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Pepito Diablo was proud of his heritage. There had never been a doubt about that particular quality in Pepito. He wasn't the sort of person-devil-thing that could deny or turn his back on a single part of himself. He believed that having some concept of one's heritage, having roots, was the only way to remain truly stable in the world. Blowing up people's heads only could take one so far.

Pepito knew himself inside and out. He understood the part of himself that was human (his mother's spoiled little son in every way) and the part of himself that was Satan-spawned (and enjoyed causing chaos and disorder wherever he went)…and he understood the part of himself that was Spanish, through and through. And, since he knew himself so completely, it upset him that his best-friend, his amigo eternal-Todd Casil-did not have the same opportunity.

As far as Pepito was concerned Todd's parents were scum. He couldn't wait until the day that they would die…he intended to torture them just like they had tortured his Squee. Squee didn't have any cultural heritage, his parents had never told him where was descendant from. He didn't have any family history (or at least not one that he talked about while awake. Pepito had heard him mumble the words 'Grandpa Hattie' and 'don't eat me' so many times in his sleep that it wasn't even funny) or even a family religion (Oddly enough, due to the fact that religion was common among most families, it had also been the most unsettling fact in the lack of heritage).

It terrified him sometimes, though he would never admit it, when he thought about how his amigo had grown up. He couldn't imagine having absolutely nothing to base one's life upon. So, from the moment that he got his satanic little hands on Squee, he promised himself that he would not let go.

The first few attempts at giving Squee some sort of cultural legacy hadn't gone as well as he had planned. Their first dinner together had ended up traumatizing the poor innocent boy. Pepito didn't have the heart to explain his reasoning to Squee, so the boy left not knowing that Pepito was trying to give him something. Something…that they could have shared.

Pepito kept on trying though, and it wasn't that long before Squee began to warm up to him…though he didn't warm up to the idea of giving the young Anti-Christ his soul.

So Pepito tried to include his amigo in everything that he did. After a time the trips that Pepito took began included Squee. He dragged him to cultural festivals, restaurants, Satanic rituals. He felt that maybe, if he tried hard enough, he could make up for the shitty life that Todd Casil had had.

Because, really, being with Squee was just like understanding himself…there was always another obstacle to cross and another layer to uncover. Todd brought out the best in him while bringing out the worst. He didn't know how that was possible, but it was.

And, because of everything that his amigo did for him, Pepito wanted to give him something. But the only (remotely) good thing he could give Squee was his heart, and even that might scare his friend away.