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Blue orbs fluttered open and met hazy onyx, a small smile spread across the blonde's face.

"Good morning, Naruto," Sasuke whispered in a gruff voice.

"Good morning, Sasuke," He yawned wide. The Uchiha hesitantly hugged the teen and nuzzled into his hair, taking a deep breath and breathing in his scent. "What do you want to do today?"

"It's your turn to choose today," He replied quietly.

"In that case… Can we go to the park? Just for like two hours," Well, Sasuke couldn't argue with him.

"Okay, we'll go to the park in a little bit," The blond smiled. "First, we both need to shower and change our clothes."

"I'll head home to do that; I'll also drop my equipment off." Sasuke released him and sat up, stretching a little before showing to the door. "I'll be back soon," The Uchiha nodded and stood outside until the truck was out of sight.


As promised, Naruto returned wearing a pale gray jacket with tanish-brown fur on the hood, a black t-shirt and black jeans.

"We can walk from here," Sasuke grunted, locking the door behind them. The two teens set off, Naruto kept babbling on about the color guard and how excited they were to be going to WGI this year. The raven noticed that Ino and Sakura were following them, no doubt Kiba and whoever else knew of the dare, weren't far behind. Rolling his eyes, Sasuke took Naruto's hand in his, shocking the blond. Today the raven wore a black jacket with pale gray fur on the hood and black pants. Once they reached the park, the blond tugged Sasuke along to the swings and took the first one he saw.

"Normally I come here after practice to unwind," He laughed. "I saw really tired yesterday though."

"I see," The Uchiha took the swing next to him and pushed with his feet lightly. Sasuke noticed that the others were making faces and scowled at them, why were they being so damn nosey? The two teens were silent for some time; they eventually became bored and sat on a nearby bench.

"Are you okay? You look kinda tired," Naruto noted startling the Uchiha.

"Helping you with the floor was pretty hard, even for me," He sighed. The raven looked towards Kiba who currently had Shino's head in his lap and got an idea. He shifted his body and lay down, his legs out rather uncomfortably, and rested his head in the blonde's lap. Naruto jumped a little and relaxed, amusing himself by running a hand through Sasuke's hair which was not filled with gel much to his surprise. "You're amused quite easily."

"Hey, when I'm not practicing I'm usually trying to find new ways to amuse myself." He laughed, resting his warm hand on the side of the Uchiha's head. The raven smirked up at him, grabbed the soft material of his jacket and pulled him down into a swift kiss. "That's two days in a row you've done that," He chuckled sitting up straight.

"I can't help it," He lifted his head slightly and gave Kiba a cocky smirk. After that two hours came and went much to Naruto's disappointment. "Let's go to your place," Sasuke suggested once they were in front of his house. The blond nodded and got in the car with the Uchiha who was silent the whole ride.

"Welcome back, I guess," Naruto smiled as they entered the house. Sasuke made himself comfortable on the couch while the blond busied himself with make some hot chocolate. The raven nodded his thanks when the cup was handed to him. "So what do you want to do?" Naruto asked, sitting on his feet.

"I was wondering if you'd teach me how to spin like you do," The blond nearly chocked on his drink. "Is that okay with you?"

"Of course, but it's just so strange for you to ask," He smiled kindly. "Do you want to start now or…?"

"Whenever you'd like," The blond chuckled as he finished off the coco and grabbed his equipment bag. "Can we start on sabre?"

"I am amazed you know the name of the weapon after seeing it only once before." He took the silver Excalibur (not sure) sabre out and cleaned off some fingerprints. He tossed the Uchiha a pair of tan gloves, motioning for him to put them on. "They may be a little tight since I wear a small," The raven slipped them on easily. Naruto slipped his hands into a pair of beat up black gloves and cringed at how bad they smelled before removing a white beginner sabre from the bag. "Let's go outside for this."

"I'm guessing you've hit a few things spinning indoors?" The blond chuckled nervously as they headed for the back yard. Naruto quickly began to explain to Sasuke the correct and incorrect ways to spin a sabre as well as showing him right and left hand spins.

"Okay, I want you to try five spins," Naruto smiled as he held his sabre at right hand tuck. Sasuke took a deep breath and let it out, making sure to copy what Naruto had shown him. He groaned when the sabre slipped from his fingers on the third spin, the blond quickly went into what he'd done. "You sped up on that spin and it caused you to mess up. Try to keep calm and keep it at your waist, which reminds me…" Naruto went around behind Sasuke and grasped his elbow, holding it against his side. "Keep your elbow at your side and at a ninety degree angle, no chicken wings."

