Chapter 1-The Master and the Apprentice

It was dark out, as usual when the attacks happened for 5 year old Naruto, but this time there were masked Shinobi after him this time, and he was deep in the woods with no way for the old man Hokage to reach him. It had been a simple night for Naruto, as he had decided to stay away from Konoha tonight having sensed their bloodthirsty aura aimed at him all day, and decided to be someplace where he didn't have to fear for his life. The Hokage normally came to protect him, telling him he was sorry for the attacks, but Naruto knew these attacks were in regards to something about himself, and when he asked about it the old man would lie saying he didn't know.

'I got to get away before they catch me,' thought Naruto, who by the stroke of luck did he have such a lead from these masked Shinobi, as they had tripped his cans tied with string alarm, and it gave him the lead he needed to get away before they could pursue.

"Come back here demon! We're going to finish what the Hokage started by killing you and sending you back to hell," said one of the masked Shinobi heading towards him and was seeable now with the form getting closer.

That was another thing that bothered Naruto, as people called him demon, monster, and other assorted names before they would try to hurt him. The Hokage kept interfering, but it still hurt Naruto that they attacked him regardless, and that they seemed to ignore the old man's authority when he was supposed to be the leader of the village.

'If I make it out of this alive, I am going to get answers even if I have to find them myself in order to get them, and then confront the old man about it,' thought Naruto, as he soon came across a large mansion of a house, and none too soon with the two masked Shinobi now less then 10 feet away.

"I got you now you demon! I don't know why the Hokage shows you such compassion in wanting you to be loved. Monsters like you deserve to be killed," said the one masked Shinobi, who had a masked painted like it was a cat, and his partner that of a boar.

"But I'm not a demon," said Naruto trying to comprehend why they were after him and why they kept calling him a demon.

"Shut up! When we get through with you, you'll be begging to die, and reenter hell with all your other demon brethren where you belong," said the Shinobi with the boar mask, as he charged forward with a sword in hand, and aimed it to cut into Naruto's side.

As for Naruto himself, he stumbled back a few steps in fear, as if they would help him in dodging the attack, and when he did found the ground gave in under him having stepped on a trap door that ironically save him from the attack. The two Shinobi looked at the hole and then at the house itself before realizing they had stumbled upon the Namikaze Estate that the Yondaime had so carefully concealed from the rest of the village.

"We have to go after him. If he somehow gets into the Estate, the demon will use the power inside of it, and try to destroy Konoha once more," said boar masked Shinobi, as he jumped into the hole, and was followed by the cat masked Shinobi seconds later.

(Inside the Lower Levels)

Naruto groaned, as he woke up from the darkness that came with his fall, and struggled to get off the ground only to find that he wasn't on the ground at all. He was actually lying in a comfortable, soft, and very large bed felt wonderful to be in right now. Deciding that maybe a few more minutes weren't going to hurt, Naruto fell back onto the softness of the pillow, and let sleep take him willingly this time.

The boy was so tired, that he didn't see the blurry figure that had appeared in the room before disappearing to deal with the others, and not in the same way like Naruto.

(Elsewhere in the Lower Levels)

"What is this place? It seems to...strange!" said the cat masked ANBU, who was looking around seeing the area around him was different, and like some ancient temple.

"I don't know. The Namikaze were more secretive then even the Uchiha and Hyuuga Clans. That's saying something right there," said the boar masked ANBU, who had seen many people try to have the Yondaime teach them his skills, but none of them seemed to have the spark the man did, and it was his power that helped win the fight against Kyuubi those 5 years ago.

"You have entered this place, I command you to leave, or face the consequences!" said the deep voice that almost sound inhuman.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" said the cat masked ANBU, as he readied his sword to use should he be attacked, and his partner did the same.

The two Shinobi got there answer in the form of a spiritual like form of a masked figure with gauntlet arms with metal claws covering the hands, wearing blood red armor with strange design patterns, and was wearing black robes behind him. The figures form was wavy like a ghost yet did not have the aura of one from what the two Shinobi had read up on sensing them.

"I am the guardian of this place. You have no right to be here. Leave now or die!" said the figure pointing at the two of them with a menacing clawed hand.

"Were here to find someone that fell down here before us," said the cat masked ANBU hoping it would appease the strange spirit.

"Ah yes, the little blonde haired boy. I had him taken to one of the rooms to rest. When I found him, he was quite a mess, and will need a good bath when he properly wakes up," said the spirit seeing the two tense at his words.

"He's not a boy. He's a demon named Kyuubi that attacked us 5 years ago. The creature was sealed inside of that boy's body making him mortal and we intend to send the demon back into hell where it belongs," said the boar masked ANBU pointing his own weapon at the spirit, who moved his head to the side for a second, and then put it back in what could be considered a thinking like pose.

"You are mistaken. The boy is no demon and therefore I cannot let you kill him," said the spirit seeing the two ANBU get angry with him, as the tightened their hand on each of their respected weapons, and got ready to fight the spirit if they had to.

"You won't stop us evil spirit. We are doing our village a service in removing the demon from Konoha once and for all. You have no power to stop us like you may want us to think you do," said the cat masked ANBU charging forward intending to pass through the spirit and chase down the demon while it was vulnerable.

"I'm an evil spirit now? Fool! I never said I was. System defense level 2. Turrets shoot to kill hostile intruders. Acknowledged!" said the spirit, which was in fact a hologram projection, and commanded the defensive means of this mysterious home.

