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Summary: Sasuke was back. Everything was supposed to be great right? Well then why was the team falling apart?

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Warning: SasuNaruSasu yaoi; Lemon warning.

Beneath the Anger

Chapter 4

We all have a weakness
But some of ours are easy to identify
Look me in the eye
And ask for forgiveness
We'll make a pact to never speak that word again
Yes you are my friend

We all have something that digs at us
At least we dig each other
So when weakness turns my ego up
I know you'll count on the me from yesterday

If I turn into another
Dig me up from under what is covering
The better part of me
Sing this song
Remind me that we'll always have each other
When everything else is gone


Sasuke's eyes widened when he realized their lips met. Immediately breaking the kiss, he blinked and looked down at the surprised blonde, feeling as shocked as him. He couldn't believe he was in this situation again. It must be a curse. Licking his lips, he realized something unnerving...he liked it. And dammit, if he was always going to be cursed with kissing Naruto, he would make damn sure it was done deliberately!

Propping himself up by his hands, Sasuke made himself comfortable and leaned down to brush his lips against Naruto's tentatively, testing the waters so to speak. It was almost as if he was expecting Naruto to either bite his lip in anger or punch him for attempting something so bold. When he saw Naruto close his eyes though, he smirked and pressed harder against the surprisingly soft lips.

Naruto, in the back of his mind, was screaming bloody murder for allowing Sasuke to kiss him again, but somewhere along the line it shut down. Something about it felt...amazingly right. Giving in, he kissed him back. His hands of their own accord moved to the slim hips and found the slip of pale skin that peeked out beneath the hem of the t-shirt.

Sasuke swiped his tongue over Naruto's lips and dived inside the moment those lips parted. Soon their tongues were clashing, twisting, swirling - the kiss becoming as much of a battle as their usual spars.

Naruto finally pulled away abruptly, breathing hard, staring up with half lidded eyes at the pale brunette. Sasuke sat up on his knees still straddling Naruto's legs. The blonde sat up, still somewhat dazed by what had just happened.

"What the hell?" He muttered, unable to take his eyes off of the slightly swollen lips that were in tantalizing close proximity, wondering if his looked the same. How the hell did this happen again?

Sasuke took advantage of Naruto's inner monologue to get up, raking his hand through his hair, trying to get his suddenly raging emotions and hormones back under control. Naruto still hadn't moved, watching as the Uchiha calmly looked down at him like this sort of thing happened every day. Naruto squeezed his eyes shut shaking his head. Confusing feelings took hold of his jumbled brain and he jumped to his feet, quickly brushed past Sasuke, looking to find escape in the bathroom.

He missed the flicker of undisguised hurt in the dark eyes. Within seconds it was hidden behind the usual Uchiha impassiveness.

Naruto splashed water over his face for the fifth time. He looked in the mirror mentally scolding himself. What the hell was he doing? And with Sasuke of all people?

He wasn't supposed to be kissing his best friend...no, teammate...well, he figured now that they'd started talking, maybe it would be back to best friends.


Naruto shook his head while waving his arms. It didn't matter! They were best friends. Kisses didn't happen between friends!

Besides he liked girls?

'For a bastard he sure has a talented tongue.'

Didn't he?

Ah yes…blissful, that little state of mind called denial.

Sasuke was leaning against the wall when Naruto reappeared. He was cursing himself now. What could he have been thinking? What kind of spell did the dobe put him under to make him want to kiss him? Hell, he didn't even like the dobe.

Sure, as a friend. But not this! He had a clan to revive. It was his duty as the last Uchiha...well, and there was that little thing about the council making it one of the conditions of his return. Damn elders. He still wasn't sure how he was actually going to do that, considering he refused to get within ten feet of a female besides his pink haired teammate. But still... The last he remembered of normal sex education – and he uses the term loosely considering his instruction came from Orochimaru and Kabuto...he still cringed at the visuals – male + male did not equal children.

What the...why was he even thinking about this? Should there even be anything to consider? Naruto was a friend...just a friend. Nothing more.

'Then why did you kiss him?'

A whim.

'Uh huh…where have I heard that before?'

I don't know what you mean.


Damn internal monologue. It made him admit that he felt something. He wished he could stab it with his Kusanagi.

He watched the object of his thoughts move from the bathroom to the kitchen. Then he heard the unmistakable sound of a package of instant ramen being opened.

Stupid dobe better not be trying to ignore him.

Three minutes later Naruto came out with his cup of ramen and completely avoided looking at Sasuke. Instead, he looked down resolutely, walked to his end of the room and sat down, then reverently - yet hurriedly - slurped up the hot noodles.

