Chapter 14-Peace and Justice At Last

Three long years went by after Tsunade returned to Konoha, working in the hospital to heal the injured, and making sure the doctors painfully remembered their Hippocratic Oath. Jiraiya had given over his spy network to Naruto though the Namikaze told the Sannin it was outdated, which the man didn't like hearing, but after the demonic Force User told him the names of his spies, their locations, occupations...well it wasn't hard to dispute. So Naruto took the spy network, assimilated into his own, made improvements, and so forth to ensure such a resource was carefully preserved. At the same time, the last three years had been unpleasant regarding Iwa, Kumo, and the Akatsuki breathing down the former Jinchuriki's neck for different reasons.

One was being the son of Namikaze Minato on Iwa's front, then Kumo wanted him due to his Mother being special since an Uzumaki was a rarity, not to mention taking Yugito away from the Raikage, and finally the Akatsuki wanted him for Asta. Not that Naruto would let either of the three sides get what they wanted for whatever reasons their hearts desired. If anything, Naruto was fully intent on going to war with each of them, making them suffer such incredible losses that they would never wish to fight him. But the Third Hokage wouldn't allow it up until now, which didn't sit well with Naruto at all, and for the three years since Tsunade's return to Konoha...the Namikaze had stayed his hand.

Until finally, after Iwa sent two ANBU suicide assassination teams right to the Namikaze Estates, which had been destroyed immediately the long lined descendant of Revan could no longer hold back, and began to make plans for them all. The Sandaime pleaded with him to stay his hand a little longer, but Naruto would not be deterred, and didn't help the majority of Konoha didn't care about what happened to his slowly growing family either. After word got out of Uchiha Sasuke dying at Naruto's hands, the people called for his blood, only to meet their end by his hands, or imprisoned for their rioting. Tsunade and Jiraiya told Naruto not to do anything hasty though their words were ignored.

If you truly cared about me, my family, or this village in general you would not be trying to prevent the inevitable. You would be helping, planning, and even training for the war that is to come!

Those had been Naruto's words to his Godparents, as he had secretly spent the last three years since Tsunade's return preparing for the war, and all the parties involved. Naruto had known the Sandaime wouldn't allow him to go fight them all right away, but that did not mean the Namikaze couldn't get things rolling for them since the actions of Iwa, and then later with Kumo soon after would not stop. The Akatsuki were after him for Asta and the other Jinchuriki throughout the Elemental Countries for whatever plans they had for the Biju.

So with that in mind, Naruto set his spy network into finding out everything about these three sides, from the total number of Shinobi forces in Iwa to the location of each of the other Jinchuriki in Kumo, and who was who in the Akatsuki. Naruto even sent out HK-47 to assassinate the Akatsuki's own spies while putting Zabuza and the Demon Brothers in touch with the Rebels in Water Country opposing the cruel bloodthirsty rule of Yagura in Mist. Terumi Mei, the leader of the Rebels was grateful for the help, and was instantly smitten with the Demon of the Mist. With Naruto backing them with finances from his own clan accounts, Yagura's rule ended ahead of schedule, and Mist was slowly growing again with an alliance with Konoha being among the first things the new Mizukage did under her rule. That's right! Terumi Mei was the new Mizukage, which she fought, and won when fighting Zabuza for the title.

Poor man never stood a chance.

As for Naruto, he married each of the women in his life from Asta to Anko, and Hinata to Sabaku no Temari herself. Yugito was able to free Nibi from her body with the help of Naruto's natural skill in understanding seals, and the two-tailed Biju instantly pounced on the man moments later. They must have rutted for hours with Yugito getting dragged into it when she regained some measure of equilibrium from having Nibi taken out.

Not that she regretted it. Far from it.

As for the other Jinchuriki, Naruto had his spies locate each one down to their known places of hanging out when not directly in the village, and visited each one in secret. Han and Roshi both wanted to be free from Iwa's cruel control due to the village's harsh way of treating them. Sadly, Iwa always had ANBU check on them every few days, and the Namikaze's arrival was during one of those days.

When a search party from Iwa arrived to find out what happened to the ANBU...all they saw were bloody chunks on the ground with Roshi and Han gone. Of course, Iwa later learned Naruto had taken their Jinchuriki away, and were extremely pissed by this act of war. Hence why they sent the ANBU assassination teams to Konoha in a driven effort to exterminate the Namikaze and remind Konoha that Iwa was not to underestimated.

