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The Nobody Play

Chapter the First

The Gaining of Power

Xemnas drummed his fingers on the armrest of his chair. Where the hell were they? Didn't they know that when the Superior calls, it's best not to keep him waiting?

Well, he expected Xigbar to do this, but not Saïx. That Nobody knew to come when called.

Eventually, a portal opened up in the room and Numbers II and VII stepped out arguing.

"…I still don't believe that bashing him in the head was the best course of action."

"Or what? Spin him upside down? Did you think that was going to work?"

"We would have gotten more information out him. Instead, he's lying unconscious. You probably should have called an ambulance."

"He'll be fine." Said Saïx and he turned and faced Xemnas "Sorry we're late Superior. We had a little…mishap."

Xigbar rolled his remaining eye.

"If that's what you want to call it." He muttered under his breath.

"Anyway," continued Saïx, trying his best to keep his rage in check "What did you need us for?"

"A matter of great importance." Said Number I "For what I am about to do may spell victory or defeat for our Organization. And, I felt that it must first be shared with you, my second-in-command, and you, the second member to join."

"What is it sir?" Saïx said solemnly.

"Are you familiar with the neophyte known as Marluxia?"

"The gay guy?" Xigbar said with a smile "Yeah, I know him. What about him?"

Saïx looked over his shoulder and scowled at Xigbar. The Freeshooter's only response was to stick out his tongue. The Diviner just turned his head back towards Xemnas with a why do I bother? eye roll.

"I have just received a dispatch from one of his missions." Reaching into his robe, Xemnas pulled out a piece of paper "Remember the trouble we've been having with Number XV?"

Saïx and Xigbar looked at each other. They knew full the damage that he'd caused the Organization during his tenure with them. And then almost betraying them to the King…

"Well, I have received word that Marluxia cornered the traitor. After a fierce confrontation, Number XI managed to obliterate him. Number XV is no more."

"That is tremendous news sir." Responded Saïx "But what does that have to do with us?"

"I was just getting to that." Xemnas continued "With that vicious traitor gone, we are now more powerful than ever. With our efforts unhindered, we may soon complete our goal."

"Again, that is wonderful." Saïx said a little exasperation in his voice "But, again, what does it mean?"

Xemnas went on as if he hadn't heard his number 2. Saïx looked annoyed, while all Xigbar did was stifle a laugh.

"For his aide in bringing down the traitor, I have decided to make Number XI the new lord and master of our second base, Castle Oblivion."

"Didn't you promise Luxord that position?" Xigbar asked moving next to Saïx "After all, with his card fetish…"

"The minute he stops playing his little games I'll reconsider." Answered Xemnas "Until that moment comes, Marluxia has proven that he is completely capable of such responsibility. Number II, where is he currently?"

"Out somewhere with Vexen I think." Shrugged Xigbar "Probably Halloween Town."

"Find him and inform him of his duties." Xemnas ordered "Meanwhile, I will prepare to address the other members of this."

Xigbar bowed, opened a portal and stepped into it. Soon, Saïx and Xemnas were alone in the room.

"Superior," Saïx began "Do you honestly think that this is a good idea? I know Number XI, he's too deceptive, too cunning, too, well, vain for this kind of power. We could be heading down a road we really don't want to be on."

"Saïx, Saïx, Saïx," smiled Xemnas "Do you honestly think I'd make a decision like this on a whim? I used to be a scientist remember. I never make a decision just based on impulse. I have to make sure that it would be the one that works. And I believe that Number XI is the ideal one for this position."

"I still think that you should reconsider Number X. His temperament is much better suited for a job like this."

Xemnas just laughed.

"What exactly do you have against Marluxia?" he asked "In all his time here, he's shown us nothing but how he is a model member of this Organization. What's the matter? Afraid he's going to steal your job from under you?"

"No Superior." Said Saix through gritted teeth "I just don't believe he's right for the job."

"We'll see Number VII. We'll see."