"System acknowledged. Turrets activating," said a voice that had an almost feminine like voice to it before strange objects came out of the top corner sections of the walls that had begun firing several red "charka" bolts at the ANBU.

The two Shinobi tried to dodge them with their skills, but the blasts were too many, and accuracy was near pinpoint even when they moved to dodge. When the turrets stopped firing, all that was left of the ANBU was ash, and smoke from the ash that would be filtered out through the many vents in this underground complex.

Satisfied with the killing done, the projection of the mysterious warrior decided to wait a few hours before seeing the blonde haired boy, and tell the boy the important news he had for the child.

(A Few Hours Later)

Naruto woke up once more finding that he was feeling quite refreshed at the moment, which was usually not the case back on the streets of the village, or when he was in that Kami forsaken Orphanage. He got the old witch back though, as he set off a huge stink bomb in the place that was mixed with his own waste, and the garbage she would try to make him eat for dinner.

It was his own way of declaring himself free from that hellhole.

Exiting the room to look for the bathroom, Naruto walked along the many corridors that this place had, and felt that for the first time ever...he was home. Walking further down, Naruto entered a large empty room that broke off into many other hallways, and the boy got the distinct impression that this place was bigger then he thought.

"Hello young Master," said a voice that made Naruto spin around in surprise and he was just barely able to stop from pissing himself scared at sight of the metallic wonder before him.

"Who are you? What are you? how do I get to the bathroom?" said Naruto, as he looked at the being in front of him, and wondered if he was a threat.

"Oh, forgive me Master I haven't introduced myself have I? I am HK-47: Protocol droid, your humble servant at your service, and guide for today, my Master," said HK-47 before the rust colored droid with orange glowing eyes bowed to Naruto.

"Were you the one that put me in that room and on that comfortable bed?" said Naruto wondering if there were more droids like HK-47 around.

"Yes Master. I was ordered to by my first Master, who found you, and saw great potential in you from what I saw," said HK-47 seeing the boy's eyes shine with happiness in the fact someone was taking an interest in him.

"Really? That's great. Um...could you point me to the bathroom now, I don't think I can hold it much longer, and I'd rather not make a mess," said Naruto seeing the droids eyes glow slightly, as if to indicate its eyes were widening, and then dimmed back to normal.

"Of course Master. Forgive me, as I forgot all human organisms like yourself have to remove your waste from your body every so often, and that you can only hold it in for so long. This way Master," said HK-47, as he showed Naruto to the nearest bathroom, and let the boy take care of his much needed business before the child exited.

"You have no idea how much I needed that HK. Thanks a lot!" said Naruto wiping off he remaining water after washing his hands clean.

"Oh, thank you Master, but if you are finished with cleaning yourself, I must take you to a bathroom for you to take a bath in, and get you some knew clothes," said HK-47, as his odor sensors were telling him that Naruto had a bad odor around him, and it needed to be removed.

"Its not my fault! I don't have a home and I can't exactly go into someone else's home and say "can I use your shower so I don't reek?" since people hate me so much," said Naruto his eyes filled with sorrow and pain from his words.

"Well Master, in my opinion such meat bags don't deserve to have someone like you in their homes, and if anything should be taken to the middle of the village square to be shot in the head," said HK-47, as he saw Naruto's confused expression on his face, and the droid knew that the boy would understand later when he was older.

"Um...okay. Oh, you mentioned your master before me. When can I see him or her?" said Naruto, as he really wanted to thank the person, who saved him from those two masked guys after him, and possibly work the debt he owed off.

"After a bath and a fresh set of clothes Master. Follow me please," said HK-47, as he took Naruto to his room only to open a door in the said room that was the bathroom, and had a bathtub in it for Naruto to get clean in.

"Thanks again HK. Can you tell your Master I said thanks too?" said Naruto seeing the droid prepare the bath and towels for when the bath was done.

"Of course Master. Once your ready to take a bath, take off your clothes, and put them in here where they will be taken to be cleaned. Your knew clothes will be on your bed when you come out," said HK-47 before leaving for Naruto to take his bath in private.

(Hokage's Office)

The Sandaime Hokage sighed, as he looked at the piles of paperwork he had just finished, and looked out the window to see the partial view of the Monument Heads. His successor had wanted Naruto to be seen as a hero for the burden the boy carried inside of him, but the village only made the boy's burden heavier by doing the opposite, and they seemed to enjoy doing so making the matter worse.

The old formerly retired Hokage tried to protect Naruto, but found his efforts crushed by his former teammates, as they wished to end the boy's life, and Danzo wanted to turn Naruto into a weapon. The Civilian Council also called for the boy's head, but the Clan Heads had been the merciful ones to honor the Yondaime's wish, and even let the boy stay at one of their homes to be raised normally.

Except for the Uchiha Clan of course, as they hated the boy due to the Kyuubi, but the Uchiha Clan Head was fortunately silenced by Hyuuga Hiashi, and told the opposition to trust the Yondaime's sealing skills.

'I'm glad Naruto got out of that Orphanage using that powerful stink bomb he created using whatever he did to make it. The Inuzuka dogs won't go near the place or the area around it for a good 30 feet. I had to take the Overseer to Ibiki when she went on a rant about how she should have just let Naruto starve instead of feeding him poor food. The only problem now is finding Naruto, as he just lives on the streets now rather then trust to stay in a single place once due to the villagers hunting him like he was an animal, and from what I've noticed he never sleeps in the same place twice,' thought Sarutobi finding that Naruto had found some interesting places to stay warm during harsh or cold weather.