As for Naruto himself, he was busy changing things all together, as he was freeing the Biju from their human prisons, which surprised the Biju themselves, and expected the young Shinobi demand something of them in return. Naruto surprised them by saying he was doing this to bring about peace, to change things in the Elemental Countries, and offer the two Biju a chance to head back to the demonic realm using his knowledge of the Force with Asta's help in using her own demonic chakra to make the necessary portal.

Both Biju formerly sealed into Iwa Shinobi took the offer and thanked the Namikaze for his honorable action while having their utmost respect for him. He had a chance to grasp power unimagined and yet let the two Biju go without hesitation since he did not see them as weapons to be used for his own personal gain.

When word got out at what Naruto did, Iwa, the Akatsuki, and quite a few people in Konoha that believed in the ways of the Councils were less then pleased. Kumo was scared stiff by this point on account, as the Raikage didn't want to lose the Biju in his little brother, and had decided to back off in their pursuit of the Namikaze in the event he tried to do that.

However, Iwa would not be denied the justice that the Tsuchikage felt they were owed for their current losses, and they set out to make the Namikaze pay. Each time, Naruto had ensured they failed, the bodies of their Shinobi were sent back in pieces, the mark of the Namikaze Clan on the bodies, and yet the old Kage running Iwa was too stubborn to give into the Namikaze. As the third year of this came to an end, Naruto had finally had enough of their actions, and decided to end them...permanently!

Hence why Naruto was heading directly to Iwa. Walking their in full battle armor, helmet on his head, weapons, and feeling one hundred percent ready to cripple the village to the point where they could no longer be considered one of the five major Shinobi villages anymore. The Tsuchikage had sent a message to him a week ago, demanding the return of his lost Biju, and the Jinchuriki hosts to face proper punishment along with the man himself for performing the means to set the tailed beasts free. They even had the nerve to demand the women in Naruto's life as further compensation and to deny them would risk all out war with Iwa.

Naruto couldn't have that. With the Akatsuki moving to get the remaining Jinchuriki from Kumo, Taki, and the three tails when it reforms was going to stretch things thin. It was why Naruto secretly fed info to Kumo in the first place that the organization was coming after Killer Bee that the Raikage wasn't getting involved with this affair. But, as the same time, Naruto damn well sure wasn't going to let Iwa have those he loved, and vowed to bring Iwa to her knees.

Hence why Naruto was currently standing in front of Iwa's gates with Lightsabers at the ready.

"HK, are you in position?" said Naruto into his helmet's communication system.

"Yes Master. I have reached my destination where I have calculated your position is best guarded and ready to fire from my own at any moment. Just give the command and I will kill all the meat bags in my line of sight. I can almost feel the electricity running through my circuits in preparation for the upcoming bloodbath," said HK-47 with his sniper laser rifle in hand from his position on a rock formation that he had calculated was the best place to shoot from without being discovered.

"Excellent. Your targets are mid to high ranked Shinobi. The Tsuchikage is mine to deal with alone!" said Naruto before using the Force to rip open the gate doors and quickly kill the guards with his Lightsabers now active.

"Oh Master, the gift of killing so many potential meat bags on your order has made my memory core glow, and I will carry out the order with deadly accuracy," said HK-47, as days like this were rare in killing so many, and the droid intended to savor this attack for years to come.

Naruto merely smirked at HK's comment, as he entered Iwa, its Shinobi deploying from all over to engage him, and the droid from his perched position far outside of Iwa began firing shot after deadly shot Iwa Shinobi that got in his crosshairs. The action baffled the Iwa Shinobi long enough for Naruto to slice through his enemies that got close enough within sword striking distance of his Lightsabers. It was a complex dance of death, which the Namikaze was a well known dancer to its beat, as screams of pain, agony, and finally death sung in the air. Some tried to fight back long range, but Naruto used the Force to turn their weapons back on the Iwa Shinobi, or redirect the Jutsus at their comrades.

It was a slaughter. Plain and simple.

"Tsuchikage! Come on out! Prove you are worthy of your station and fight me!" said Naruto before slicing an Iwa Shinobi's arm off, which was followed by his head, and kicking the body in chest to make it fly into some other Shinobi trying to move in for close combat.

"I'm here you Namikaze brat!" said the Tsuchikage while Naruto focused on the old man standing across from him.

