Hello my dearest readers. I know I have not written a chapter for this story in a long time. Life caught up with me and I have spent a long and hard battle for my health. However I can now return to writing and am looking forward to finishing it. However there is something that needs to be done first.

When I went to refresh my memory by reading the story again I noticed several plot holes and places I could have make smoother. Seeing as I had gone through three Beta readers in the stores life time and all had very different styles the fanfiction was looking really rough (especially the first chapters). So for the past few months my wonderful Beta reader DragonGirl323 and I have been rewriting and editing everything. From chapter 1 on.

We have finished the first six chapters which I would like to present to you as a Christmas present. Many of the chapters have had to be rewritten entirely and there for you need to read the story all over again to really get the later chapters. There is more CloudXZack, a deeper look into Clouds relations with other characters, and Cloud is more in character than before.

Thank you to those of you who chose to stay with this story and to all those just getting into SOLDIERs of the WRO I welcome you to a better fanfiction than before.