For years since Naruto's birth, the Clan Heads with the exception of the Uchiha Clan all wanted to take him in to raise as one of their own, but the vast majority of the Civilian Council had some form of authority over the boy's upbringing, and denied the motion countless times. That part of the Council consisted mostly of people, who were part of the merchant district, trade business, and other civilian based matters including what to do with orphans.

The arrogant fools acted tough in front of Naruto when the Kyuubi had them quaking in fear in their shelters while wondering if they were going to die.

"Hokage-sama, I just got word from red eyed weasel that both ANBU boar and cat were seen chasing Uzumaki Naruto through the woods," said an ANBU with a dog mask on his face and gravity defining hair.

"Put a team together with weasel and have him find Naruto at once. If word gets out he's missing the Councils will have fit and wish to put Naruto in a cell," said Sarutobi before heading out himself to find the boy knowing that he was the only one that Naruto would trust right now.

"Yes Hokage-sama," said the dog masked ANBU before heading to find weasel hoping that it wasn't too late.

(Namikaze Estate-Lower Levels-2 Hours Later)

Naruto had lost all sense of time in the bath finding it so refreshing that he didn't want to get out, but his instincts had told him now was the best time to do it, and his instincts had been known to be correct most of the time. Getting out of the bath, Naruto wrapped his waist with a towel, and saw a crimson robe his size hanging not far from him. Taking it, Naruto wore it before heading into his room, and to find new clothes for him to wear that were again his size.

"Hope this guy isn't some kind of weird stalker or something," said Naruto though he had a feeling that the one, who ran this place was not something like that, and was someone he could trust.

After getting dressed, Naruto looked himself in the mirror finding strange comfort in the material of the clothing that seemed to fit him perfectly, and they were more comfortable then anything he had ever felt before. Walking along the halls, Naruto felt his instincts telling him to go down certain paths, and how it would lead him to the answers he seeks not only on who the master of this place was...but also about himself too. He soon came to a room filled with green light filled lines that stretched from the walls, to the roof, and floor looked clean enough to eat off of. On the walls themselves were strange cubes and triangle like items with the far side of a room showing a large statue of a figure wearing robes with his or her face covered by the hood of said robes.

"You are last," said a voice making Naruto jump several feet in the air before he landed on his butt in pain making the voice chuckle in amusement.

Hey! That's not funny pal! You wouldn't find it funny if someone did that to you," said Naruto getting off the ground while rubbing his rump since the floor was harder then he thought.

"How true. My apologies then, but seeing you now does bring back a lot of memories of how I looked when I was your age. Though I must admit I looked more...well fed, then you are," said the voice before the figure appeared while looking Naruto up and down seeing the boy had less meat on the bones then he thought.

"Yeah well not many places let me eat there and the one that does doesn't over charge me or give me any rotten food," said Naruto bitterly at the fact that only one place let him eat what was the only he could eat without being possibly poisoned.

"Again my apologies, I didn't know, and if I had I would have done something about it," said the figure making Naruto look up at the blurry looking figure in surprise.

"How? I mean your not exactly...solid looking. No offense of course," said Naruto seeing the figure chuckle at that since it was true.

"True as well as observant of you, but I have HK-47 at my command, and he could have brought you to me if I ordered him too. Hence why you found yourself in a bed and not in some place you don't know after an attempt on your life," said the figure seeing the boy's posture stiffen at this and his eyes looking slightly worried that part of his life was discovered.

"I'd prefer we stay away from that subject of my life," said Naruto seeing the figure nod in understanding since it was a touchy subject.

"I understand, but I do stand by what I said about helping you, and I am here to do it successor," said the figure seeing Naruto look up at him shock.

"Successor? I don't understand," said Naruto seeing the figure tilt his masked head before putting it back to its normal straight position.

"Not surprising, as you are still young, but I can fix that, and help you become what you should have been from the start. You see Naruto...I am your ancestor. My name is Namikaze Revan, the Founder of the Namikaze Clan, and to be more precise in lineage I am you're Great Grandfather that helped become one of the key founders of Konoha with the Shodaime," said Reven seeing Naruto's eyes widen at this before doing the only thing he could do with this information.

He fainted.

"Oh my, it seems the young Master has fainted from your presence master," said HK-47 having made his appearance in the room.

"Yes he has HK, though given the information he just received, it is to be expected, and I would have done the same thing in his position. Was there a reason for you coming here?" said Revan during his attention to the rust colored droid that was his loyal servant.

"Yes Master. It has come to my attention that the Hokage has tripped the sensor detectors in the forest area along with a team of what seem to be high level Shinobi. I wanted your advice on how to deal with them given our current situation with what happened earlier," said HK-47 since none of his actions could be done without Reven's approval.

"Activate the Shield Generator. Thickness level set to 75 percent. Just enough to keep other beings out without killing them, but hurting them for trying, and numbing their bodies in the process," said Revan seeing HK-47 let out a droid version of a chuckle at such actions.

"Oh I see, using such cruelty to only those that try. Oh Master, its actions like these that make my behavioral core glow," said HK-47 before heading off to comply with Reven's orders.

"And now while HK is busy with keeping the Hokage out of my home, I now play the waiting game with my successor, and my first true apprentice in a very long time," said Revan, as the light filled cubes, and the dark filled triangles on the wall glowed with what almost appeared to be excitement.

