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I awoke in a bed that was not mine; I had a monstrous head ach, and could only remember bits and pieces of what had happened last night. I vaguely remembered yelling at Tommy, slapping him, but after that it all got a little foggy. I sat up slowly feeling my head ach worsen, ugh it was as if I had a hang over, but I do not remember drinking.

Keith walked through the door just then and I winced at the load noise, as pain shot through my head. He saw me wince and gave me an apologetic smile.

"Sorry baby" he said handing me some Advil and a glass of water. I thanked him and took it before lying down again.

"How did I get here and where exactly is here anyways?" I asked pulling one arm over my eyes to block out the light of the sun. He came to lye next to me.

"Your at my friends house, I couldn't bring you back to the dorm and Scarlet wasn't to be found anywhere, so my friend offered us his guest bedroom." I nodded as I brought my head to his chest.

"Thank you" I whispered. He wrapped his arms around me.

"I'd do anything for you Jude." He replied simply as I drifted back to sleep.

This time when I woke up my head ach didn't hurt as bad, but I found that I was yet again alone. I sat up slowly as to not cause myself pain and looked around. No sign of Keith anywhere, I head a faint clatter coming from outside my door, and got up to investigate the noise. I found Keith in the kitchen, cooking something that smelt really really good. I went up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Good morning" I said smiling. He laughed.

"More like evening honey" He pointed at the clock. 6:30!

"Why did you let me sleep so late? I have to get back to school, I'm gonna get a detention for sure." I said scrambling around trying to find my boots.

"Honey calm down, it's Saturday and Scarlet already covered for you. I just have to get you back by 9." He said, and I calmed down a little.

"Oh" I said "So what are you making?" I asked eyeing the pan.

"I made you an omelet, I know its more of a breakfast food, but honestly it's the only thing I can really make." He laughed and I smiled. The omelet did smell pretty good. "So if you will please go sit down you can eat before you go back." I sat at the table and he brought me my omelet with a big glass of orange juice. I dug in right away, I was hungrier then I thought. As I ate he sat at the other end of the table watching me. Looking like he wanted to say something, oh no, this is probably about last night.

"Jude" he finally said. "We need to talk about what happened last night." I nodded swallowing what was in my mouth.

"I know."

"I don't know who that Tommy guy is, but it looked like you two had some history, and he seemed to have hurt you pretty bad."

"He did. He hurt me pretty bad." I said thinking back to last night when I had slapped him.

"And also I was wondering how you feel about what I said to you in the bathroom." He asked. Wait what, what did he say, I tried to remember but found that anything past slapping Tommy was foggy. I shook my head.

"I'm sorry Keith but I don't remember anything past slapping Tommy." His face fell, he looked hurt.

"Oh" he said. "Well then it's no big deal. Forget it. It wasn't important."

"You sure" I asked he smiled and nodded.

"So finish eating and then I'll drive you back to school." He got up and went to walk out of the room.

"Hey Keith" I stopped him.

"Yeah" he responded

"Where is your friend?" I asked just noticing now that the house was empty besides us.
"He had a class at the college." He said before walking out of the room. I finished eating trying really hard to remember what it was that Keith had said to me, but nothing came to mind. I wasn't looking forward to going back to school I know that Tommy is back now, and I don't know if I am ready to face him. But again I will have to, since he is in ALL of my classes. I located my boots next to the front door I quickly put them on, and then went in search of Keith. I found him in the bathroom, looking at his reflection in the mirror; I saw a tear run down his cheek before he noticed I was standing there. He quickly wiped it away and turned to me all traced of sadness gone from his face.

"You ready to go" he asked.

"Keith what's wrong" I said worried.

"Nothing" he replied turning away from me. "It's nothing."

"Bullshit" I went to him and made him look at me. "Tell me. Please"

"I told you its nothing. So Stop Asking!" he just about yelled, I stepped away from him, surprised that he would yell at me.

