Author's Note: This is DavidLADarkStryker, aka Sekai Ishtal, aka . The squeal to this storyline The Orichalcos Effect has been uploaded. You can go into my Profile, and locate the story there. When I had first begun this story, the insparation to writing this plotline was from reading various other stories where Harry has been placed in situations outside canon. And of course, the few good YGO/HP fics out there on the web. I gotten my hype into the YGO TCG relighted when I had found my old deck based on the Charmers series in my home attic, and then I decided to see what I can do with a crossover of Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh, but with those OOC traits such as Harry's parent's being alive still... the whole wrong BWL plot... and my own twists and turns. I appriciate all the reviews I have gotten while writing The Oriental Adventure. Thank you all for the constructive thoughts and comments you shared in all your reviews.

~ DavidLADarkStryker