"Right," He picked the sabre up and tried again.

"Slow down, Sasuke," He muttered keeping his grip on his elbow. The Uchiha caught the sabre on count six; Naruto released his arm and hugged him from behind. "You did better than even Kain when he started spinning!" He laughed loudly. "Do you want to continue?"

"Sure, why not?" Naruto released him and the lesson continued with Sasuke hitting his fingers hard on a few occasions. The blond taught him a few easy tosses which by luck he got quickly.

"Alright, Sasuke, let's give you a little test," He smirked spinning his own sabre. "I want you to do spin, spin, flat, dip and do a triple the best you can."

"I can barely get a double around," He grinned. "Let's make a deal…"

"If you get the triple you get whatever you want, fail and you get a bruised hand." Sasuke shuddered, now he could see why he was the captain. Naruto held his sabre still as the raven prepared for the triple. Sasuke took a deep breath and tossed, Naruto counted the sabre as it went up, smirking when it did in fact go around three times. "Catch it!" The Uchiha shot his hands out and hissed when the blade struck his thumb at an odd angle.

"Crap that hurts!" He dropped the sabre and clutched at his throbbing hand.

"Sasuke, what happened?" Naruto snatched up with sabre and led the Uchiha inside, sitting him on the couch before quickly putting his equipment away. "Let me see," He grabbed his wrist and examined his blackish-blue thumb. "It's not broken, it just popped out of place and the bone is probably bruised well," He sighed. He helped the raven take the gloves off and held his wrist tight. "Alright, take a deep breath," Sasuke did as he was instructed and gave a silent gasp when the blond popped it back into place. The Kitsune hurriedly placed his thumb in a splint and tapped it in place. "Lemme get you some pain killers," He returned with some pills which Sasuke downed with his cold coco.

"Geez, how many times has that happened to you?" He asked the blond who smiled lightly.

"More times than you think," He continued to smile.


The rest of the day was spent teasing and watching old WGI video's that Kakashi had given him.

"I never knew color guard was so…. Intense," Sasuke whistled as the DVD ended.

"Spend enough time around us and you'll see just how intense we are," Naruto grinned and poked the raven's sides, but to his disappointment nothing happened. Sasuke rolled his eyes and began to tickle the blonde's sides, earning bursts of laughter and uncontrollable giggles. Soon the raven had the younger boy trapped beneath him as he continued to relentlessly poke and tickle his sides.

"Had enough, dobe?" He grinned trapping his wrists.

"You should have fun more often, teme," He shot back with a grin. Naruto yanked his wrists free and wrapped his arms around the Uchiha's neck. "The more time we spend together the more I like you." Sasuke had to stop himself from saying 'could you repeat that?'

"Tell me, how long have you exactly liked me?" He forced himself to ask, he had to know.

"Truthfully I've liked you from the start of our junior year," He blushed hard and released the older boy's neck and hugged himself.

"That's all I wanted to know," Sasuke leaned down and pecked his pouty lips.

"You used up your one thing," He smiled.

"I know that," Naruto's stomach suddenly rumbled making said blond blush and chuckle nervously. "Get something to eat," He pushed himself up and away from the teen who quickly darted to the kitchen to make some ramen. Naruto returned with two cups of instant ramen, Sasuke thanked him and ate quietly. "I should get going, it's getting late," He sighed looking at the clock.

"Can I stay with you again? I was actually able to sleep last night," He looked away childishly.

"If that's what you want," The blond hugged him and kissed his cheek. "Go get some clothes, that way you don't have to come back in the morning."

"Okay, I'll be right back," The teen quickly stuffed his backpack with some clothes and returned to the front room to see Sasuke holding his equipment bag over his shoulder. "You don't have to bring that with us."

"I checked you texts this morning, you have practice tomorrow, said to bring blue shorts and white shirt," The blond groaned and retrieved the items. "Let's go," He smiled to himself. 'Yes, let's go home together, like it should be,' He didn't bother arguing this time.


Naruto stretched out on Sasuke's large bed as he waited for the teen to change.

"Why didn't we sleep up here yesterday?" He asked propping himself up on his elbows.

"I was too tired to carry you up here," He yawned switching the bathroom light off. "Alright, settle down, you need sleep for tomorrow," He switched the main light off and joined his 'boyfriend' under the soft red comforter. "G'night, Naruto," He pulled his close and kissed his forehead.

"G'night, Sasuke," He snuggled closer and fell asleep in the Uchiha's embrace, a soft smile on his face.

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