It irked Sasuke that Naruto was going to brush off what had happened, especially since his own stupid conscience wouldn't allow him that luxury. Sasuke growled and raised an eyebrow. "So you're just going to ignore this huh? Act like nothing happened?"

The chopsticks stopped halfway between cup and mouth.

"What do you want me to say teme? It was an accident." Naruto replied with no emotion, still not looking up.

"No...what happened at the academy was an accident. When you hit your head, and we collided, that was an accident. What happened afterward was definitely not an accident. And you kissing me back was no accident either. So don't you dare act like it didn't happen."

"Wow teme, I didn't know you could say so many words at once." Naruto responded with sarcasm.

"Dammit dobe! We need to talk about this!"

Naruto finally looked up defiantly, brows furrowed.

"Talk about what teme? There's nothing to talk about. It was a kiss. It happened. It's done. No hard feelings. I like girls. You like...you know what? I don't know what you like. But you have a clan to repopulate, so I guess you're in need of a girl to do that aren't you? Now are you happy? I talked."

Naruto went back to his ramen with a vicious kind of relish, not as much for the taste as for the hope that Sasuke would give up whatever it was he was trying to do.

Sasuke glared at the pigheaded blonde. Stupid idiot. In three strides he was on the other side of the room yanking the blonde to his feet by the front of his shirt making the fox container drop his ramen.

"Teme…look what y-" The breath was knocked out of him when Sasuke slammed him against the wall. He struggled against the body that was flush against him. "Let go of me!"

Sasuke growled again and grabbed the hands trying to push him off and pulled them over the blonde's head. Then he pressed his knee in between Naruto's thighs.

Naruto bit back a gasp as the knee brushed against a very sensitive part of his anatomy. He tried to hide his blush with a glare. "What the hell do you think you're doing teme!"

There was no answer except for Sasuke leaning his forehead against Naruto's and staring into the stormy blue eyes. In them he saw a bit of confusion, fear, desire, and something more he couldn't really identify.

"Tell me you don't feel it." He whispered.

"Feel what?" Naruto asked.

"Don't act like a dobe, Naruto. I know you aren't. If you try to tell me you don't feel this, then you are not only a liar, but a coward."

Sasuke waited. He'd said the words hoping Naruto would take the bait...which, of course, he did.

"Damn you teme. I'm no coward!"

"Then quit acting like one." Not giving Naruto a chance to say anything else, Sasuke smashed his lips against the blonde's. It was much shorter than the last one, but had just as much emotion behind it. And when Sasuke stepped away, letting Naruto go altogether, the blonde growled and yanked him back with two hands kissing him again.

Both pairs of eyes closed as they each succumbed to the feelings coursing through their veins. Sasuke bit Naruto's lip causing him to release a moan. Hands tentatively wandered over clothed bodies, both males unused to being touched in a caring way.

Tsunade sat bored in her office. Surprisingly, she missed her loud blonde gaki. It was too quiet without him causing trouble. She looked over her desk that was shockingly deprived of piles of paperwork. With a sigh, she shook her head. It must be bad when she's able to actually complete her paperwork.

So, for lack of anything better to do, she decided to check in on her favorite ramen-obsessed shinobi and see if the two rivals were making any progress. Taking the Third's crystal ball and placing it on her desk, she smiled and said the words. "Toomegane no Jutsu." Within seconds she was graced with a view inside the quickly made home.

She expected glaring battles, she expected shouting matches, she expected fighting.

What she did not expect was to see the two young men kissing the daylights out of each other. 'Well, that's...new...' Her head angled slightly to the left as she watched their hands roaming.

"Spying Tsunade-sama?"

The hokage started guiltily, a blush forming at being caught looking like a perverted voyeur - Which she wasn't. No definitely not! That was Jiraiya's department.

Turning toward the voice behind her, she found the lazy copy ninja looking over her shoulder at the image of his two not-so-innocent students. She glared at the man. "Get from behind my desk you pervert!"

"Hmm..." He transported himself to the front of her desk his arms crossed. "You're one to talk."

"I was not watching like that dammit!"

"Of course you weren't." Kakashi replied with a smirk even she could see under the mask. She twitched with the need to punch him through a wall.

"I was just checking on them to see if they were improving any."

"Sure." He gave her a smile. "And I bet you don't care what they're doing now as long as their relationship is improving. So you can turn off that jutsu now." He reached out a hand to grab the ball.

"NO!" That smirk appeared again....damn him.

"Uh huh...I thought so. You're nothing but a closet pervert."

"I am NOT!" Tsunade would have argued more had she not been assaulted with a new image that almost gave her a nosebleed. Hot damn, both those boys had great genes!

Kakashi moved to her side again to watch the proceedings. He decided to let things speak for themselves.

"Oh alright fine! Just another minute. Observation purposes."

