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Naruto yawned and rested his cheek on his arm, lazily staring at the clock at the front of the classroom. It was finally seventh period and time seemed to have slowed down for everyone; only thirty more minutes and they'd bee free for Thanksgiving break.

"What a drag," Shikamaru sighed from the desk next to him. The Nara boy slouched in his chair, normally he didn't care for the holiday's but right now he just wanted to get out of school. The entire class seemed to give a collective sigh, there was absolutely nothing to do and they were being forced to watch a movie. Naruto dragged his gaze away from the clock and looked at his current interest, the ever sexy Uchiha Sasuke. He'd had his eye on him for some time, probably since the beginning of junior year actually but the Uchiha never looked at him. "You're staring again," Shikamaru drawled, startling the blond.

"Shut up, Shikamaru," He hissed at the boy. Across the room, a certain Uchiha stared in the blonde's direction and snorted, he was such a loudmouth.

'Though I have to say, he's a pretty cute loudmouth,' He scowled at his inner self; he had a habit of arguing with himself. 'And it really is a habit you need to kick, big guy,' Again he scowled though he did agree; it was a bad habit that needed to be kicked.

'Damn my sub-conscious, always putting unwanted thoughts into my mind.' The Uchiha sighed softly and looked back at the TV, groaning at how childish it was for high school juniors to be watching a child's movie such as Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. 'This is worse than sitting through one of principal Tsunade's lectures when the class gets in trouble.' He sighed again and closed his eyes to rest for the time being.


Students cheered and hollered as they raced out the doors of Konoha High. Naruto, Kiba, and Rock Lee were some of the first one's out, and were by far, the loudest.

"Gaara, Shikamaru, Shino, you guys are so slow, hurry up!" Naruto called back to their friends. The said teens groaned at his amount of energy, praying to god he had practice during the break. Gaara looked over at Kiba who gave a sharp nod and veered off to meet up with some others on the side of the school.

"Is Sasuke even going to show?" Kiba huffed looking at his watch.

"I'm right here," How typical, he was always in the shadows. "Now what is this about? I have more important matters to attend to ya know," Gaara, Kiba, Ino and Sakura all grinned, confusing the teen.

"Our Naruto has had his eye on you for some time, Sasuke-kun," Sakura giggled. The raven sighed; he'd had a feeling this had to do with the annoying blond.

"And we have a dare for you," Ino smirked; everyone knew Sasuke was quite the gambler, especially since he won any dare or bet.

"Go on," Now he was interested.

"We dare you to go on a date with Naruto," Kiba blurted, laughing at the Uchiha's shocked face.

"You've got to be kidding me?" He chocked out, how could they do this to him?

"No, this is not a joke," Gaara snorted. "If you do it we'll leave you alone, back down and we'll tell the entire student body." Damn him and his threats.

"What do I get out of all this?" The four teens exchanged a quick glance.

"There are five rules and five prizes, Sasuke-kun," Ino said. "My rule is that you have to do whatever Naruto wants while on the date. Do this and my prize for you is a new scarf," She blushed then, embarrassed. She'd destroyed his favorite scarf last year when she went on a rampage after being dumped by her boyfriend of two years.

"You've had an entire year to replace it, Ino, but that works too."

"My rule is that you have to treat him nicely, no rude remarks," Sakura got this look that said 'harm him and you die'. "As a prize I'll give you a 50 dollar gift card to Barnes & Nobles," Everyone knew he loved books.

"My rule is that you have to actually act like a couple with him," Kiba grinned. "My prize: a year supply of pocky," Sasuke felt his mouth begin to water.

"My rule, you have to at least give him one kiss," Gaara smirked. "Prize: 100 dollars to do with as you please," Sasuke felt the blood drain from his face.

"Final rule: you have to ask him out by six tomorrow night and you have to date him the entire break." They stated in unison, all smirking. The Uchiha nearly fainted, there was no way he could endure an entire week with Naruto.

"Your prize if you follow all five rules is anything you want, even another date with our Naru-chan," Sakura giggled and winked. "Well, we'll check in on you every now and then so be careful, you never know who will be watching." The teens all laughed and left the raven to think the dare over; either take the bet or risk his reputation.

'Damn them, they know I can't refuse a dare and this is no exception. They used it against me… This seriously ruins my plans,' he hung his head and slowly walked home, brooding over the dare.

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