Many Faces of a hero Pt 1 Chapter 1


I wish for a mountain of handkerchiefs…..

Now ... Just let yourself cry, as much as you need to, you'll have plenty handkerchiefs to help you through it…..

Those were the last words he said before vanishing from the world of a thousand and one tales. And that distant memory, will come back to haunt our hero, the legend… Sonic the Hedgehog.


"Come on dung bots, can you be any slower?" A streak of blue raced through the road, followed by two robots, Scratch and Grounder, in a machine with mallets.

Sonic looked different than before, he wore a blue school shirt unbuttoned and blue shorts, and his sneakers were a combo of his old sneakers and his werehog sneaks, but his gloves were the same as always.

"You can't run forever hedgehog!" with his crazy rooster laugh, the robot chicken pressed a button to try to smash the blue hog. Unknowingly, Sonic was now on top of the machine. "W-where did he go?!" Grounder looked in front of the machine but was jumped onto by Sonic, who rapidly tap dancing his feet into Grounder's head.

"Hold still hedgehog!" Scratch lunged forward at Sonic, but fell out of the machine with Grounder. "Time for a mecha shutdown!" Sonic charged a light-speed attack and zoomed around the machine like a super ball. Sonic jumped out of the machine at the last minute and zoomed out into the distance.

Flying nearby was Sonic's best friend, Miles Prower the Fox, flying Tornado 2 through the skies of their home world, Planet Mobius.

"Hey Tails, what's with the extra food? Big's not coming over till next month!" Sonic started to snicker at his own joke. (Get the joke?) Tails snickered too as he flew in low. "Actually, Blaze is ov-"Before he could finish, Sonic broke the sound barrier at the mention of her name. Whenever Sonic heard that beautiful name, he always got warm, having feelings for the pyro feline.

Sonic was too distracted by the thought of Blaze to realize Amy was giving him her usual wave, but was pushed aside from the force of Sonic's speed. By pulling into a strong stop, a 50 yard scorch mark covered the ground; small sparks of fire covered the mark as well.

Blaze was nervous, realizing her feelings for Sonic a while back since Captain Whiskers. She looked different as well. She let her hair down some, showing her feminine beauty, but her clothes were mostly like her old ones, but different. Her robe was purple but with streaks of red too, and her pants were purple striped, but pretty much everything looked normal. "S-Sonic?" She opened the door and saw Sonic.

"Hi Blaze, Long time no see!" Sonic was nervous, but didn't let that stop him. She was surprised, she expected him to ask how she got to his dimension, but she guessed wrong. "It's great to see you too Sonic-kun…?" Blaze unknowingly spoke before covering her mouth as if she said something terrible. "Sonic-kun? Huh, I never had been called that before… Tails? What does –Kun mean again?"

Tails and Sonic were recently studying Japanese culture and its language, but as usual, Sonic keeps forgetting to reread the books Tails bought. "Kun (君, Kun?) Is an informal honorific primarily used towards males (it is still used towards females, but rarely)? It is used by persons of senior status in addressing those of junior status, by males of roughly the same age and status when addressing each other, and by anyone in addressing male children. It can also be used by females when addressing a male that they are emotionally attached to. Usually it depends on the relationship between the two people. In business settings, women, particularly young women, may also be addressed as Kun by older males of senior status. It is sometimes used towards male pets as well." Tails read straight from the dictionary.

"Ooohhhh. Then I shall call her Blaze-Chan!" Sonic knew the meaning of that word, but didn't bother with the details. Blaze blushed so much; you could see it under her snow white cheeks. "So what brings you to the Chaos Dimension?" Sonic asked, grabbing a green apple, and took a big bite out of it. That was the name of the dimension Sonic's world cause of the Chaos Emeralds. Blazes dimension was known as the Sol Dimension.

"I was summoned here by some strange force." Blaze put it, receiving a confused look from Sonic. "That seems somehow familiar, but I can't remember anything like that." Sonic finished his apple and grabbed a book off the bookshelf titled: 'Sonic Adventures' it was Sonic's journal he kept for his adventures. He, Tails, and Blaze looked through the journal till they noticed that a part of the journal was blank, and then the rest of the journal was still there. "Sonic, didn't you right something on these pages?" Tails questioned his idol. "I thought I did little bro, but-"

The trio felt a earthquake outside the workshop and saw something Sonic thought he'd never see again: The Erazor Djinn.

"I….am….. reborn!! Hmmmm? If it isn't the blue rat?" Erazor smirked at Sonic, who charged at the genie with a spiral kick. "I'm starting to get pissed off from you calling me that?!" Sonic showed something Blaze never saw on her crush, Anger. The Erazor vanished and a book and a ring appeared in his place. Sonic picked up the ring and Tails picked up the book. "Who was that guy Sonic?" Blaze walked to the two, and saw Sonic shake. "Someone…. I thought was gone."

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You knew this guy was a genie didn't you?!

The World Rings are powerful artifacts

Let's go!

Golden Book! OOC Conference!

Taichi: Yo dudes and Dudettes! RasenganImpact here! To help introduce the new story, The Blue Blur!

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Konata: Man, I'm so bored, dumb homework…

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Taichi: Yo Kona-chan?

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