"Of course."

Breaking apart only when the need for air outweighed the need for anything else, both of them stared intently at each other trying to catch their breath. Naruto felt Sasuke's hold on his wrists slacken and he broke the hold pushing Sasuke back, keeping his head down so his blonde bangs covered his eyes.

"Bastard." he growled.

Damn the teme for being right. Naruto didn't want to admit it, but there was something. This unidentifiable feeling is what made him keep running after the teme time and time again, dealing with rejection and painful heartbreak every time the avenger got away. It was what made him never give up on Sasuke no matter what kind of crap he kept spouting. To him, Sasuke had always been his teammate, his rival, his best friend, his...what?

What more could he be?

He looked up at Sasuke with that thought going through his head. Their eyes met and Naruto immediately felt his stomach flip in a way he hadn't experienced since back when he had a crush on Sakura.

'Oh god...it can't be....There's no way...'

Sasuke wondered what the idiot was thinking when he saw his eyes go wide, almost like he'd had an epiphany. He smirked and crossed his arms. "You finally sort things out in your head dobe? Or do you still need time to think?"

"Shut up teme." Naruto replied automatically, though without his usual vehemence, as he was too embarrassed at the sudden discovery of his heart's desire. He pouted and turned away with a blush.

Sasuke chuckled.

Naruto glared.

Sasuke raised a haughty brow.

"I hate you teme."

Sasuke challenged Naruto with another smirk. "Are you sure about that dobe?" Naruto's ever quick temper flared and he stalked to the object of his anger and too many other emotions to name, intent on kicking his ass.

"I'll wipe that smirk off your face bastard!"

With a haughty lift of his chin, Sasuke shrugged with his hands in his pockets, knowing he would make Naruto angrier by not fighting back.

"You're welcome to try dobe."

Kakashi chuckled as the two teammates started fighting. Tsunade glanced at him, confused as to what he found so humorous.



"What's so funny?"

"Oh." Kakashi leaned on the edge of the desk his eyes not leaving the crystal ball. "Foreplay."

Tsunade raised a thin eyebrow. "What?"

Kakashi shrugged. "Fighting...Foreplay. Interchangable concepts with those two. It's been happening for years, they just didn't get it."

Tsunade blinked. Then she threw her head back and just laughed.

Sasuke dodged the fist, ducked a kick, jumped over another kick and spun away to avoid another - all without his hands leaving his pockets. Naruto snarled and threw a series of punches finally connecting with Sasuke's chin.

"Dammit dobe!" Sasuke glared at the blonde from the floor using his hand to check his chin for damage while he stood back up. "You want me to stop dodging? Fine." Sasuke ran forward looking like he was about to throw a punch. Changing his mind at the last second, he whirled away, ending up behind Naruto and locked his arms around the raging blonde. Naruto tried to struggle and kick his way out of the hold, but the pale arms just got tighter.

"Quit fighting this..." Naruto continued his futile struggle. "Naruto."

Upon hearing his name, he stopped and shuddered. Never had he heard his name spoken in such a way. It was almost sinful the way the three syllables rolled from Sasuke's lips. He felt fingers slowly slide under his shirt and he tensed up again. "W-What are you doing?"

"Relax dobe." Sasuke said while slowly raising the t-shirt up and over Naruto's head. He took a moment to stare at the tanned back, smooth like silk, marred only by one solitary scar. Emotion flickered through the onyx orbs. He raised a finger to lightly trace over the scar, remembering the day he put his hand through his teammate's chest for the sake of power.

Naruto jumped slightly at the soft contact. His breath quickened as he felt the calloused finger tracing over the only major scar he had on his entire body. It was a constant reminder of what he considered to be his biggest failure. But really, could he consider it a failure anymore? Sasuke was here...with him.

He felt lips on the spot and gasped.

Sasuke had gotten on one knee and kissed the spot, a silent apology for hurting his best friend. Naruto turned to look at him, bewildered at the action.

In the blink of an eye, Sasuke had yanked a shocked Naruto down on his knees, then pushed him on his back and straddled him. He then sent a grin of superiority at the blonde before pressing his hips downward. Naruto gasped as their bodies pressed together, forgetting that just a a few moments ago, the two had been fighting. He raised his hips when their groins collided again and he was rewarded with hearing the usually stoic Uchiha let out a throaty groan.

"Naruto..." he groaned lowering his head to the tanned neck licking over the slightly jutting collarbone before nipping the sensitive skin there. Naruto's breathy moan was the only sound.


Sasuke slowly rocked against the blonde, watching as the cerulean eyes clouded over with lust. Naruto's mouth opened slightly and his hooded eyes fell closed when hands slowly marked a trail up his tanned chest, nails raking over the nipples causing the blonde to arch his back off the floor with a choking needy sound coming from his lips.