(Outside the Namikaze Estate)

The old Hokage couldn't believe it; the house he had been welcomed to by his late Fire Shadow of a successor on very few occasions, had somehow raised some kind of chakra barrier, and knocking his tracking team back while disabling them in the process. His two ANBU loyal to him that had the Sharingan Eyes used them to see if there was a way to breach the barrier, only to find there was none, and any attempt to physically enter would result in being temporarily disabled.

"How do we remove this barrier? I've never seen anything like this before," said the dog masked ANBU, who found his Sharingan Eye useless against it, and wanted to know if Naruto was actually inside of it.

"I don't know, but I do know that the Councils won't stand for this, and will want Naruto brought under there control. They have been slowly draining all my power for years now ever since the Yondaime died and even the Clan Heads are feeling it now that soon they may have to dance to their tune," said the Hokage seeing Hatake Kakashi sigh, as he had learned of Naruto being his sensei's son, but the constant about of missions he had to take on prevented him from taking the boy in, and Councils had been quite upset with the idea of the "demon boy" learning from the student of the Yondaime in the first place.

"There is someone or some thing coming this way," said Uchiha Itachi behind his weasel mask making the other two look in his general direction.

"What the hell?" said the Hokage seeing the sight before him to be some sort of puppet painted in a rusty based color?

"Greeting meat bags. Please, allow me to introduce myself to you, and your old meat bag you call a Hokage. I am HK-47, loyal protocol droid, and servant to my Master. The very same Master, who has taken it upon himself to adopt one Uzumaki Naruto into his family, and give him the nurturing environment needed where he will be safe from the many arrogant meat bags of your village until such time he is strong enough to kill all who stand against him," said HK-47 seeing the group of Shinobi gasp at this since those that knew this was the Namikaze Estate knew that they were royally screwed if Naruto learned the truth of his heritage.

"I want to speak with Naruto and your Master," said the Hokage hoping he could earn the trust of this "droid" to be let in to disable the machine and get the boy out of the Estate.

"Master does not wish for you to enter old meat bag. He has become most displeased in your ways of treating the younger Master and will not let you pass. Trying to would only result in you feeling incredible pain from this shield before you, but if you wish to feel agonizing pain in trying, I won't stop you, and in fact encourage you to try knowing that when you fail I will see your old body suffer on such an incredible level. It's making my behavior core glow inside right now just thinking about it," said HK-47 making some of the Shinobi sweat drop and wondered if Anko wasn't in the house controlling this thing.

"When will I be able to see Naruto again? He's like a Grandson to me," said Sarutobi, as he wanted Naruto back under his care, and hopefully keep this incident quiet before the Councils got wind of it.

"When the time is right old meat bag. In the meantime, you will have to be patient, and wait to see what becomes of the young Master when he reveals himself to you again," said HK-47 before leaving the baffled and heartbroken Hokage to deal with this situation his own way.

"Hokage-sama, what should we do?" said Itachi wondering what they could do and if they was anything they could do.

"Nothing. We can do nothing at the moment, except pray that when Naruto returns to us, he won't hate us for what I fear he may learn about himself, and forgive us for not telling him the truth we kept from him," said Sarutobi, as he prayed that his failure in regards to taking better care of Naruto was still redeemable, and that the boy could find it deep in his heart to forgive him if only a little.

(Namikaze Estate-Lower Levels)

Naruto woke up from his fainting spell finding himself in the room he met his supposed Great Grandfather named Namikaze Ravan, who helped create Konoha, and helped make it one of the strongest villages to date. Looking up, Naruto saw his ancestor's form now looking down at him with a stance saying he was amused at how the boy took the news of being taken in by his great ancestor.

"Can I ask a question?" said Naruto wanting to ask something that was bugging him now since he was replaying Revan's words in his head.

"Of course. Asking questions is what the young must do to learn," said Revan seeing Naruto crossing his legs while still sitting down.

" is it you're even alive?! I mean...are you some kind of ghost or spirit?" said Naruto seeing the figure of Revan laughing at the question, though it wasn't a laugh that was aimed at hurting Naruto because of the question, but rather the boy's question itself.

"No. You see Naruto, I'm not exactly from your world when I was among the living, and that when I came here I intended for this place to be my home. I had no intention of even founding a ninja village much less help one get founded," said Revan seeing Naruto scratch his head in confusion at this, but the boy seemed to understand to some degree, and just accepted it the answer at the moment.

"So you're not a spirit or ghost. Then what exactly are you?" said Naruto wishing that Revan would just tell him so he could understand.

He was young. How hard could it be?

"I am a memory. You see these different cubes and triangle based objects before you?" said Revan motioning his hand to look around the room.

"Yeah I do, but they glow with a strange light in each of them, and not all of them look pleasant," said Naruto sensing the dark triangle based ones seemed to be evil in some way.

"Very good. You see Naruto, what you see before you are the pieces of myself along with my memories that represent your ancestor many years ago that stands before you in this holographic projection," said Revan seeing the boy again stare at him confused at what that meant.

"So they are like jigsaw pieces that when put together make up you when you were still alive?" said Naruto, as he remembered playing with the jigsaw puzzle that the old man showed him, and when put together made a picture of ramen appear.

"Correct again. Each of these holocrons, as they are called, holds a different piece of knowledge my real self left behind before he died, and to be used by his family to be powerful enough to become the strongest of our family. Sadly, as from what I have learned from 5 years of slumber, the last of the Namikaze line has all, but diminished with the exception of you Naruto, and through you I see a chance for the family line to continue to survive," said Revan seeing the boy nod and how Naruto's face was now filled with anger.

