The Oriental Adventure

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Summary: Harry Potter and Cassandra Black are resident duelists at Domino City, Japan. Involved with the magic of the Sennen Items, but what about the Wizarding World? Hm... they're about to find out that they're not the only magicians that exist. Yes... a hero shall take the mantle of the false savior, and save the Wizarding World, but also help an ancient spirit with his own destinty. both him and the girl who has stayed by his side ever since early childhood.


July 31, 1994
Godric's Hollow, London, United Kingdom

Harry walked down the flight of stairs. He carried with him a wheel-carry suitcase, filled with his belongings. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he could hear a party going on in the living room, beyond the closed doors. He sighed. Four years ago, Voldemort attacked the house. Somehow, it had been a mystery as to how he had died, but all that remained was a wand, a pile of robes among ash, and two unconscious eleven year old boys in the rec room of Godric's Hollow. Dumbledore proclaimed that Chase has somehow defeated Voldemort, becoming the proclaimed Boy-Who-Lived. Chase had a scar on his chest similar to that of an X mark, though after four years, it had healed and gone away; however no one saw the scar on his forehead, shaped like a lightning bolt.

... For four years, the love that he and Chase shared equally began to shift. When he began Hogwarts with Cassandra Black, both the teens ended up in Ravenclaw, while Chase was sent to Gryffindor. It was also around that time Sirius had began to neglect Cassandra because she was so much like her mother, who had sadly passed away. No not from the Killing Curse or anything magical, but from a sudden heart attack... he couldn't believe that his own parents, who he soon saw as guardians, loved Chase more than him. You see, Harry has been thinking more and more over this summer. Today was his birthday, and he wasn't known much now. He was but a shadow in the Potter home. And so, he walked to the fireplace, and placed some green powder in the pit, and for the last time, spoke.

"Black Cottage, Kensington..."

In a swirl of green fire, Harry, holding onto his suitcase, had left his home. And for the party that continued without interuption, they never knew... when they do, it will be too late.


"Yes... I am sure, Griphook."

"If you wish to Harry," replied a goblin from Gringgots. Normally most goblins would not get such attention from the Wizarding World, at least in England. Though most of the Wizarding World tolerated the goblins, the British were more of holding back to old traditions and histories while others branched out, evolving so-to-speak alongside the non-magical world.

And right now, Harry James Potter was at Gringgots Bank, visiting his goblin friend Griphook fo the last time. He was leaving England. He had just gotten the okay for emancipation, and soon stuffed them away, along with some licenses and such into his wallet.

"Harry, I am sad to see you go. Most wizards and witches would never praise us."

Harry smiled softly. "You take care of our gold. You can practically screw us over if some of your more... difficult customers... were bloody wankers..." Griphook barked a good sounding laugh, with a few other goblins around the somewhat empty bank today. He wasn't alone however; Sirius' daughter was there as well, also emancipated.

"That is true, Harry. Take care of yourself, okay?"

"Thank you Griphook. May the gold flow well throughout Gringgots," He bid, and gave them a formal bow at the doors, and the goblins frowned. There went a great customer, as the boy left the marble building with Cassandra Black.

They quickly ran for it after knocking on Ollivander's door, and vanished just in time as the door opened. The man who ran the wand shop looked around, before he saw two wands at his front steps.

"Oh dear..." He picked them up, and sighed.

"Mr. Potter and Miss Black's wands..." He closed the door and walked back in, taking out two empty padded boxes, "Twelve inches, Cypress with three crystal rings, hair of a blonde female mage. It was great for spell casting, but also useful for other branches of magic." He sets it in the first box and closes the lid on it, "Eleven inches, Egyptian palm, and three heartstrings of a one-winged kitsune. Useful for spells concerning runes, charms, and spell casting." He closes the lid on the second wand, and places the two boxes onto one of the pillows at the front window.

"It is a shame they are leaving..." Ollivander could be considered a bit out-of-touch with reality, but he was a mysterious man. He knew a few things that others do not.


Harry and Cassie boarded their flight, their bags packed, and they sat down in the row their tickets were printed on. Harry leaned back into his seat, and closed his eyes. Cassie looked over at him, and smiled as well. Who knew that they would soon become involved with magic of a different age...? Elsewhere, there is a boat that sailed into Domino Port. Boarding off were a group of teenagers, one now carrying the title King of Games. His hair was a strange starfish shape of maroon, yellow, and black, and hanging off a leather cord around the small teen's neck, was an upside down golden pyramid, with a strange eye symbol on the front.