"My name is Darth Shi. A name you will say before your death,"said Naruto before he engaged the old man in combat.

"Ha! You know how many Shinobi have proclaimed that? Your own Father tried to kill me in the last war. I barely made it out alive, but even he failed, and I don't see his son succeeding anytime soon. 'Rock Golem!'" said the Tsuchikage before the old man made a massive being made out of rock, which charged Naruto, and was intent on breaking every bone in the man's body.

"I'm not my Father. I'm something else. Something far more powerful!" said Naruto using the Force to send the Rock Golem flying back over the old Kage's head.

"We'll see about that. 'Water Style: Water Trumpet Jutsu!'" said Kurotsuchi, as she aimed her Water Jutsu at his flank, but was halted by the blonde's strength in the Force, and held the attack in place.

"Know your place!" said Naruto before sending Sith Lightning along with the water all the way to Kurotsuchi, who was sent flying back, and crying out in pain from the attack.

"You bastard!" said the Tsuchikage, as he went through hand signs, and upon finishing made a Rock Golem five times the size of the last one.

"For the record, you're not the first to call me that, and you certainly won't be the last either," said Naruto before creating a ball of orange reddish with his right hand and then launched it right at giant Rock Golem with the impact of the blast causing it to turn to nothingness.

"DIE!" yelled Kurotsuchi while leaping at Naruto with kunai in both hands, as she tried to hit the Namikaze with them in a rare form of skilled Taijutsu when using kunai in such a manner, and yet the Konoha Shinobi dodged her easily.

"You first bitch," said Naruto, as he ducked under one of the strikes, spun in a complete circle, and stabbed the woman in the stomach with his back to her before throwing the Tsuchikage's Granddaughter right into a building that collapse soon after impact.

"Kurotsuchi!" said the Tsuchikage, as he looked from the destroyed building to Naruto, and glared hatefully at the Namikaze.

"Do not fret old man. She is still alive. Barely alive, but alive nonetheless. Be grateful I am feeling merciful enough to see your life end before her own!" said Naruto, as he took out various seeds, and used the Force to guide them to different spots around the old Kage while laced with demonic chakra.

Moments later, demonic plants rose from the ground, screeching loudly for all to hear, their vines thrashing wildly, and the sharp teeth that could chew through solid steel were hungry for the flesh of their prey. The old Kage of Iwa tried to fight them off, but what no one in Iwa except Naruto knew that these plants were attuned to movement, and the more movement the better. With the Sandaime Tsuchikage surrounded on all sides by so many thrashing plant tendrils, the man instinctively tried fighting them all at once, and it was through that action the man became the prime target of the three demonic plants that Naruto had brought about.

He didn't stand a chance.

"I-I'm not done yet!" said Kurotsuchi, as she struggled to get up, ignoring the wound that burned with such incredible pain, and struggled to face the Namikaze for the honor of her family.

Only for Naruto to throw one of his Lightsabers at her and taking the head clean off the woman's body before recalling it to his hand.

"Now you are my dear. Tell your Grandfather I sent you to him so he won't be lonely on the other side," said Naruto simply before calling upon the Force, more then he had called to himself in a long time, and unleashed a massive Force Push that sent demolished buildings while causing injuries if not death to everyone around him.

It was done. Iwa was a shadow of its former self.

"That was quite the impressive display of power Master? Are we done or can I continue killing more meat bags that survive?" said HK-47 while keeping his scope locked onto the village and looking for any movement not his Master's own.

"We are done HK. We need to head for Taki next if we're going to successfully rescue the Jinchuriki there before the Akatsuki get her," said Naruto with his Lightsabers now deactivated and leaving Iwa.

"Ah yes. Another female demon vessel like the one from Kumo. Will you be interested in mating with the girl too after returning to Konoha with her Master? said HK with Naruto grumbling at the droid's query.

"That's none of your business HK and if you bring it up again I'll install a program that makes you have the urge to dance in a field of flowers the moment your eyes see them," said Naruto knowing how HK hated such things.

"Right. This unit will drop the subject to prevent such a horrible nightmare from coming to life," said HK while preparing to rendezvous with Naruto soon before their travel to Taki.

(Forest Outside of Taki-Sometime Later)

"Come on out Jinchuriki! We know you're fucking here! Show yourself already!" said Hidan while cursing that the target was not around.

"Where is she? Pein-sama said she was in the village today," said Kakuzu while feeling nothing for his old village after they backstabbed him for his in failure in not killing the Shodaime Hokage years ago.