"When I asked Gramps about my parents, he would just tell me they are dead, and try to change the subject. He did the same for when I asked why people hate me so much and why people try to hurt me. Do you know why they hate me?" said Naruto looking up at Revan, who seemed to be hesitant about answering, but decided that he couldn't make the same mistake as the Hokage did.

"I do Naruto. It is something that will be difficult for you to hear since the man, who is slightly responsible is also a member of your family, though it was never meant to be done intentionally, and in the end had to be done," said Revan seeing Naruto now had an eager look on his face.

"Tell me Revan-sama. Please!" said Naruto bowing before his ancestor wishing to learn what so many have deprived him of over the years.

"First off Naruto, don't call me that until were training, and if not that then simply just call me Master since you will be my apprentice since your Father. Speaking of your Father, I have to regretfully tell you that he was the one responsible for making the village hating you when he wanted them to see you as hero," said Revan seeing Naruto look at him with wide blue eyes that absorbed this information fully.

"A hero? Why would he ask them to do that when they do the opposite?" said Naruto wondering what possessed his Father to do whatever it is he did.

"I assume that you know story 5 years ago pertaining to the attack by one Nine Tailed Demon Lord Fox known simply as Kyuubi?" said Revan seeing the boy nod while his mind thought back to what he remembered.

"Yeah! How the demon was killed by the Yondaime, right?" said Naruto having heard the story from the old man, who told him it, and how the demon was defeated on his birthday of all days.

"He didn't kill the demon, Naruto. The creature lives inside of you. The Yondaime Hokage sealed the Kyuubi inside you," said Revan seeing Naruto's eyes widen in full blown shock at this news and tears began to form in the boy's blue eyes.

"What? Me? Why? Why me?" said Naruto his mind filled with so many thoughts, his heart now filled with betrayal, and with it both were filled by hate.

"He couldn't entrust this task to no other Naruto. He gave this burden to you because it was a burden only a Father could entrust to his son," said Revan seeing Naruto once look at him in shock at the fact that his own Father had done this to him and then expect all of the ungrateful villagers in Konoha to simply embrace that wish.

"My Father's name...tell me it," said Naruto his voice filled with sorrow, pain, anger, and lots of frustration.

"Namikaze Minato: Yondaime Hokage of Konoha," said Revan seeing the boy's chakra manifesting itself around him while his eyes flashed red with slit like pupils before they turned back to normal.

"Damn him! DAMN HIM! DAMN YOU FATHER!" yelled out Naruto his voice letting out an inhuman howl of agony that echoed throughout the lower levels of the Namikaze Estate.

"What do you want to do now my apprentice? Now that you know the truth, what will you do? I have no intention of not training you in my arts or that of your Father's, but I have a right to know what you will do, and how you intend to do it," said Revan, as he felt the chakra, and the Force itself echo the boy's pain making all who felt that power tremble in fear of it.

"The villagers that know the truth about Kyuubi see me as a demon. I can't change their arrogant views of me, but I can reach the minds of young generation. The one's that are not poisoned by their parents, the ones who do not have hate in their hearts, and turn the younger generation against old. I will make the old generation be betrayed by their own children, just as I was betrayed, and make those fools kneel, and cast all that they are in their beliefs at my feet. I will take all they hold dear and destroy all that means everything to them until their hands are finally in blood," said Naruto his eyes now staying crimson and his teeth now were sharper with a more feral look to it.

"Spoken like a true descendant of Revan. Now, while you're not learning about what your ancestor could do, you will learn what your Father could do, and that will involve seeing the upstairs of the Estate to learn how to be a Shinobi. How soon do you wish to begin?" said Revan seeing the shaking still with rage and sorrow form the knowledge of what he had just learned.

"As soon as possible," said Naruto his voice sounding tired and like he just screamed for a full hour.

"Very well. We will begin sometime tomorrow in this room. First, you need to get some form of food in your stomach, and then get some more rest. Your mind is tired and cannot work as it is now. You need time to process all you have learned tonight. This home is protected by advanced technology never before seen outside of this place and has the power to protect you from any who would try to take you from here," said Revan seeing the boy nod before getting off the ground and leaving the room.

"I'll be in my room resting then Master. Just have HK bring something in for me to eat," said Naruto before leaving the room to head back to his.

"One so young yet filled with conflict. Was my real self so much like that?" said Revan wondering if that was the case or not.

"Master, there are no more Shinobi in the area, and the shield is still active. Do you wish to keep the shield on?" said HK-47 entering the room seeing the form of Reven still in the room.

"Yes. The Shield Generator is geothermal based HK so there is no need to worry about losing the energy to power the shields. Also, make something healthy for Naruto, as he's a little short for his age, and quite skinny too. Something I can blame without a doubt on the villagers here in Konoha," said Revan letting out a sigh though how a holocron image could do that when just an image neither of the two knew.

"If you wish Master, I could go could go on a killing spree just before detonating myself, and causing an unspeakable amount of death to all those meat bags in the village," said HK-47, as he was meant to serve as both a protocol, and more secretly as an assassin droid.

"No HK that won't be necessary. Also, I need you to get two items for me to have ready to give to Naruto when he's ready to receive them, and take up a new Sith title like I did," said Revan since he could never part with it or the Sith title in a sense since it was a part of him and so would it be with Naruto.

