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Chapter Ten
Reasons 226- 250

226. You look up the band 'Humpty Dumpty' on iTunes.

227. You have an irrational fear of hospitals.

228. You have a locker shrine like Paulina's entirely devoted to Danny.

229. You egally change your last name to Fenton.

230. Every time you see a neon sign you think of FentonWorks.

231. You have stalked someone for an entire day because their name is Danny.

232. A friend brings up the theory on alternate dimensions and you think, "Oh my god! Danny LIVES!"

233. You beg your parents to get an R.V.

234. You constantly make literature-related exclamations, like Mr. Lancer.

235. When your friends know the whole show line for line because of you.

236. When you are startled/amazed/etc. you shout, "Great gobs of ghost goop!"

237. When people talk about the end of the world in 2012, you say, "Danny will save us."

238. The combined colors blue and green make you think of Danny's eyes.

239. You freaked out when you heard someone had the last name of 'Fenton' or 'Foley' at your school.

240. You looked up the name 'Manson' at your school to see if anything came up.

241. You're envious of anyone with amethyst eyes.

242. You try to create 'Foley- by Tucker Foley' to scare away ghost beetles.

243. Whenever someone mentions fudge you automatically think of Jack.

244. When someone says 'lunch box,' you switch the words around and chuckle. (Almost did, when I typed this XD)

245. You have an obsession with fudge.

246. You dye your hair red just so that you can hold it back with a turquoise headband.

247. You tried to make a Fenton Thermos.

248. You have cosplayed as one of the characters.

249. You make a Fenton Fisher and become aggravated when it gets tangled.

250. You're aggravated that it took me this long to get the new chapter posted.

Hello everyone! No I have not died! And yes I have been aware that it took my several eternities to post this. I have no excuse, seeing as the chapter has been written for MONTHS. I've only been forgetting to upload it. As long as I keep recieving suggestions, more updates should come quickly.

Thank you Athena Fenton, Patience Meory, Aryaneragon4ever, KingDrak0n23, PhantomMisfit, DannySamLover20, Serial-Doodler, Gotham Girl 101, and anonymous reviewer Person Who is Obsessed with DP for suggestions.