"She was, but through my intervention, and information from my spies allowed her to leave here undetected," said Naruto appearing from a tree and landing on the ground in front of the two Akatsuki members.

"Shit! That won't stop me though. The great Blood God Jashin will empower me with the mean to kill you!" said Hidan, as he moved his scythe to strike Naruto right away, but the Namikaze easily stopped it with an armored gauntlet fist since the metal from it was stronger then the Missing Nin's weapon.

Kakuzu moved toward the Namikaze in all out Taijutsu, but Naruto wasn't going to let him get close to him, and used the Force to send the man flying through several trees. Hidan once again tried to swing his scythe at Naruto in an attempt to draw blood in order to perform the Jashin ritual needed to put the man down, but the Konoha Shinobi easily dodged the strikes, even getting through the Missing Nin's defenses, and kneeing the man hard in the ribs with a few breaking from the cracking sound that was heard. It was soon followed up by a swing of Naruto's Lightsabers, which quickly beheaded the Jashinist of his body, and finished by cutting him in half at the waist.

"Your God is insignificant next to the powers of the Force," said Naruto, as he shot the man with Sith Lightning, turning the corpse into a mangled wreck that wasn't going to heal anytime soon, and turned his attention to Kakuzu.

"Bastard!" said Kakuzu, as she tried to defeat Naruto with his years of experience with Taijutsu, but the Namikaze was too fast, too skilled, and too damn strong.

It wasn't long before the Missing Nin literally didn't have a leg to stand on, as Naruto had cut them off at the kneecaps when Kakuzu miscalculated, and a Shadow Clone of Naruto flanked him on one end cutting off his left leg with the real one cutting off the right leg. The Missing Nin tried to escape using his arms to maneuver himself, but Naruto wasn't going to give him a chance, and took them off before going for all five hearts the man had in his body in order to live.

"Kisame, Sasori, and Deidara are now all dead per your order," said Itachi, who appeared behind him, and Naruto turned to Jiraiya's now his own spy in the Akatsuki.

"Leaving Konan, Pein, and Madara. Did you tell Pein of our connection? What I have done with some of the Biju to put a halt to the organizations plans?" said Naruto with Itachi nodding.

"Via a Shadow Clones in the event he tried to kill me. He wasn't pleased at first, but with most of the Biju no longer in this world, the plan Madara has been hatching is useless, and Konan was able to remind Pein that an Uzumaki does not betray another Uzumaki. They are willing to talk to you about joining Konoha to rebuild the Uzumaki Clan since Madara is secretly controlling Ame despite the official story of the village being ruled by Pein," said Itachi seeing Naruto nod.

"Send a Shadow Clone to him that I will handle Madara myself. Tell him to go to the Leaf and speak to Tsunade since she is of Uzumaki blood on her Grandmother's side. Plus, I know about his current physical condition, and she can help him with his legs," said Naruto with the Uchiha nodding.

"And my own situation?" said Itachi curiously.

"That depends on you," said Naruto seeing Itachi think about his own life.

"I do not wish to be apart of Konoha anymore in terms of returning, but that doesn't mean I am not a loyal Shinobi of the village, and will fight for it should the need arise. I wish to make a fresh start elsewhere," said Itachi seeing Naruto nod.

"I can sense as much using the Force. I see your future. So many outcomes. So many possibilities. Though one future stands out a little bit more then the others I'm seeing about you," said Naruto with Itachi raising an eyebrow curiously at him.

"And that would be...?" said Itachi seeing Naruto turn fully to him.

"Go to Spring Country. I will use my contacts there to see you are granted an audience with the Spring Daimyo Koyuki. I sense the two of you will do a many GREAT things together if given time," said Naruto since he had HK-47 assassinate the tyrant Doto, who was Koyuki's asshole for an Uncle mere Months after Tsunade's return, and allowing the rightful Heir to take the throne with the Namikaze's droid removing any would-be Doto wannabes that were high up in the government the man had built around him.

"I will. I wish to apologize about my brother. He has too much of my Father in him," said Itachi while a little unnerved that he couldn't get a read on Naruto's face due to the young Namikaze's helmet, and wondered if the man was scowling at him for mentioning Sasuke after so many years.