Suddenly, all movement stopped and Naruto blinked open his eyes to a view of Sasuke kneeling at his feet. The Uchiha smirked at the dazed blonde and splayed his thin fingers against Naruto's legs, moving slowly up spread thighs, the edge of his knuckles deliberately brushing against the bulge in the dark pants.

"T-Teme...stop that." Naruto squeaked.

"You don't want me to...not really." Sasuke unzipped the black pants, revealing a pair of bright boxers - why was he not surprised? "This..." He ran his fingertip slowly up and down the bulge, "tells me different."

Naruto gallantly tried to fight against the building need between his legs, to no avail. His eyes fluttered closed, his whole body reacting to the deliberate strokes. He hardly noticed as his pants were pulled off. He did suddenly notice though when the teme was grinding against him, this time a bit more desperately. He bit his lip to keep from moaning.

Sasuke had practically ripped off his pants and was back on the floor grinding against Naruto. He was tired of teasing and he refused to lie to himself anymore.

He wanted Naruto.

He wanted him now.

And he was going to have him.

His mouth latched onto a hardened nipple sucking hard without stopping the fast paced grinding. Naruto's fingers dug into his teammate's hips, pulling him closer, the tension in his body revealing how close he was. Sasuke could feel it and twisted his hips, grinding into him harder. A second later Naruto was yelling out as his body spasmed. Soon after Sasuke did the same and then collapsed on top of Naruto panting.

It took a while, but when Naruto's head finally cleared, he realized something slightly disturbing. The teme was on top of him laying between his spread thighs. He glared up at the brunette who had that annoying self-satisfied smirk on his face. 'Oh hell no!' He wasn't about to allow the bastard to even think he would settle for being uke. No way, no how. Uzumaki Naruto was no one's uke. Besides, Sasuke was prettier!

Wait...that didn't come out quite right...

But the bastard's name was Sasuke, after all.

So, with a growl he rolled them both over, now looking down on the Uchiha with his own smirk of superiority. Sasuke glared up at the blonde.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Naruto's response was to rip off the dark blue boxers Sasuke was sporting, ignoring the threats yelled at him. Then he wrapped his hand around the man's semi-hard member.

That shut Sasuke up.

Sasuke moaned and arched up against the squeezing hand, the words he was about to say disappearing from his mind as his blood rushed south and pleasure shot through him. Naruto grinned and moved his hand up and down watching intently as Sasuke kept thrusting into his moving hand, the pleasure clearly showing on his face.

"Damn teme, you look so hot like this...under me..."

Those words broke the spell. Sasuke's eyes shot open as the realization hit him. No matter how good that touch felt...he was an Uchiha! He would be no one's uke! With a rough shove, the blonde was off of him and on the floor.

Sakura walked into her sensei's office surprised to see both of her sensei in the room.

"Um...what are you two doing?" Both voyeurs looked up, guilt written all over their faces, well at least over the Godaime's. Sakura's eyes narrowed and she walked foward. "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing at all Sakura." Tsunade tried to hide the ball. "Uh...don't you have work to do?"

"Tsunade-sama, would you like me to call Shizune in here?" Sakura slyly asked.

"NO!" Tsunade yelled. God knows Shizune didn't need to catch her like this. She'd never live it down. Why oh why did everyone know her weaknesses?

Sakura grinned knowing she had won and leaned over to peek at the crystal ball.

Her eyes widened at the image of her two NAKED teammates very decidedly NOT fighting. The blood rushed away from her face right before she fainted.

"Teme." Naruto scowled, standing up just as Sasuke stood. The blonde's mouth abruptly went dry when his eyes took in the gorgeous pale, almost translucent specimen in front of him. 'Oh hell...'

It was the only distraction Sasuke needed. He ran forward and tackled the blonde onto the floor. Their limbs tangled together as they battled for domination, rolling and wrestling all over the floor until Naruto ended up finally being pinned to the floor with Sasuke grinning down at him.

"Damn you teme."

"You won't be saying that soon." He looked for something he could use. His eyes lit on his belt close by. Grabbing it, he wrapped it around the wrists he had raised above the pissed off blonde's head. "You'll be begging me for more soon enough." Naruto's eyes widened. Like hell he would!

Sasuke yanked off the orange boxers and reached into his bag pulling out some lotion. It would have to do.

"Dammit teme! Get off me!"

"Alright." Sasuke got off and flipped Naruto onto his knees. Then he pulled a trick from Naruto's book and wrapped his hand around the loudmouth's cock and squeezed it, stopping the possible tussle before it could begin.

"S-Sasu...oh god..."