"Fine" I said, "Can you take me back now." He nodded and left the bathroom.

The car ride back was silent, I didn't know what his problem was, but he sure as hell didn't want to share with me. And I wasn't going to press him; I was going to let him tell me when he was ready. He pulled up to the front of the gates to the school, where I would have to get out and walk, since he wasn't allowed inside the gates. I turned to him.

"Well good night Keith" I said. He nodded and said good night too. Without kissing him I got out and watched as he drove away. Then I began the long walk.

The next morning I awoke from a dream about Keith, in this dream I was in a bathroom and Keith was there. I was crying a lot, and he was holding me, and just before I awoke he told me he loved me. I had no idea what this dream meant, what I did know however is that Keith wouldn't have said I love you to me already, I mean it's only been two months. It was too soon for him to be saying that, but still I couldn't get rid of this nagging feeling that my dream was actually more then a dream.

There came a knock on my door, I didn't even bother finding something to wear I just answered the door in my white tank top and black lacy panties. My auburn hair was a complete mess I knew, but I didn't care. I swung open the door, and there stood Tommy, looking like a god as usual. I turned my face into a look of "I wish you would leave" even though I was completely ecstatic he was here. We really need to talk.

"Hi" I said, as if his presence was an annoyance.

"Hi" he replied back, not smiling, his eyes drifted to my chest for a moment.

"What are you doing here" I asked crossing my arms over my chest as I realized I wasn't wearing a bra and my boobs were giving Tommy there own little hello.

"Jude we need to talk." He said lifting his eyes from my chest.

"Ok" I said. "Give me a minute to get dressed." He nodded as I shut the door. I went to the closet and selected my tight low rise jeans, and an electric blue tee-shirt. Grabbing a black bra, to match my lacy black panties I got dressed quickly, then went back to the door and invited him in. He went to sit in my desk chair as I went to sit on my bed.

"Jude, I'm sorry I disappeared for five months, I can't give you a good excuse for why I didn't call you." He said simply.

"Okay, so what happened in the last five months that you didn't return to school?"

"Nothing really" he said simply. "We left that night for France, we got there I met her parents, they are really nice. We talked, they mostly talked about the wedding, and when it came time to leave I didn't want to, I didn't want to be at school, so I just didn't come back, I stayed for awhile. But I did miss you Jude, I miss you a lot."

"Then why didn't you come back, why didn't you call why didn't you write me, any kind of contact would have been nice Tommy" I felt myself getting angry with him again, but I had to keep it in check so I didn't end up slapping him once more.

"I told you Jude I have no good reason for not contacting you. I just didn't know what to say. We kind of left it a little weird. And now you're with Keith, and I'm still engaged."

I nodded. "Yes you are, so where does that leave us?" I wondered. Tommy thought about this for a moment before answering.

"We can try and be friends if you want." He said.

"Friends" I scoffed. "Why do most guys do that? They get all hot and heavy with you for a little why then they back off and say lets just be friends. What about me turns guys off?"

"Nothing Jude, you are perfect." We locked eyes and for a moment I saw that same look of desire I use to see all the time, but just as quick as it was there it was gone and Tommy was once again guarded.

"Then why do you just want to be my friend Tommy?" I asked but before he could answer I continued. "If I'm so perfect then why aren't you with me?"

"Because your with Keith." He said simply.

"Oh" I said, remembering Keith now. I sighed, thinking that maybe friendship was better then nothing.

"We can try to be friends Tommy" I said. He nodded and got up.

"Well I should go. Good bye Jude."

"Bye Tommy"

I had that dream again last night, the one of me and Keith in the bathroom I think it means something, but I don't know what. I also think I should call him. We haven't talked in a week, since the day after the party, and I'm worried about what it is that is bothering him. I reach for my phone and locate his number before pushing the call button. It rings a few times before going to voicemail. I sigh, wondering if he's avoiding me and leave him a voicemail asking him to call me back when he gets this. As I flip my phone closed there's a knock at the door. I go to open it and Scarlet is standing there, with a newspaper in her hand and a worried look on her face.

