As Luck Would Have It…

It's been five years since Sawada Shin left for Africa and now he's back with every intention to make Yamaguchi Kumiko his. Let's see how he would fare with that with his rival being Yankumi latest crush, Natsume Seichi, the school doctor of Akadou. But Sawada Shin does not need luck, he can already tell Kumiko is affected by his presence and in a way that's hardly what you call ex-student/teacher relationship…Wait a min-Shin! Where are putting your hands on Kumiko?!

First Operation: Make Yankumi lose interest in the school doctor and change her view on him from an ex-student to a potential lover.

In an airport, Sawada Shin at age twenty-three was walking towards the exit and stopped when his cell phone went off. Reaching for the cell, he flipped open the phone and the other person greeted Shin on the other line.

"Shin?" An energetic voice greeted happily, "It's Kuma, are you back yet?"

"Ah, Kuma," Shin said with a slightly happy tone, "I just got off the plane. I'm heading back after I catch a taxi. So Kuma…I hope you didn't tell her." Her being the one and only teacher he would trust with his life.

"Of course not," Kuma said and Shin could almost picture his friend smiling and his eyes squinting happily. "Yankumi is also too dense when it comes to these things, especially when the school doctor is around-ah I mean she-" Kuma stuttered and wanted to smack himself for letting it slip that their Yankumi was crushing on another guy.

"Who?" Was what Shin asks and even without being face to face, Kuma knows that Shine was not pleased and would be scowling. Poor Yankumi, making a man like Shin loving her to such an extent in which he'll be willing to do anything for her, except letting other men capture her attention. She'll never know what hit her; Kuma fully knows that Shin would do anything to make Yankumi fall for him.

"Eh…nobody that's important you know," Kuma nervously said, trying to go off-topic, "Did I ever mention Yankumi's workplace? Akadou High and-"

"Kuma." Shin said plainly but Kuma could already feel his friend's irritation. "Who?"

"Natsume Seichi…" Kuma began and started praying for that man's safety. He was a doctor and it'll be sad that a nice doctor like him to be gone so soon. "He's a school doctor and is currently Yankumi crush…"

"Ah," Shin said white gripping his suitcase handle a bit too hard, making his knuckle go white. "Thank you Kuma, I'll call you back when I get settle in. Talk to you later."

"Bye," Was all Kuma could insert in before Shin shut his phone on his friend. It didn't register in his mind that it was a little rude but his mind was currently occupied by something more important. First Operation: Make Yankumi lose interest in the school doctor. Of course, by doing this, he'll need Yankumi to focus her romantic intention on someone else. Namely himself. With that thought out, he smirked and headed towards the exit to catch a taxi.

Elsewhere, Yankumi sneezed and shuddered. Her Akadou students gave her a slightly worried look before covering it up by laughing at her. It does not do well to their image by looking like pansy worrywarts for their teacher even if they like her enough.

Tap, tap was what Shin continue to do with his shoes. To make his Kumiko lose interest in the school doctor, what, oh what can he do? He has many choices but he did not want any of them to backfire on him. He must be very careful, very. He waited five years to grow up and to gain experiences and stature so Kumiko would be proud. So that she would view him as someone she can love and spend the rest of her life with him.

Decisions, decisions…Shin mauled over it for a while on his new sofa in his new apartment. It wasn't until the clocks strikes near two before his serious face turned into something more. His growing smirk should be a clear sign of warning. Shin got up to face a full-length mirror (very important item) and checked over his clothing. Designer dress shirt over brand named t-shirt with dark jeans, completed with his sneakers. His belt for his jeans had a couple of chains, jingling around when he moves. Looking over himself, Shin nodded. A-okay. Even when he was on the airplane for hours and only had an in-between change of flight for a break. Good thing he slept throughout the plane ride.

Nodding to himself distractedly, he took out his cell and phoned Kuma.

"Hey Shin, what's up?" Kuma questioned, having already heard from Shin when he arrived at his new apartment.

"Kuma," Shin began as he shoved his wallet on the table into his pocket and took his keys. "Do me a favor, would you? Can you tell me when she is dismissed from school?"

End of Chapter 1