Sasuke grinned and generously lubricatred his fingers, almost in awe of the fact that even Naruto's backside was as tanned as the rest of his body. Spreading the golden legs wider, he ran his free hand along the tight ass, his lotioned digits sliding between the globes to circle the ring of muscles slowly before one finger slipped inside. A hiss came from the blonde. He pumped his other hand up and down the hard length in time with the one finger sliding in and out of the tight burning heat. When Naruto unconsciously began to push back against the finger, he added a second, and then a third, keeping the blonde distracted by pumping his hand faster over the throbbing member.

Naruto leaned his head forward on his bound hands. He would love to say he felt humiliated by being in this position, but he'd be lying to himself. Good god, even though the fingers were slightly painful, everything felt too good. It was so good that he was unable to stop himself from rocking backwards against the digits. And then a keening whimper escaped his lips and he blushed bright red.

Now he could feel humiliated...

Sasuke swore he heard a whimper. He looked down and saw Naruto blushing. Then he ran his thumb over the tip feeling it leaking. He gave an almost sadistic grin. "You love this don't you dobe."

Naruto turned his head to the side so he could glare. "Fu-" Sasuke slammed three fingers deep inside hitting something. "OH SASUKE!"

With another satisfied grin, Sasuke ruthlessly hit that newfound spot over and over again and pumped the throbbing length, the constant gasps and whimpers becoming music to his ears. The muscles around the digits tightened, greedily holding onto them.

"Oh god..." Naruto groaned loudly, his legs trembling as the pleasure became unbearable. "d-don't stop."

Sasuke had no plans to stop, plunging his fingers in again even deeper stabbing that spot. Naruto saw stars at that moment and screamed out his release, his body shuddering. While trying to catch his breath, he turned his head and saw the smug look the Uchiha sported and growled, although after the pleasure he just experienced, it really didn't have much anger behind it. "I'm gonna get you back for this bastard."

"Hn." Sasuke ignored the threat and lubed his own pulsing length, unable to wait any longer. He wrapped his arm around the still slightly trembling blonde's waist and guided his hips forward, slowly breaching the ring of muscles. Naruto gasped in pain trying to move forward even as a strong pale arm pulled him closer. Sasuke's eyes rolled back in his head as he was engulfed by such burning hotness. It was well beyond anything he could have imagined. He felt like exploding right then and there. "God...Naruto."

"Move..." Came Naruto's strangled voice. He didn't care if it hurt, he needed...he needed... "Please Sasuke." A moment after that he realized he just did exactly what Sasuke said he would...He begged. 'Crap!' He didn't dare turn to see the arrogant look he knew was on the teme's face. That thought only lasted until Sasuke slowly pulled out and pushed back inside.

Naruto threw his head back with a desperate needy half moan-half scream.

Sasuke's hand splayed against the taut stomach as he leaned over the strong back, licking and sucking on the bare skin, slowly pulling out only to slide back in. He bit his lip to cut off the low moan that threatened to spill. He never thought it could feel so good to pleasure someone else like this. Taking a deep breath, he began a slow torturous rhythm. Their bodies rocked together, slickened by sweat. Sasuke slowly slid his hand lower grazing Naruto's neglected member moving his fingers in tantalizingly slow strokes...just enough to keep the blonde on edge but no more than that. His own eyes rolled back in his head as Naruto's muscles gripped him like a vice. The Uchiha - who prided himself on control - could feel that tight control extremely close to snapping.


The low rumble went straight through Naruto, the deep lust-filled voice making him shudder. And then Sasuke thrust sharply, pulling a scream of pleasure from the blonde. Self-control swiftly disappearing, the thrusts became rough, urgent, desperate. Fingers dug into the slim hip as desire slowly built into a tight ball of pressure that was quickly becoming unbearable. He nuzzled against Naruto's neck sucking hard on the pulse point that was throbbing at double speed, possessively leaving his mark on the tanned skin for everyone to see.

Naruto panted under him, lost in pleasure, unsure whether to push backwards against Sasuke or thrust forward against those wickedly dancing fingers. Desire pooled low in his belly and built steadily with every move Sasuke made until tears leaked from his closed lids. The out of control Uchiha yanked the tanned hips back pounding fast and deep, hitting the prostate and wrenching a screaming sob from the violently shaking Naruto.

"...oh GOD..."

Sasuke angled his thrusts, viciously stabbing the spot repeatedly. His breath came in pants while sweat dripped off his chin, his legs shaking as his own tight muscles were close to giving out from exertion.


He was so close.... Sasuke tightened the grip on Naruto's pulsing length moving up and down in rapid strokes matching his pounding thrusts. Naruto jerked as sparks of white hot pleasure raced up his spine. Another scream filled the air with another fierce thrust. A steady trickle leaked from Naruto's tip and Sasuke rubbed his thumb over the fluid.

