Two drabbles I wrote for some livejournal communities I belong to. Enjoy!

I'm also taking requests for future drabbles

Title: Sweet Aroma

Characters: Iroh

Rating: G

Iroh awoke but he still felt as if he were asleep. The room was gloomy and the air reeked from the unkempt prisoners. It felt like a nightmare.

The sweet smell of jasmine tea filled his nasals. Iroh head turned toward the scent. He saw his supper being placed inside his cell by an old friend. Iroh smiled at the guard and took a sip of the steaming hot tea.

It pleased his mind greatly. Tea was exactly what he needed to take his mind off the unpleasant situation he was in. It took him back to a time when he was carefree; when he spent hours on end flirting with young ladies. He wished he could return to those wonderful days of his youth.

His spirits were rejuvenated with hope.

Title: Unimpressed

Characters: Azula, Zhao

Rating: G

"I'm a Commander now," Zhao bragged to the princess with a grin.

Azula rolled her eyes at middle-aged man and replied, "Am I suppose to be impressed?"

"I've advanced though the rank of the Navy quicker than any man," Zhao boasted confidently, "Your father sees great potential in me. He's never given anyone as many promotions before."

"I am not my father," Azula said shortly. "Average work doesn't please me."

The princess watched Zhao's reaction. She got a sick pleasure from crushing his spirit. The look on their faces when she rejected them was her favorite thing about suitors pursuing her.