"Apology accepted Itachi. Though there is no need for an apology. Sasuke lived the life of an arrogant idiot and died an arrogant idiot by my hands. You do not. You see what he could and would not see. You see the world with an open mind while Sasuke saw it with a narrow one. You do not believe the world should forever cater to the whims of the Uchiha Clan. Sasuke thought otherwise and therefore paid the price for such views of selfishness," said Naruto seeing Itachi nod.

"Good luck on your end of things Naruto-sama," said Itachi before bowing and leaving the Namikaze to his own devices.

"In my experience there is no such thing as luck," said Naruto simply before heading for Ame where Itachi had provided a means to enter the village and go underneath where the Madara would be waiting.

It was time to put an end to this.

(Ame-Akatsuki's Underground Lair)

"This is unbelievable!" said Madara to himself, as he had found out that all the members within the Akatsuki were either dead, or betrayed the organization for supposed greener pastures.

This was inexcusable to him. He would not allow this to happen! What made things even more horrible was the fact several of the Biju had been successfully extracted from their hosts without killing the human vessels and sent back to the demonic realm beyond his reach. The Moon Eye Plan was useless! Completely useless!

"That is why you fail," said Naruto appearing from the shadows and staring at the man that proclaimed himself to be Uchiha Madara.

"Namikaze Naruto. I shouldn't be surprised by your sudden arrival. No doubt Itachi told you where the Akatsuki's base of operations was and you are!" said Madara while holding back his dislike for the boy's last name and the fact Itachi was a spy.

"Of course. He was never on your side from the start. Itachi is a great actor. He has a calling in the movie business, if only he would show more emotions, and stop being so serious," said Naruto while Madara scowled at him behind his mask.

"You won't win boy. Just because some of the Biju are gone doesn't mean I can't get them back!" said Madara defiantly at the Namikaze.

"Desperate words coming from a desperate fool," said Naruto simply while Madara just narrowed his one visible eye at him.

"And how do you intend to take me down? You're just one person. Without Kyuubi, you are nothing, and will die a nothing!" said Madara while Naruto just chuckled.

"Is that what you think? Funny thing about me...there are so many'me's!" said Naruto with a chuckle and soon the massive underground room echoed with the a "HISS!" sound with an army of Shadow Clones armed with Lightsabers.

"You think your little army of Shadow Clones can stop me! HA! I can easily vanish from this room in a heartbeat and start over elsewhere!" said Madara confidently.

"Even if you did, I will hunt you down easily, and kill you," said Naruto like it was the easiest thing in the world.


"Are you that afraid of death?" said Naruto curiously.

"Me? Afraid of death? HA! I'm not afraid of anything!" said Madara before he felt a pain grip his heart.

It felt the like the icy hand of the Shinigami itself!

"If you don't fear death, then why are you on your knees in front of me?" said Naruto while using the Force to strike the one key organ that Madara needed to live, which was second only to the brain, and just as vital despite its secondary rank.

The human heart.

For all of Madara's boasting of being Immortal, the man still needed his internal organs to function regardless of his Sharingan Eyes empowering him with such things, and without them...the man was a corpse! Take away his lungs and he would die. Take away his heart and the man would die. For Kami's sake if Naruto stabbed the man in his forehead with a Lightsaber the stupid bastard would die!

Speaking of stabbing stupid bastard's in their forehead so they would die...

"You can't do this to me. I won't allow it! I will not be denied my destiny!" said Madara, as he tried to use his Teleportation Vortex Jutsu to escape, but he screamed out in pain when one of eyes, the one exposed from behind the mask exploded violently, and took off the orange spiraled facial shield to look up at the Namikaze towering over him.

"Your destiny is to die here Madara. Nothing can change that," said Naruto, as he now readied one of his Lightsabers to strike the man through the skull, and was a bit surprised to see the man laughing at him.

"Maybe not boy, but I know some information you don't about your precious Sandaime Hokage, and it pertains to your life," said Madara seeing Naruto gauging him carefully in the event this was a tactic to stall for time.

"Speak what you need to say or else I'll end it now," said Naruto seeing the man grin up at him.

"The Sandaime Hokage has been playing you from the start. You think the man cares for you at all. He purposely allow you to suffer, knowing one day, if only by luck, the attacks you suffered as a child would eventually lead you to your long lost home, and the secrets that dwelled inside. He already knew about your power and how it would one day lead you to the Namikaze Estates. So he watched and waited," said Madara seeing Naruto's muscles tense in anger.