Sasuke squeezed his eyes shut trying to stave off the orgasm he knew was only moments away.

"Oh yes...Now...Now...NOW!" Naruto's scream of his lover's name reverberated off the four walls around them as an orgasm ripped through him making him arch his back violently before convulsing under the intense pleasure. The walls clenching around his own pulsing length and the unabashed sounds of ecstasy coming from the blonde below him was Sasuke's final undoing and with a roar of Naruto's name he came inside the blonde.

And then both males collapsed in a tangled heap, their legs giving out and their bodies spent.

Tsunade stared dazed into her crystal ball, a cloth held to her nose to stem the flow of blood. Kakashi just leaned against the window with his arms crossed and a perverted smirk on his face. If Jiraiya was still alive, he would most assuredly be taking notes for a new book. Sakura was still out cold on the floor, neither Tsunade or Kakashi had bothered to help her when she fainted.

"Well...I guess that would count as them getting along." Kakashi remarked. Tsunade just nodded, not trusting her voice quite yet.

"So, I guess it would be okay to drop those wards now?"

Tsunade nodded again.

"Well, I hope you enjoyed the show Hokage-sama. I know I did. Ja!" Kakashi disappeared with a poof.

Tsunade blinked and shook herself out of her stupor, finally noticing her student was still out on the floor.


Naruto blinked his eyes open and was surprised to see the room glowing orange from the setting sun. He felt a weight across his stomach and looked down to find a pale arm wrapped possessively around his waist. Shifting onto his side, he watched Sasuke sleep. A soft smile came to his face and he brushed a dark lock of hair out of the pale face. Sasuke moaned and unconsciously tightened his hold on the blonde, pulling him closer. Naruto squirmed a bit before he found a position he was comfortable in. And then he saw the sheet of paper on the floor. 'Huh? That wasn't here before.' He reached an arm out to grab the paper when he noticed it. He did a double take of his arm and then his eyes went wide. He sat up shocked grabbing the white sheet and read it's contents, eyes narrowing more and more until he finally yelled out. "PERVERT!"

Sasuke was forced awake by the sound and grumbled, scrunching up his face like a small child. Naruto saw it and chuckled at the unusual sight. Then he grinned as an idea came to him. He leaned forward nipping his shoulder and licking over to his neck.

"Mmmm...Naruto..." Sasuke mumbled. He slowly opened his dark eyes to bright golden spikes. He rolled over on his back stretching. It was the best nap he'd probably had in years and because of it, his mind had yet to catch up with the rest of his body. At least that's how he would explain the way he pulled Naruto off of his neck and proceeded to kiss him slowly and languidly before pulling away. He wanted to shy away from the idea that he was hooked on the blonde. But dammit all if he didn't just look and act like a man in love. That was enough to make his normal annoyed glare resurrect itself, directed towards the person who had awoken him from a great sleep.

"What do you want dobe?"

Naruto grinned and waved his wrist in Sasuke's face, who lightly smacked the arm away.

"So?" Sasuke didn't understand what Naruto was all happy about.

"Check it out teme. Look at my arm, then look at your arm." Sasuke did and afterward raised a brow still not seeing the point. "Idiot, what is missing?"

Sasuke was about to punch Naruto in the face for calling him an idiot when he finally figured out what the blonde meant. He sat up so fast, their foreheads almost collided.

"Hey! Watch it teme!"

"Shut up dobe." He looked at both their arms. The chakra restraints were gone. With a smirk he lightly pushed Naruto off of him and stood up then tested out molding some chakra. At the familiar blue flare he grinned. At the same time, Naruto grabbed the sweats that had been tossed away earlier and put them on, making a beeline for the door just to see if it would open.

It did.

A loud whoop of joy came from Naruto. "We're free! We're free!"

Sasuke had become much more subdued standing in the middle of the room the two had inhabited for almost three days. Now that they could leave, he wasn't sure he wanted to. At least not yet. It was the closest he'd ever been to his teammate and deep down he wondered if the moment they left this little place behind, would the newest stage of their relationship change. Would things go back to the way they were? A small vulnerable voice in the back of his head, one belonging to the 7 year old Sasuke, cried out against the possibility of being left alone again. He was tired...so tired of being alone.

Naruto turned around and the glow from the sun seemed to surround him like some kind of deity. With one look at Sasuke, he could see what the brunette was thinking and the smile left his face. Closing the door behind him, he walked across the room and grabbed his sleeping bag. Then he went to the other side and took Sasuke's sleeping bag as well. Laying them both in the center of the room, he moved again and stood before Sasuke, who was now so deeply lost in thought, he didn't even notice Naruto was standing there. He placed his palm against a pale cheek.