Vexen and Marluxia walked through the forests of Halloween Town.

"It's a pity that it always has to be autumn here." Said Marluxia picking up a stick with dead leaves on it off the ground "Otherwise, this would be a beautiful forest."

"And there you go again with the gardening thing again." The Academic rolled his eyes "Not everything has to be green and vibrant all the time."

Brushing his long, pink hair off his shoulder, Marluxia countered "It's better than everything being constantly frozen solid. Where's the fun in that?"

"It's control Number XI." Replied Vexen soberly "It's all about control."

The two looked at each other for a bit and then just burst out laughing.

"Even still," Vexen said wiping an icicle away from his eye "Stop with the vibrancy. That's why we walk here. Compromise. I get the chill factor, you get the vegetation. Everyone wins."

"Perhaps." Marluxia said and the two just kept walking down the fallen leaf path.

Although not great friends in the traditional sense, the Assassin found he enjoyed Vexen's company. Somewhat. The Academic's sometimes condescending side got to him at times, but he overlooked it. Besides, they could carry on some pretty good conversations. So, it was all fine in the end.

Soon, the two came to a fork in the path. Each road looked exactly the same, but Vexen tried to point out that he would have rather take the left path, as it "looks safer."

With a roll of his eyes, Marluxia walked down the path to the right. Vexen had no clue what he was talking about it. Everything was fine. At least, it was until the ground came out from under him. The Assassin, acting quickly, used his powers to make a tree branch bend down so he could get a hold of it. Using most of his strength, he managed to pull himself out of the hole.

That's when she appeared in front of him.

Magnificent in dark robes with a green fringe and with a horned hood over her beautiful pale green face, Marluxia didn't know what to think.

"Can I help you?" he said.

"Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin." The mysterious woman said.

"Yeah, that's me." He replied surprised a bit. Who was this woman?

"Great things are coming your way. Embrace them O Lord of Castle Oblivion and Superior after that!"

"Wait what?" he exclaimed "Lord of Castle Oblivion and Superior after that? What does that mean?"

But he found himself shouting at no one, for the woman had disappeared, leaving him alone in the forest.

"Lord of Castle Oblivion?" he said aloud as he slumped next to a stump "I thought that was going to be Luxord. And what does she mean Superior?"

He thought about that for a while. Him, lowly Number XI, Superior of the entire Organization? Sure, he'd thought about it. Who hadn't? But they were just the feverish daydreams. Xemnas was too powerful and his rule was absolute. There was no way any one could him down. Right?

"Number I, Marluxia, the Superior." He said aloud. It sounded almost…right. "I could get used to that."

"Used to what?" a voice above him said.

Marluxia yelped and jumped up. Craning his head upwards, he saw Xigbar just hanging upside down from a tree branch.

"Hiya Marly!" he said cheerfully and with a flip he landed right beside the Assassin "What's up?"

"Nothing!" Marluxia said quickly "I wasn't plotting anything!"

"Well, super!" replied Xigbar with a smile "Anyway, Xemnas wants me to tell you that because of the way you dealt with Number XV you're now Lord of Castle Oblivion. Catch ya back at the real Castle!"

And he opened a portal and disappeared.

Marluxia just stared into space. The first part had come true. He had just become the Lord of Castle Oblivion. But did that mean…

"No." he shook his head "No, it's just an eerie coincidence. These things happen! I don't need to go plotting treason!"

But someone else had to hear about this. And he knew just the person.

"Larxene, boy are you gonna get a kick out of this." He said with a smile, as he opened a portal to darkness. He was about to step through when Vexen came running towards him covered in leaves and mud.

"Number XI wait!" he shouted as he tripped again and got more mud and leaves in his long, blonde hair "Get me out of this hell hole!"

"And I thought the left path looked safer." Marluxia chuckled. Vexen said nothing, but ran into the portal. Marluxia followed. After all, Larxene just had to hear about what had happened today.


