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Bright lights flashed in front of Hilary's vision, her vision was blurred both by the bright lights and the drugs that were injected into her body. Slowly her vision began to return to her, the lights became slightly less bright and saw that she was facing the floor. She soon realized that she was on an operation table. Her strength soon began to return to her, she heard voices also.

"Everyone ready for this?" Someone said…Most likely a doctor. "Get the needles ready for injection into the subject." The doctor reached down to Hilary's head where he prepared to inject a needle.

As the doctor prepared the injection a mysterious force prevented him from continuing. He tried to move his arm but it seemed something had a hold on it. The force that grabbed at the doctor was one of Hilary's vectors.

Her vector twisted his hand so that he would drop the needle. The doctor grabbed his twisted hand in pain. "Alert the others! The subject has awoken prematurely!"

One of the nurses rushed to raise the alarm but was thrown across the room and knocked against a case of medicine and knocked unconscious. After seeing this, the other doctors tried to run, fearing for their lives, but were grabbed by Hilary's vectors and tossed around in the air. The head doctor had tried to press the alarm with his free hand but one of Hilary's vectors grabbed his arm and twisted it and then thrown his across the operating room. Hilary stood up from the operating table and took in her handiwork. All of the doctors and nurses were lying on the floor unconscious.

Hilary looked down at her body and noticed she was dressed in the standard patient's outfit. She took this opportunity to escape before the doctors could awake. She than ran at full speed out of the operating room and into the hallway, using her vectors to propel her speed. It didn't take long for others to notice Hilary's presence, soon an alarm was raised and soldiers were forming blockades to prevent her escape.

As she ran down the corridors she soon came across a blockade soldiers. "Open Fire men!" And with that the soldiers let loose a barrage of bullets at Hilary. Her vectors easily blocked the bullets and she rushed toward the soldiers. She grabbed one of the soldiers and ripped him in twine throwing each half of him in opposite directions. Hilary then grabbed the arm of a soldier that was shooting at her and then ripped it off him. She then used the arm, which still held the gun, and shot at the other soldiers. Hilary then sliced the remaining soldiers in half and continued down the corridor.

Hilary came heard the soundings of the alarm ringing down the corridor halls. "SECURITY BREACH IN SECTOR 7...REPEAT SECURITY BREACH IN SECTOR 7…" A robotic voice spoke. As she sped through the corridor a steel door shut immediately and blocked her path. "I don't have time for this…" Hilary said agitated.

She grabbed where the two halves of the door had met with all her vectors. She pulled them away from each other with all her strength. After much effort the steel door began to slowly open. Electricity began to erupt from the door and the doors opening became bigger and bigger. The steel doors were unable to withstand the force of Hilary's vectors and soon swung open for her.

Hilary had soon approached her destination, the exit. There blocking her path were about fifty soldiers…and Dr. Kruger. Nathanial Kruger stood safely behind all the soldiers. He wore his usual black suit and rectangular glasses. He was possibly the one person Hilary hated most in this world. He brushed his hand calmly through his dirty blonde hair. "Geeze Hilary…You have any idea how much trouble you've caused today? All you had to do was let those doctors experiment on you…It's really your only purpose in this world. That's all you are and that's all you'll ever be…A genuine pig…A test subject…A low down dirty dog."

"Why are you doing this?...What did I ever do to deserve the hell you put me through? I never wanted any of this…" Hilary spoke nearly on the verge of tears.

"Who are you to complain Hilary? We give you life…And THIS is how you repay us?" Kruger said as calmly spoke, his hands in his pockets. "Learn your place Hilary! You'll never amount to anything! If you leave this facility, then where will go? Everyone will see you as a monster…They'll shun you out of society…And then you'll come crawling back to us like the dog you are…begging for scraps."

Hilary was further infuriated by Kruger's insults. Before she made her move to kill the soldiers, a woman fell in the line of fire of the soldiers and both sides hesitated before acting. Kruger smirked and said "Finally Shirley…You do something useful...Fire men!" The soldiers hesitated but then opened fire on both Shirley and Hilary.

Hilary used her vectors to harmlessly throw Shirley out of the line of fire, but this small act of kindness left her vulnerable to attack. Hilary was slightly grazed in the arm by a bullet and gave her a small cut. Hilary leaped forth and used her vectors to smash the guns of the soldiers. Once those were useless the soldiers tried to flee but Hilary was quicker she grabbed the soldiers and smashed their heads forcefully into the walls, their brains splattering everywhere, she sliced other soldiers in half and threw the bodies all over the place.

Soon the only ones left alive were Hilary, Kruger, and Shirley, who was knocked unconscious. Kruger's black suit was now stained with the blood and brains of the dead soldiers. Hilary walked past him and stopped once she was back to back to Kruger.

"Now you've done it Hilary! This was my best suit! Now look at it, man these stains are never gonna come out!" Hilary stood silent. "Where will you go Hilary? Like I said before…This world has no place for you. We'll find you and bring you back…We'll hunt you like the dog you are Hilary…"

"You may have done this to me…turned me into this...But YOU'RE THE MONSTER HERE! Kruger I swear to you I'll get back at you for doing this to me…For putting me through this hell! I'm going to make you squirm…and then we'll see who the dog is then!"

Kruger just scoffed. "Yeah…Good luck with that." Kruger said mockingly, his hand in his pockets. Hilary leaped forth with her vectors, out of the facility that had held her captive for so long. She ran as fast as her legs and vectors would allow. For the first time since she was born, despite what Kruger had said, she felt free.

Back at the facility, Kruger made a single phone call. "Gentlemen…We have a dog on the loose…"