Sasuke flinched away.

"Hey, teme..." Naruto palmed his other cheek pulling the head closer until their lips met. Smiling at his best friend, and now more than that, he grabbed the avenger's stubborn chin. "I'm not going anywhere." Sasuke's eyes darted up to the blue orbs. He searched for the truth or the lie and he saw it in the resolute gaze. "Not ever."

A small smile made it's way onto the Uchiha's face. Naruto smiled with him and then pulled him to the now makeshift bed in the middle, lying down next to him and taking a cool hand in his. Sasuke suddenly remembered there was a sheet of paper in Naruto's hand when he woke him up.

"Hey dobe? What was that piece of paper?"

"Oh...here." Naruto grabbed the folded paper from his pocket and passed it to him.

Sasuke unfolded it and started reading.

Hello boys. Finally, you two figured out what it means to work together. I'm proud of you both.

As you can see, you are free to leave. Meet at the usual place tomorrow at 10 a.m for training.

Oh...and thanks for the show!


He crumbled the sheet of paper and growled. "I'm going to kill that perverted ninja."

A few weeks passed and the two teens had become inseparable. It was just like old times. Except for one very distinct difference that only those close to them could detect. And even though Sakura had grown well beyond her fangirling days, she was still just a bit heartbroken to learn that the boy she had harbored a crush on since the academy would never look her way. But, as a group, Team Kakashi's teamwork had improved dramatically since that horrible day Sakura thought the powerhouses would kill each other and wipe out half of Konoha with them. They returned to doing missions and everything was great.

Until the day the council found out about how close the two really were. Sasuke and Naruto weren't fools. They did their best to make sure they played the role of best friends until they were behind closed doors. Unfortunately, Ino somehow got wind of their relationship and after that it was all over. It was blabbed all over Konoha and the next thing they knew, the two of them were summoned to the council chambers to face an angry group of elders.

It didn't take long before Sasuke turned livid at their words. They could call him whatever they wanted, but there was no way in hell that he would allow the group to call Naruto a monster and an abomination. Naruto and Tsunade ended up having to restrain him. They were there another three hours before they were finally released. Tsunade was apologizing so much, Naruto almost felt bad for her. Unfortunately, he was too depressed to feel bad for anyone else but himself. Sasuke, on the other hand, was still pissed off and muttered threats of destruction under his breath. The council had given him an ultimatum...produce an heir within the next 12 months or else. It took every bit of self control he had not to electrocute them all with a high powered chidori nagashi.

They got to the spot where the two would normally separate and each go their own way. Naruto sent a completely fake smile toward Sasuke.

"See you around teme." Sasuke glared at the blonde as he started to turn and walk away. It didn't take much to read between the lines.

"Dobe." Naruto stopped, his head bowed. Sasuke growled.

"Fuck the council, Naruto! You're mine. And I'm not letting some old and wrinkled ex-ninjas take you away from me."

"But...they said..." Sasuke grabbed Naruto's arm and yanked him around to face him.

"I don't care! As far as I'm concerned the clan died with Itachi. If I have to leave this place again and take you with me I will. But I'm not letting you go." He wrapped his arms around the blonde and transported them to his place, bedroom to be exact. He slid his hands up to the whiskered face and brushed away a tear. Then he undressed him and proceeded to spend the entire night showing Naruto just how much he meant to him.


Naruto impatiently waited outside the administration building. Kakashi and Sasuke had just returned from a two-man mission and both were giving their report to Tsunade. He sat on the steps with a sigh wishing they would hurry it up. Looking at the immortalized hokage of old, he thought about how eventful things had been over the last six months. After the council's ultimatum to the last Uchiha, the two young men, together with Tsunade, searched for a loophole or some kind of solution. The only solution she could find to keep the two together without them rebelling involved finding a surrogate. But what female in Konoha would be willing to have the Uchiha's child and not want more?

"Hey Naruto." He looked up at the smiling face of his best friend and teammate, Sakura. The pink haired girl sat next to him on the stairs and took his tanned hand in hers. "Waiting for Sasuke?"

"Yep." Naruto wrapped an arm around his old crush and let her lean on him. She sighed and relaxed in his hold as they waited there together. "Hey, are you sure you should be sitting on the ground like this?"

Sakura rolled her eyes and cuffed the blonde across the head. "Baka. I'm only at three months. And I'm not some fragile little thing, you know." Naruto rubbed his now stinging head.

"Yeah, I can tell." He saw her ball up her fist and raised his hands in surrender. When she relaxed again, he slipped his hand down to her lower back and massaged the muscles there.

"Ahh...I knew there was a reason I kept you around.

