To change the Unchangeable is my first story on fanfiction. This is not my usual writing style so don't think that the prologue decides how the story is going to be written. To accurately describe his feelings in this story, this prologue was needed. I am not really a ShoxKyo fan (more of a RenxKyo) but then I got to thinking about what HE thought about the whole situation. If he had delusioned himself into thinking that he didn't love her, he wouldn't reliaze his feelings until after she left and changed which is what this story is based on. I'm still a RenxKyo fan, but after writing this, I wouldn't mind ShoxKyo either. So, please tell me your thoughts (I haven't started the first real chapter and reviews would get me motivated!). So write reviews please!!! And enjoy!

I watched. I saw. I wanted. No. I needed. I needed those fragile hands to warm up in mine. She deserved. She needed. The warmth of kindness. The warmth of kindness I had never fully given her. The warmth of kindness that I saw in her eyes. Her heart. Her ever-beating heart. Yet I watched her. Without knowing my need. Her need. I was oblivious to what was right before my eyes. The love. She saw it. The love. Yet I didn't. I took advantage. And watched it wither away. Faster than light.

I watched. I saw. Her warmth. Turning into darkness. My fault. I turned away from the warmth before I had begun to touch it. When it had turned ice cold. I felt it. The pain. In her eyes. And in my heart. I longed for the warmth. That had died. Turning her eyes cold. Ice cold. Her heart stopped beating. And yet she lived. In darkness. In loneliness. And I lost. My most important person. My friend. My love. And still I did not know. What I had lost. Until I saw her. Grow into a different person. Love a different man. Smile at me. As if I. Were a stranger. A cruel stranger. That had ruined her life.

In her eyes. I saw. The determination. To defeat. To destroy. What had destroyed her. Me. My choice. My mistake. Changed her. In one second. Faster than light. Faster than sound. Faster than anything. And now I. Know what I had lost. And I want. Need. The love. From her. Back. But how could I. The person who destroyed her. Possibly be forgiven? My heart. Has broken. The tears stream down. Due to loss. Anguish. And the determination. To change what cannot be changed.