"Oh yes Master, I understand what you mean. I will prepare the young Master's meal and then get the items you want me to get," said HK-47 before turning to complete his given task.

(Hokage Tower-Meeting Room)

It had been a late night meeting for everyone in the room and the Councils didn't like it one bit despite that it was a law that the Hokage had the power to summon them along with the Clan Heads on matters of great importance. This was of course one of those times, especially when it concerns Naruto, who had been topic of many discussions, and the old Hokage believed there would be many more in the near future.

The fact they all sensed the powerful spike of chakra was also a factor too.

"This is inexcusable Hokage-sama!" said a fat member of the Civilian Council, who like most of his fellow Council members were mostly overweight, and had a gut that could rival and Akimichi if they tried.

"I agree. The boy should have been given to me to use as our prized weapon," said Danzo now getting nods from Homura and Koharu that made Sarutobi frown at them.

"Perhaps he should have been shown kindness and love like the Yondaime wished. Or is going against the dying wishes of a Hokage not low enough for you," said Hiashi seeing the various members of Civilian and Shinobi Council scowling at him with the Hyuuga returning it.

"Tend to your own family Hiashi and stay out of matters that don't concern you," said the Haruno Hidoshi, a Civilian Council member, who was a successful merchant of middle class, but with a high class voice that made sure everyone heard his name, and that they paid attention to him whether they wanted to or not.

"I am Haruno and I suggest you do the same with your family. Right now we have an even bigger problem to deal with, as Uzumaki Naruto has stumbled upon his family's home that you wanted to deprive him of since he was born, and now that he's discovered it he will no doubt learn the truth about the Kyuubi in him. Whoever this person is that dwells within the Namikaze Estate is clearly a lost member of the clan or else they would not have had access to the Estate itself. Minato made sure traps, seals, and various other defenses were in place to keep power hungry Shinobi away from the house. I seem to remember a few Uchiha had been caught in said traps when they tried to break into the Namikaze Estate," said Hiashi seeing the Uchiha Clan Head Fugaku glare at Hiashi with sheer venom behind it.

"That power should be given to the Uchiha Clan for safe keeping. We have mastered everything else so why not complete it with knowing how to use seals?" said Fugaku, who thought that such power should be in the grasp of the Uchiha Clan, and not in an old compound collecting dust.

"Because we all know that such power doesn't belong to you period. If you want to take up sealing learn how to do it like the rest of the potential seal making apprentices out there. Don't expect your Sharingan to do everything for you," said Hiashi seeing Fugaku activate his Sharingan and aimed it at the Hyuuga Head, who resisted its gaze with his Byakugan, and showed no fear towards the red eyes.

"Enough! It's clear that the two Councils and Clan Head made a mistake in letting this issue go concerning Naruto. We should have never let the news of Kyuubi being sealed be released to the public, we should have had the clans like Hyuuga, Aburame, Inuzuka, and Nara to take the boy in to raise as their own. Now we must deal with the sins that we have created through this boy and must wait to see what Naruto does when he reappears before us to decide our fate," said Sarutobi seeing the Councils look shocked by the old Hokage's words.

"Like hell I am in going to let a demon judge me! I refuse to let some abomination decide whether or not I should live simply for a few bad years living like the animal it was meant to be," said another Councilman from the Civilian Council, who was not fat, but really old, and had lost his home to the Kyuubi through the swinging of one of its tails.

"You can't enter the Namikaze Estate. It's currently surrounded by some kind dome of energy that we can't penetrate it with Jutsus, weapons, or even our own bodies," said the Hokage looking depressed about the situation.

"What do we tell the public?" said Homura, as people will suspect something when the boy was no longer around, and would want a reason for it.

"We tell them nothing for now since they don't need to know. It could add more fuel to the fire with riots or if we alter the information in the slightest could make the people celebrate in thinking Naruto is dead. If anyone does ask and we have to give an answer it should be one that doesn't cause panic or celebration," said Shibi, as he had seen Naruto on his good days, and how the boy seemed to cherish life that was nature around him.

It was one of the reasons that he wanted to take Naruto into his home, which was very rare for the Aburame Clan since on 2 people were ever adopted into the clan, and that was during the early years of Konoha's founding.

"I say we prepare for the demon's return and kill him the instant he leaves the sanctuary of his home," said Fugaku, who got several glares from the other Clan Heads, and from Sarutobi himself.

"As Shibi-san said, it could be months or even years before that energy field disappears so all we can do is wait. You troublesome Uchiha's are always thinking they are better then everyone else," said Nara Shikaku, who was despite the late night was awake due to the fact that this situation required his brain to function more, and actually be heavily awake for this.

"It's decided then. We wait for Naruto to come out of his family's Estate and see how we should react. However, we must not provoke him, or we may ignite an explosive situation that we cannot contain," said the Hokage getting a nod from the Clan Heads, a reluctant one from Uchiha Fugaku along with the Civilian, and the Shinobi Council members.

(Namikaze Estate-Lower Levels)

Naruto had awakened from a deep sleep to find himself in the comfortable bed once more before going through his morning rituals of cleaning, eating (food brought to him by HK-47), and the stretches that he had seen some Shinobi due before practicing. Once finished that, Naruto dressed himself in a cleaner version of yesterday's clothing, and headed to the training room from yesterday that was filled with all of the "holocrons" that projected a version of his late ancestor.

