Title: Tranquility

Pairing: Iroh/Older!Toph

Rating: G

Summary: Toph and Iroh have tea together.

Notes: Written for Rosehiptea (lj)


There was a forest just beyond the outer circle of Ba Sing Se. Toph smiled as she set up for tea for two in that forest. She set it up exactly how Iroh had taught her to. She fondly remembered the day when she first set up tea for the two of them. It had been an awesome day. Iroh had complemented her on the set up, even though nothing was actually in its proper place. But, in her youth it meant the world to her to have someone appreciate her. She had always strove for that.

Toph felt the light dance-like steps of General Iroh approaching. She turned to greet him. She smiled at the older man.

"I'm glad you came," the blind girl greeted her company.

"It is always a delight to join you for tea," Iroh grinned as he grabbed the kettle.

As he proceeded to heat the kettle, his eyes kept on gazing upon Toph's stunning beauty. He had watched her turn from an angry awkward child into a lovely young woman over the last eight years, since the war ended. Her curious behavior didn't leave his mind either – he never recalled her sipping tea with the others at the Jasmine Dragon very often. She always drank tea here with him. And only here, where they were far away from the rest of the world.

As Iroh sat down he inquired, "Do you really come here so often only to drink tea?"

Toph blushed. She didn't really love tea all that much, but she adored his company. The location was tranquil. She could feel nothing other than his honest, pure and genuine actions from the ground. She loved that the most.