Hello Love, Goodbye.

A/N: This is the first fan fiction i have decided to publish, thanks to my best friend. I know alot of people don't like Jasper/Bella or Edward/Alice. I personally don't like Edward/Alice either. But i had to get rid of them both somehow. I also know they would have handled it differently, but i just wanted to get them gone already. Please be nice, R&R(:

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I stared out the window in disbelief. This couldn't be happening. After everything, he couldn't. He wouldn't. Would he?

I stood right in front of the huge window in Edward's room. heard the footsteps coming up the stairs and the door slowly opened to the bedroom. I didn't turn away from the window. I knew exactly who it was and I was pretty sure I knew what was about to happen. He took a few steps in and quietly shut the door behind him. I continued to gaze out the window without acknowledging his entrance.

"Bella," he began. "we need to talk." I continued to stare out the window, fighting the tears that were just waiting to fall. No conversation ever ended well with the words "we need to talk." I felt a cold hand light on my shoulder. Once I was sure the tears wouldn't come crashing down I turned to face him. "There's something you need to hear. I couldn't bare to let you hear it from anyone else. You need the full story." He lightly brushed my cheek with the back of his hand, but this time I didn't blush and he didn't smile my favorite crooked smile. He started to say something but stopped. I could see in his eyes he was searching for the right words.

"Alright Edward. Just tell me. I can handle it." I said slowly so that my voice wouldn't shake.

"Isabella, time passes and things change. Sometimes, things don't go as planned. In fact, they go in the complete opposite direction you wanted at one point. But sometimes the things you thought you would never want, are really the things that you need the most." I stared at him for a minute, pretending I hadn't felt this coming.

Edward's head turned towards the doorway as we heard Jasper shouting, "Get out of here Alice! I can't believe you would to that to me not to mention her! Have you even thought about what you're best friend is going to think? And believe me, I use the term best friend lightly! " That's when it clicked. I had the feeling that Edward was leaving me again but I hadn't understood why. But it all came together so quickly? My true love and my best friend. Edward and Alice, together.

I looked back at Edward as he stared at me with guilt in his eyes. I bit my lip and tried to hide the pain. "How long?" I simply asked. He knew exactly what I meant.

"About 7 months but Bella you have to understand…" I cut him off mid-sentence.

"Understand what Edward? You're not in love with me anymore, you're in love with my best friend, your little sister, your best friends wife? Edward that is sick on so many levels."

"It's not like that. She's not really my sister, you know that. And I always warned you it was dangerous hanging around vampires. You were bound to get hurt one way or another. It's better emotionally than physically. I can take you home still if you want."

I stared at him in disbelief. Home? With Charlie? This was the kind of thing Charlie had warned me about. What if he leaves again Bells? But he would have never expected Alice, neither would I. I had seen him leaving, I could feel it, but not for Alice of all people. She was supposed to be my best friend for crying out loud! I stormed out of his room and was instantly captured and squeezed into a huge bear hug by Emmett before any tears could fall "You'll always be my little sister! No matter what!"

I smiled at that before coughing, a sign to Emmett that I couldn't breathe. As always, Emmett forgot I was only human. I looked at the couch and saw Jasper with his face buried in his hands and Rosalie was comforting him. Emmett pulled me towards the couch and sat me down and sat me down in between him and Jasper.

Jasper looked up at me and stared into my eyes for a long moment before turning towards Alice and Edward, who were walking out the front door, suitcases in hand. I tried to hold back my emotions, fore I knew they were all pretty upset about this. But I knew whether I showed it or not, it was hurting Jasper more than anymore. Not just by me, but everyone in the family. He could feel all the emotions they were feeling, and I'm sure that wasn't helping.

As Edward and Alice walked out the door I whispered "Goodbye." so soft I could barely hear it. Jasper put a comforting hand on my shoulder before excusing himself to go upstairs.

The tears began to fall and I felt Rosalie wrap her arms around me. "Esme?" She called. "Do you think you could clear it with Charlie that we're going on a shopping trip for the weekend?"

"Of course dear." I heard Esme say.

I looked up at Rosalie, surprised that she was letting me ruin her shirt. We had never had a very good relationship but I wasn't about to ask why. "Thank you." I mumbled as my tears came to an end. She smiled and nodded.

"So.." Emmett started awkwardly. "What does the human feel like doing?"

"Sleeping." I simply replied. Emmett's smile slowly faded as Rose giggled.

"You have all weekend to torment her Emmett. Give her a break."

"Alright! So where will Ms. Swan be sleeping tonight?" He asked. I knew one thing for sure, I did not want to sleep in Edward's room.

A stumbled look crossed Rose's face. "I don't think Edward's room would be a good idea." I was shocked, when she said his name the hole in my chest did not re appear.

"Maybe she could sleep in Jasper's room, its not like he needs his bed."

"I wouldn't want to make him feel like he has to, just because his brother left me. I'm quite sure he needs his space." I interrupted.

Jasper appeared at the top of the stairs. "No Bella, its completely fine. You can sleep in my room."

"It's settled then!" Rosalie said as she picked me up and carried me to Jasper's room. She set me on the bed then was gone and back in 2 seconds with pajamas. She and Jasper excused me to change. These definitely were not my clothes, but they looked like they would fit. They were white sweat pants with pink, orange, green, and blue polka dots and an orange t shirt. I sat back on the bed after I changed as Rose rushed back in with Jasper slowly behind her.

"Listen Bella. If you need anything, I mean anything, come find me. Something to eat, something to wear, something to do or just someone to talk to, I'm here." She rushed with a smile never leaving her face.

"Rose, cut it. She's tired and you're overwhelming her. Let her get some sleep." Jasper said.

"Fine. Goodnight Bella. See you later Jasper." She said as she ran out. Jasper closed the door behind her and sat down at the end of the bed.

"I don't get it Jasper. You can feel what I'm feeling, and you know for a fact that I'm not the least bit tired. So why?"

"Because I know I sure as hell wouldn't want Rose on my back like that. And it just seems like you want some time to yourself. Let me just get a few things and I'll be out." He said while he rushed to the bookshelf.

"Jasper," I started. "You don't have to leave. This is your room, not mine. If anyone leaves it should be me."

"Silly girl. I don't need to sleep. I'll be perfectly fine in the living room."

"No, its not that I'm sleeping. I mean, you can stay in here. You won't bother me. Unless, my scent would bother you."

"No Bella. I became immune to your scent a few months ago. Having Edward…"he paused immediately, waiting for a reaction I supposed. "Having Edward around you all the time, I just couldn't take any more chances. Being around you right now, is almost as easy as breathing."

He smiled at me and continued looking at the bookshelf. I yawned without thinking. Way to go Bella. Now he's gonna leave. "You're tired." It wasn't a question. It was a statement. He tucked a blanket around me. "Go to sleep." It wasn't a request, it was an order. Damn, what was with this guy?

"Yes sir." I replied sarcastically, fighting the smile on my face.

"Goodnight Bella." He said as he turned around to look at me, with a huge smile plastered on his face. I could no longer fight it, I smiled back at him.

"Goodnight Jasper." And with that he was gone.