Upon entering the large room, the holocrons on both sides came to life, and projected the warrior that was Namikaze Revan. The figure looked down at his student, his apprentice, and his Great Grandson that was Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto kneeling before him in order to receive instructions for training.

"I see you are fully rested now my apprentice. That in itself is a good thing since we will be focusing on your mind in the beginning of your training before we focus on learning anything else," said Revan seeing Naruto nod though he hoped it wasn't too challenging since his mind never could stay focused for long.

"What will I be learning that concerns my mind, my Master?" said Naruto having clearly remembered what Revan said about calling him Master of Revan-sama if need be.

"First, go into mediation position, and clear your mind of all things. We learn how to use the Force before you can use chakra," said Revan making Naruto look up at the projection while sitting in the meditative position.

"The Force? What is the Force Master Revan?" said Naruto not having heard this term before and wondered if it was another bases for chakra.

"The Force is an energy that comes from nature Naruto. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds us to all living things. It's very rare for anyone here in this world to have any connection to the Force due the people using chakra Naruto. Most people pass it off as psychic abilities they think are blessed by Kami, but it's actually the Force that gives them their powers, and makes them different from others. You Naruto, have the power to use both given your lineage, and the Kyuubi living inside of you unwillingly helping to further increase your chakra reserves," said Reven seeing Naruto nod in understanding finding that Revan was a very straightforward teacher that didn't bore you to sleep with lectures.

Elsewhere, one Umino Iruka let out a powerful sneeze that made him his beds headboard, and woke him up to a painful headache.

"What do I do about the Kyuubi, my Master?" said Naruto knowing that such a demon that was currently sealed inside of him could not be ignored and needed to be handled in a delicate manner.

"Nothing for now my apprentice. You will have to do lots of chakra control exercises to help with the amount you have and will have in the distant future. To help with this process, I want you to learn the Shadow Clone Jutsu your Father has, which is located in the main library under the Jounin Class level scrolls, and learn it immediately," said Revan seeing the boy nod, but was also puzzled by the order, and Naruto felt the need to ask the question behind it.

"Why Master?" said Naruto since the explanation behind the reasoning would help him understand the method for it.

"Shadow Clones are solid copies of the original Naruto. They use lots of chakra to make a few and even more to make a small army. You will learn this technique to help hone your skills as a Shinobi, while the real you will stay here to train under me, and in the process help you grow at an astounding rate that no one has ever seen before," said Revan, as he found that Naruto was a proficient student in wanting to ask questions, and to grow in doing so since that is how a student grows.

By asking questions and understanding the answers behind it.

"I understand Master Revan. I will do this at once after today's training with you in the ways of the Force," said Naruto, as his voice was filled with such seriousness when he spoke, it was almost chilling to the projection of Revan, and the persona created from the mixture of the many holocrons found this to be very interesting.

"Good. As of now when we train that will be your title. I will call you that and no other name until I see fit too. When I have deemed you strong enough I will give you a title that reflects you through the Force, as many Masters have done with their apprentices during my time, and it will be the name you will be known by during your time out from these walls to many with your real name known to a few," said Revan seeing the boy nod while still kneeling on the smooth floor.

"I await your instructions my Master," said Naruto, as he was going to thrive in his Force training, and make his family proud while making his enemies kneel in defeat...before he killed them.

"Very well my apprentice. We will begin by reaching out to the Force itself. Go into meditative position and remove all thoughts from your mind. Think of nothing as you do this while expanding your senses outward. Do not fight it. Embrace it. Hear its call and focus on the whispers that echo throughout the Force waiting to be heard by you," said Revan seeing Naruto focus his mind and began to hear the Force whispering to him.

'I can hear it. I hear the voices of so many people. From Konoha and those without. This is...incredible! Amazing!' thought Naruto finding his mind hearing the voices of people in Konoha and beyond its walls.

"I can't wait for that demon brat to make his appearance tomorrow. I'm going to stab his guts out with this butcher knife," said a voice in Konoha citizen making Naruto angry at the smug looking man wishing that someone would cut that man's guts out instead.

"I wonder why Mom had to go another Council meeting so late? Was it because of the blonde haired boy that some of the adults are telling kids to stay away from? He doesn't look dangerous. Why do they call him a demon?" said a female voice coming from the Inuzuka Clan home while the dog beside her began moving about as if sensing something was near its master making Naruto slightly worried that the dog could somehow detect him.

"M-Mother is g-getting more sick with e-each p-passing d-day and s-she's carrying m-my future brother o-or sister in her belly," said a quiet whispery voice of a sad girl from the Hyuuga Clan making Naruto sad since the girl was so scared for the one she loved.

"Why do people run away from me? Why can't I sleep at night? Why do I see a scary monster when I do?" said a boy far away from Konoha, who seemed tormented in almost the same way, and it made Naruto frown when he sensed a dark entity inside of the boy that screamed for blood of those around the child.

'He's like me,' thought Naruto seeing the twisted spirit tied to the other boy.

"More then you know kit," said another strange voice that was not his Revan's that made Naruto break his connection in shock and jump to his feet while looking around.

"What's wrong Naruto?" said Reven seeing the boy looking frightened like a mouse in a house filled with cats.

"I think just heard... the Kyuubi," said Naruto seeing Revan shift his projected form for a second, as if contemplating something, but then went back to normal, and like nothing had happened.