"What is it?" I ask. She holds up the newspaper and there on the front page is a picture of Keith the headline reads: Local College Student Injured in Car Accident. I grab the paper quickly scanning it, before finding what I was looking for. St. Mary's Hospital. I grab my phone, and head out of my dorm quickly locking it.

"Where are you going" Scarlet asks.

"To the Hospital." I reply walking toward the door.

"And how do you plan on getting there?" She asks. That makes me stop, hmm, who do I know that has a car? Tommy. I turn around and quickly make my way to his room and knock on his door. He answers in nothing but his boxers, and usually I would take time to examine his beautifully sculpted abs but right now I could careless, I show him the headline and ask him to drive me to the hospital. He nods and shuts the door to get dressed. I turn to Scarlet tell her that she doesn't need to come and asked if she could cover for me for the rest of the day.

Ten minutes later Tommy and I are at the hospital and I am rushing to the nurse's station.

"Could you tell me where I could Find Keith Johnson?" I ask the chubby browned haired lady at the desk.

"Are you family?" she asks. I had seen enough doctor shows to know that I should lie.

"Yeah I'm his sister and this is" I look at Tommy. "My Fiancé" I say looking back at the nurse who seems to have bought my lie. She starts typing on her computer then looks back up.

"Room 256" she says.

"Thank you" I reply and start down the hall toward the 200s. I find his room quickly and rush in, not even realizing that Tommy hasn't followed me in. There is Keith lying in the hospital bed, he looked terrible, I felt tears come to my eyes as I took in the sight of him. His entire body was full of bruises. He had a huge cut on his arm that looked like it was stitched up. His face had a bunch of tiny cuts all over. I walk to the side of the bed and carefully reach for is hand, holding it loosely in mine. At this gesture he stirs and opens his eyes, he turns his head toward me and smiles.

"Jude" his voice is raspy and quiet.

"I'm here Keith" I say as a tear falls down my cheek. He lifts his hand and gently whips away the tear with his thumb.

"Don't cry" he whispers. "I'm not dying" he smiles as I give a little laugh.

"You sure?" I ask. Smiling a little now, he nods.

"Good cuz you're not allowed to." I reply, and then asked. "What happened?"

"I don't know" he said, "I was driving up to see you, I was going to come apologize for getting mad at you the other day, and I went to turn, and the next thing I know I was being pulled out of the car and being put on the stretcher. They told me later that another car ran a red light and smashed into me. But I was lucky, nothing to serious wrong with me just some nasty bruises and a few cuts." He looked up. "Tommy brought you?" he asked. I looked back and saw Tommy standing with his back to the window.

"Yeah, I needed a ride." I said turning back to him. "So you're okay." I ask looking over his body again, unsure about how okay he could really be with all these bruises.

"Yeah I'm fine, they're going to keep me here for a few days just to make sure, but I should be able to come home in a week or so." I look back at him and smile before leaning forward to kiss him. Then remembering I'm supposed to be his sister I quickly kiss his cheek instead of his lip. He gives me a questioning look.

"I'm supposed to be your sister." I reply, he smiles and says oh. We talk for a little while longer before a nurse comes in and says its time for me to go. I say good bye tell him I'll come back tomorrow, then go in search of Tommy. I find him in the waiting room reading a magazine; he looks up as I come to sit next to him.

"He okay?" he asks, I nod.

"Thank you for driving me Tommy."

"Anything for you Jude." He says, I look up at him, locking eyes, he leans in like he might kiss me, and I find myself leaning into, but then stop, remembering Keith and Elaina and turn away so his lips touch my cheek.

"Ready to go?" he asks pulling away from me, acting unfazed about what just almost happened. I nod and we are heading out the door and back to school.