Magnificent Seven

"Lil' Ones"

Summary: In this Old West Alternate Universe: JD Dunne is seven, Vin Tanner is eight, and Ezra Standish is nine. All three wind up in Four Corners and all three end up in the care of Chris Larabee, who is the town's sheriff. Buck Wilmington is his deputy, Josiah Sanchez is the town's preacher, and Nathan Jackson is the town's doctor.

Author's Note: I have recently found the M7 "little" universe and absolutely loved it, for the most part. I especially loved the "little" Ezra stories. I must admit I have not actually seen the show, but seeing as how this is an AU story that wouldn't (or shouldn't, anyway) matter. I know enough about the characters to make it work–I hope… This will be a sort of blending of the "Little Britches" universe and the "Little Ezra" universe—with my own twist, of course ;) If you like "kid fics" I'd suggest reading these. They are great.

Warning: Spanking of minors. (Naturally, since this is the Old West.)

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. I just wrote this story for fun. Enjoy.

Chapter 15: A Magnificent Seven

"Hey, Ez," Vin taunted his older brother, smiling, "I bet you a week of mucking out the stables that Lady can outrace Ace."

They had now lived together as a family for six months now, and today—on Chris' birthday—they, their father, and their uncles decided to go on an evening ride around the ranch.

Ezra grinned. "I will accept that bet, Master Tanner," he replied, smirking, "and I'll raise it to a week of mucking out the stables and a week of washing dishes."

Vin nodded. "Your own," he replied.

"Let's go then," Ezra said, and then kicked his heels spurring Ace into a gallop. Vin followed suite.

"Hey," JD yelled after them, digging into Pony, "wait for me!" He raced after his brothers.

Chris, Buck, Josiah, and Nathan all laughed as they watched the youngest of the three boys try to catch up with his speeding brothers.

"Those three are gonna keep us mighty busy," Buck said, slapping his knee, "even busier than the outlaws!"

"Amen to that," Nathan commented, grinning. "They've certainly given me more business lately than any of the kids—and all of you—put together."

"Would we have it any other way, Brothers?" Josiah asked, glancing at Chris.

The sheriff smiled as he watched his boys enjoying themselves.

"No, Brother Jo," he said, his heart feeling light as it had not in years, "I can't say I would."

"The only thing I can't figure out," Buck said, "is why they're the only ones havin' fun while we're all sittin' on our asses!" With that he let out a shrill whistle and kicked his heels to spur his mount into a gallop.

The other three men looked at each other a moment, smiled widely, and then firmly promptly followed.

So, the Big Ones followed after the Lil' Ones.

Truly, they were…a magnificent seven.

The End.

For Now…