"That is to be expected since the demon is connected to you so it may be able to feel what you can when it comes to the Force. Fortunately, from what I understand of the seal on you, the demon can't try to turn it against you, and the seal used is a medium to create balance in you. It will be tricky and even dangerous, but I am confident that you will be able to trust your instincts enough to know when to back off when things get too dangerous, and let me guide you during your training," said Revan, who saw Naruto nod again before bowing, and began to resume his mediations once more.

"What should I do if I encounter Kyuubi again Master?" said Naruto, as he let his very being covered by the power of the Force, and find himself back where he was originally.

"Show no fear, be mindful of facing the beast, and do not bend its demands no matter how tempting the offer is," said Revan watching his student carefully while going into mediation.

"What if the offer is true?" said Naruto throwing out a hypothetical question out to the projection of his Master.

"Relay the offer to me and I will decide if it has value," said Revan, as any offer by the Demon Lord could be a trick, and the best way to deal with it was to speak to him.

"Yes my Master," said Naruto diving deep into the Force again only to find himself in a dark place filled with ankle high water.

It was a good thing Naruto was wearing combat boots or else it would feel weird.

"So you've come last," said the deep voice from behind Naruto, who now had wide, and turned around slowly to come face to face with the demon that had been sealed inside of him.

"Kyuubi," said Naruto his voice mixed with fear, anger, and something that might have been excitement.

It was hard to tell when you stare at a huge nine tailed fox that is looking back with fiery eyes.

"You came here while doing your mediation with the Force. I must admit I had a little help in doing that, as I wished to speak with you, and perhaps have a little conversation with you," said the Kyuubi looking down at Naruto with burning red eyes.

"About what if I may ask?" said Naruto keeping his distance from the cage knowing that the bars on the cage that held the beast could still provide a way to hurt him via the large claws the fox possessed.

"About us working together Son of the Yondaime," said Kyuubi grinning cruelly at its vessel while Naruto scowled at the Demon Lord.

"Don't call me that or I'll rip every single tail you have off one by one," said Naruto his eyes a steel cold blue when staring at the fox.

"Hit a touchy subject did I? How do you think I feel? Tell me kit, what do you know of the Sharingan?" said the Kyuubi seeing the boy frown at the question.

"Nothing. What is it?" said Naruto seeing Kyuubi's playful smile leave its face before it became serious looking.

"The Sharingan is a bloodline that is only found within the Uchiha Clan. A clan that I helped create after a Hyuuga Branch member begged me to free him from Cage Bird Seal like a whimpering puppy. This same Uchiha named Madara summoned me to attack Konoha against my will. Now you may find this surprising kit, but I am not the savage demon your village makes me out to be, and I find it insulting that they think of me as you," said Kyuubi seeing Naruto's eyes widen at this information since it would mean that Kyuubi had gotten framed with him for something someone else did.

"Okay. Say I believe you. Say that you got the raw end of a deal you had no say in like me. What's in it for me in having this conversation with you at all?" said Naruto, as his instincts were telling him that the Kyuubi was telling the truth, and that perhaps the fox was all bad like everyone made it seem.

"I want to make a deal with you while I still can," said Kyuubi seeing the boy frown at its suggestion and wondered what the fox meant.

"What do you mean? What kind of deal?" said Naruto, as he took a careful step forward, and waited for the impending strike from the fox with its claws going through the bars at his head.

It never came.

"When you reach a certain age, I will be permanently sealed within you without means to escape this prison, and before you ask why I haven't done this before...I will tell you. You see, in order for me to free from my prison, I need to be helped from the other side by you Naruto, and only through you can I gain by freedom. Now before you turn this deal down to free me, I want you to hear what the perks are of what will happen when I set my plan in motion, and what it means for the both of us," said Kyuubi seeing Naruto nod his head since it was only fair to hear out the deal rather then ignore it.

"Go on," said Naruto waiting for the Demon Lord to explain the plan and the deal.

"If you were to agree in freeing me from my prison, I can make you a half-demon with half of my tails going to you, and I keep the other half. Now while I will be free to the outside world, I will still be tied to you, and will still give you the other half of my tailed power. I will gain it back eventually of course, but only after the tails I have go back to you, and you get it all. I will be the equivalent of a servant to you until such time that I am truly free from the seal when all my tails are given to you. The end result will make you a Demon Lord like me, but not until you are at least 18 years of age when you're the physical body has fully matured, and reaches its prime performance level," said Kyuubi seeing the boy take all this information in and seemed to be thinking about it.

"How long until the deadline for this deal ends?" said Naruto, as he wished to talk to Reven about it and see if he should proceed.

"3 years from now when the moon turns blood red," said Kyuubi seeing the boy nod before turning to leave this place in his mind that allowed him to speak to fox.

"Before I accept your deal, I wish to talk this over with Master Revan, and if he feels that you are in fact pure in your intentions then we will proceed with this plan. However, if your words regarding this plan are filled with poison, I will not speak to you again, and wait for that day when you are finally no more," said Naruto before leaving fully and exiting his mind.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, I can wait a little longer, and my intentions are pure despite the cautionary steps you wish to place between us. When time comes, I will be free, and when I do the fun can begin for the end for the old generation of Konoha just like you envisioned," said Kyuubi before transforming into its human form that was the age of a late 16 maybe early 17 year old, who was now naked, of the female gender with flowing crimson hair, and tails that moved to cover her private areas.

Oh yes, Kyuubi could wait, and when the waiting was done she would see to it hat all that had been foreseen in the distant future came to pass.

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