and placed his hand on her shoulder. "I would like to tell you some things…Anko-chan. If…you'll listen." Naruto asked hesitantly.

Anko nodded and they both sat down on the ground as Naruto took a breath and started to explain. He told her everything. Everything he knew about himself, about why he was training to kill Orochimaru and why he wanted to be a ninja.

Without realizing it, after Naruto was done, Anko started to tell Naruto everything about her. Her past, her old sensei, her friends, how hard it was to be betrayed and how the village treated her.

By the end, both had silent tears running down their faces and Anko sobbed a little. Naruto opened his arms and she dove in. He held her and let her cry, much as Yoruichi had for him a while ago.

Yoruichi looked on and smiled. Sure, she was a little jealous that another woman was hugging Naruto, but she knew that it would eventually happen, and she was glad it was someone who shared his pain. Yoruichi had a stray thought then. "Maybe…Anko could be one of Narutos'…"She let that thought go and decided to wait and see how they would get along before going any further.

Nacondas smiled down at the two humans. He knew of Anko since she was the only other snake summoner of the old contract besides Orochimaru. He wished he could have met her before now, but she never summoned the larger summons for fear of accidentally summoning Manda.

He silently poofed away and let them be until he was called again.

That evening, Naruto and Anko talked more and became friends. Naruto introduce Anko to Yoruichi and they hit it off very well. Well enough to make Naruto nervous when they both gave him the same sweet, mischievous smile.

"Oh No! Another Yourichi…With Kunai!" Naruto mentally wailed as he sweated.


From then on, for the next couple of years, Naruto and Anko would hang out a few times a week, when she didn't have missions, and just have fun. Yoruichi explained that, because of certain gifts for being the new contract summoner, Naruto would have a nearly adult body by 13 and stay like that for a good while. She also let it slip about Narutos' parents and the eventual clan restoration act requirements. Anko licked her lips at the thought. She and Yoruichi confronted Naruto and asked him what he thought about Anko being his wife someday. Naruto weighed the thoughts in his head. Anko was HOT, kind, beautiful, skilled, strong, affectionate, loyal, and knew his pain. She was also sadistic and crazy as hell sometimes…but he could live with that…he hoped. Plus, Yoruichi had fun with Anko, and they got along like sisters…which Naruto could almost swear they were at times. So, he smiled and nodded and got down on one knee, as he had done with Yoruichi, and took Ankos hand.

"Anko-hime, I don't have a ring yet, and I haven't gotten my family name back either, but if you could find it in your heart, would you marry me?" Naruto asked as his deep, blue, uncovered eyes looked into her light purple ones.

Anko…was touched. Except for Naruto, no one ever treated her like a lady and still respected her as an equal.

She smiled as a small tear made its' way down from her left eye. "Yes, Naru-kun…I would love to."

Naruto let out a smile that looked like it would split his face in half. He stood and reached up to cup Ankos' face. He gently pulled her forward and just before their lips met, he looked at her. "I love you…Anko-hime…thank you." He then kissed her.

It was soft, slow, and filled with all the passion one could squeeze into that tiny amount of contact.

Anko was in a haze of love, lust, and a tingling feeling that felt…UNBELIEVABLE! She knew Naruto was pouring a small amount of chakra into the kiss and he was directing it to every pleasure nerve in her skin.

When the kiss broke, Naruto and Anko looked at each other with goofy grins on their faces.

Ahem…" Yoruichi said as she made her presence know.

Anko and Naruto looked over at her as she walked over to them and smirked. "My turn." She said as she wrapped her arms around Ankos' neck and pulled her into a deep, passionate, tongue filled kiss. They moaned into eachothers' mouths as the kiss lasted for a few minutes. When they parted, a slight bridge of saliva disappearing between their warm mouths, they looked over to see Naruto…out cold with a huge river of blood rushing down from his nose.

Anko chuckled. "I guess we were to much for him, huh Yoru-chan." Anko said with a sly smile.

Yoruichi smirked back. "He'll get used to it…eventually. We'll just have to do it more often to build up his immunity…to a point."

Anko laughed. "Oh, I think this is going to be one hell of a family Yoru-chan."

Yoruichi smiled. "You bet, Anko-chan."

Naruto, still knocked out, had visions of naked snake women dancing around in his head. His only conscious thought was, "Kami…THANK YOU!"

(Flashback end)

As Naruto and Anko continued to kiss on the arena floor, Yoruichi had already changed back and put her arms around Narutos' neck and leaned into his back. "Settle down you two, we can pick this up at home…later." She said in a sensuous voice as she licked Narutos' ear in way that made both him and Anko shudder in delight. Since Anko had agreed to being with Naruto and Yoruichi, they had moved in together at Ankos'…in secret, and shared the same bed when Anko wasn't on missions. The three of them were all virgins and wanted to keep it that way, until they could relax and enjoy it…or their wedding night, which ever came first.

Anko stood up and Naruto soon followed with Yoruichi still on his back.

"Alright Naru-kun! We're staying here tonight and tomorrow, the tort…training begins! Don't think I'll go easy on you just cause you're my man now." Anko said with a smirk.

Naruto and Yoruichi returned the smirk. "I wouldn't expect anything less, Anko-sensei."

Then the three let out a chilling laugh.

In his office, the old Hokage suddenly got a chill running down his spine. "I…get the feeling my life is about to get more…troublesome."

Two male Nara's sneezed and The old man tried to calm his nerves with his little orange book.


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