I suddenly got the idea for this halfway through studying for exams (I had my last one today, thank god. Now I don't have to worry until midterms next year…)

I'm going to update my other fics, although it might take a while. I've written one empathic essay too many for school. Empathic essays are basically a school's version of fanfiction, with books you don't like half the time.

Ideas for The Reunion are welcome, I have Betta Force planned out and a (very tentative) idea for a sequel to Revenge is in the works.

Now on with the main bulk.

A is for Alex

The blond survival expert

A quiet leader

Hyperactive Li

A gymnast and a fighter

Constantly travels

Good with animals

Argentinean Paulo

Can drive anything

Computer geek Hex

Claustrophobic with brown hair

Sarcastic is he

Dark American

Orphan child of billionaires

Amber Middleton

They're five different teens

With unique skills and backgrounds

They are Alpha Force

I hope you enjoyed reading something a little… different than what we usually find in the AF section.