"Yeah yeah yeah....So how'd the exam go?" She smiled sweetly and placed a hand over the slight bump that was previously a toned flat tummy.

"Great. Everything's just fine. I'll hold off on the details until Sasuke gets out." Naruto nodded and they both lapsed into a companionable silence.

Naruto thought back to that unforgettable day. He and Sasuke had been relaxing at the Uchiha mansion after an easy-mission-gone-bad that landed them both in the hospital overnight. They were pulled off missions for a week of recovery time. Sakura came over to check on them and brought them food. Naruto was, of course, the oblivious one. Sasuke though, could see the girl was nervous about something. He raised an eyebrow at the girl and she blushed. For a moment, Sasuke tensed up with the idea that maybe she still had that schoolgirl crush on him. But boy was he wrong. Instead, she asked them about how they were coming with the whole finding a surrogate idea. Of course, at the time, things weren't going so well. Sasuke had scared away half the females. And he had refused to even look at the rest of them. Naruto wasn't sure what they were going to do. But then Sakura said something that stunned the both of them to their core.

"Uh...well...you see, the reason I asked was because...I was thinking...I mean...if you want...I'm willing."

Naruto's mouth had dropped open in shock. Even Sasuke's eyes widened. They had asked her why when they'd finally recovered their senses.

"Because you're my boys...my family. I love you both. And I'm glad to finally see you two happy. And I refuse to let you leave me behind again. Besides, it would be kind of interesting to see what the results of all three of our genes would be."

And thus began a new adventure for all three of them. Sakura was happy just to be a part of it. And Sasuke and Naruto were just estatic at the fact that not only would they be parents together, but that they could proudly stick it to the council. An added bonus was that Sakura was the only female Sasuke would willingly allow to have their child.

"Waiting for something?" A deep voice interrupted Naruto's musings.

"About time you got done teme." Sakura elbowed Naruto eliciting a grunt of pain and then smiled sweetly at the new presence.

"Welcome back Sasuke." He nodded and all three of them walked away, a team in the truest sense, the two males listening as Sakura related her latest doctor's visit.

Naruto guided the blinded Uchiha forward while he continually complained about the darkness.

"Quit complaining teme. It'll be worth it, I promise." Naruto couldn't help but chuckle though at the Uchiha looking so helpless. The black blindfold kept Sasuke from seeing where he was taking him. He grinned as he saw their destination just ahead of them. "Alright teme, we're almost there."

"Good, I'm going to kick your ass as soon as you get this blindfold off."

Naruto rolled his eyes, ignoring the threat and moved a little faster, excitedly pulling the grumbling brunette along. He opened the door and pulled Sasuke inside before closing the door behind them. He took a deep breath and looked around smiling at the way he arranged everything. "Alright, ready teme?"

"Yes! Jeez, get this thing off of me." Naruto untied the blindfold and let it slide away Sasuke's face and waited.

Sasuke mouth parted in awe. He was standing in the middle of the room where their relationship first took a turn for the better. But this time, there was a bed against one wall, a small table in a corner, and lots of other little things to make the place look much more homey than before.

"Surprise?" Sasuke turned and stared at Naruto.

"You did all this?"

"Yep. You were gone for two weeks after all. I had the time in between short missions."

"Naruto...I don't know ho-" He was silenced by a finger at his lips, which was then replaced by a pair of soft lips massaging his own.

Sasuke wasn't sure how it happened but somehow he went from being clothed in the middle of the room to being naked in bed with a naked Naruto on top of him. "Dobe..."

"Nope...this time it's my turn." Naruto smirked and proceeded to turn the publicly stoic Uchiha into a whimpering and trembling mess with his tongue and fingers before making love to him.

Later on that night, relaxed in each other's arms, Sasuke had a sudden thought. "That pervert better not be watching us."

Naruto chuckled against his neck.

"What dobe?" Naruto raised his head just enough to speak clearly.

"If he tries, it won't be pretty. I found a little jutsu that will make sure he'll never try again."

"Really? What's it do?"

Two hours ago

Kakashi smirked as he snuck out to the little cabin. He'd heard from Sakura that they were going to spend the weekend there. So, making sure the perverted sannin's spirit lived on, he decided to see what his two boys would be doing. When he got there, he flashed thorugh some hand signs and touched the wood of the cabin. There was a bright flash...so bright that he could no longer see. Then he felt wind blades slice through his skin. His blinded eye went wide and he transported himself away.

He spent a full day not seeing before he finally shed his pride and asked Sakura to assist him.

Sakura could hardly heal him. She was laughing too hard to concentrate.

It was the last time he ever tried to peep on Naruto and Sasuke.


Toomegane no Jutsu - Telescope Technique

Chidori Nagashi - Thousand Birds Current

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