In the Room of Sleep, Xemnas sat in near meditation. Yes, things were going well. Maybe giving that uppity little pissant Marluxia some real authority, he could curb some of the rebellion in him. All newbies start out a tad rebellious, but once they get some actual responsibility, they immediately buckle under his authority. Then they could get onto business as usual.

For now, meditation. All was calm and quiet, until…

"Hey Xemnas!" Xigbar shouted outside the room "I did what you asked me to! Marly knows now!"

Rolling his eyes as he stepped down from the throne in the middle of the room, he opened the door and stuck his head out.

"Thank you Xigbar." He said and was about to close the door when he suddenly remembered something he had to tell the Freeshooter. Of course, Xigbar was already halfway down the hall.

Shutting the door behind him, he ran down the hallway to catch up to him.

"Yeah?" Xigbar said as Xemnas came up to him out of breath.
"Got some (pant) important (pant) news for you." The Superior managed to get out.

"Oh yeah?" replied the Freeshooter.

Xemnas put his arm around his comrade's shoulder.

"Walk with me." He said.

Xigbar eyed the arm with his one eye and said "That you being friendly or to keep you from collapsing."

"A little of column A, a little of column B." smiled Xemnas "Now come on."

The two walked through the hallways of the Castle that Never Was, passing by the occasional Dusk, Sorcerer, Creeper, and Sniper, but not any other members of the Organization.

"So what is it that you want to tell me?" Xigbar asked after a while.

"You see Xigbar," Xemnas began "You've been here the longest. Now you may lack the power of Saïx, or the leadership abilities of Xaldin, or the foresight of Vexen or Zexion, but you've got seniority. Besides, you're the only one who no one completely hates."

"I try." He replied with a smile.

"Anyway, I want to tell you that because of those two qualities, I want you to take over this Organization should I fall."

Xigbar's one eye lit up. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Eventually, he managed to get something out.

"Why thank you man!" he said with a smile "You don't know how much this means to me. Picking me over Xaldin or Saïx!"

"Saïx is just a blunt tool. He has no imagination or scope. And as for Xaldin, well, the man has no sense of priority. We're working on becoming whole and all he cares about is gaining the Heartless and Nobody of that Beast fellow. Absolutely no sense of priority. But you, you know what's what. And once again, you're the most likable member out of all us original six."

"Really, I can't thank you enough!" Xigbar said.

"You're welcome." Xemnas replied and removed his arm from around the Freeshooter's shoulder. The Superior began walking down the hallway, when Xigbar caught up with him.

"Ah, what the Hell!" said Number II and he gave the Superior a huge hug.

"Yes, yes, thank you very much Xigbar, now could you please get off?" said Xemnas as he threw the Freeshooter off him "Just remember, if anything happens to me, you're next in line. But keep it under your patch for a while."

"Can do!" he replied and floated up onto the ceiling.

Xemnas walked away chuckling.

"Can't tell if I made the right choice or the worst mistake ever." He said "Oh well, the only time to worry is if I die. And I don't believe I'll care either way."

That turned into a full blown laugh, which continued as he walked back towards the Room of Sleep.


A/N: While I probably should have been working on Ch. 15 of Cognito, I decided to take a little break and bust out this tale. So far so good I think.

It's basically Shakespeare's Macbeth, but with our favorite Nobodies in the roles.

Here's a handy translation chart:
Marluxia – Macbeth
Larxene – Lady Macbeth
Saïx – Macduff
Xigbar – Malcolm
Xemnas – Duncan
Vexen – Banquo

I came up with this idea today while watching The Tempest in my Theatre class. After all, my brain is dosed in gasoline and all it takes is the slightest spark to set it off.

So enjoy. This shouldn't be too long, as I'm using a shorter adaptation that I made for a film and combining as many scenes as I could into each chapter. My projections are that this should only be about five or six chapters long.

But here's something you can enjoy while you wait for Cognito updates. Just remember, I need at least one review to continue. Which I will get, thank you Khaos.

Something wicked this way goes,

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