"Prove it," said Naruto simply, but he sensed no deceit from Madara, and narrowed his eyes further behind his helmet at the man.

"I wish I could. But you have to wonder why the Sandaime Hokage did what he did and yet only at the risk of the village facing annihilation at your hands with the Kyuubi does he suddenly take your side. He's using you to wipe out his enemies, who were restricting his movements within after the loss of your Mother, then Konoha's enemies abroad when your mentality was put into question, and you became a Hunter Nin to alleviate the stress felt from being the Leaf village. He had you strengthening it internally these past three years with his two students back into the fold for training a new generation of stronger Konoha Shinobi that would be under his rule due to his newly acquired youth that you gave him!" said Madara with the Namikaze narrowing his eyes further with rage burning out of them.

"!" said Naruto his Lightsabers in a cross formation around Madara's neck tightening to the point that any closer would force the Namikaze to take his head clean off.

"You want proof? Fine! The Sandaime keeps a journal. A record of everything he's ever done. Its his own personal trophy list of accomplishments. I know because I've read them myself when sneaking into Konoha to acquire my own personal pieces of information about the Leaf. Its in the Safe behind his own portrait, guarded by seals he had his late successor ironically make to protect it from harm, and can only be opened by someone with the blood of a Hokage in them. A security measure to ensure only someone like himself, who embraced his way of running things in Konoha could access, and learn from it," said Madara with Naruto giving off a great deal of anger right now.

"And did you read it? You don't have the blood of a Hokage in you!" said Naruto with Madara smirking up at his soon to be killer.

"If you must know. I used your blood. Considering your early childhood, you left quite a bit of lying around, and just one drop is more then enough," said Madara simply he had seen quite a few attacks on Naruto in the past.

"If what you say is true, then the Sandaime Hokage will be joining you in Hell very soon, and will have something in common in terms of who sent you there!" said Naruto before slicing the man's head off to prevent the man from replying.

It seemed he had one more enemy to smite.

(Hokage Tower-Several Weeks Later)

The Sandaime was nervous. By all rights he should be nervous. His plans had come about perfectly, even better then he had originally hoped given his restored youth, and was now physically back in his prime. His two wayward students were in Konoha, the majority of the governmental powers the Councils had taken after the Yondaime's death were back with him, and Naruto had recently brought back the seven tailed Biju in a human vessel's body to Konoha.

There was just one problem. Namikaze Naruto.

More specifically, a report that had yet to reach him of the Namikaze's tragic demise, and one he could use to inform the demonic boy's wives to further manipulate to revealing his secrets more openly. For years, the Sandaime had tried to get the Yondaime to reveal his secrets to himself, and Jiraiya though the Toad Sannin gave up after a while since Minato had stated half of what was in the home was unusable to most of Konoha.

Most of Konoha. But not to any of the Namikaze offspring he knew these women were currently caring thanks to Tsunade informing him of the news. Whether Naruto knew or not didn't matter at the moment. What mattered now was using the Namikaze's current absence to his advantage, even without a report, and inform the pregnant women that they were better guarded under his watchful care until the children they would bring into this world were born. He would then have some of his most trusted Shinobi take them away, make it look like a kidnapping, a few explosions, and make it seem like the children were lost in the fighting.

But he had to act fast! Putting together some papers he had forged to make it seem like the Namikaze perished fighting the leader of the Akatsuki, the Sandaime Hokage moved to the door leaving his office, and preparing to forge a new age for Konoha with loyal Namikaze children being the pointy tip of the sword he would wield against the world. Power, knowledge, and resources that were once inaccessible to the Sandaime would soon be at his feet with powerful tools using them in his name.

Only when he opened the door, there in front of him was Namikaze Naruto, the young man's Lightsabers imbedded in the ANBU guards on either side of the doors, and were soon recalled to the Namikaze's hands. The shock of seeing Naruto alive was all the proof the descendant of Revan needed to see that Madara's words were in fact true, and used the Force to send the Sandaime back against the wall before throwing him behind the Hokage's desk.

"Naruto! What is the meaning of this?" said the Hokage though the killer intent coming off the Namikaze made any angry tone the Third had die down instantly.

"As if you didn't know. And from now on you will address me as Darth Shi until I kill you," said Naruto before taking out a vial of his own blood using the Force and threw it against the wall where the Sandaime's portrait was hung before he threw it off using his power.

The vial shattered, the blood smearing on the hidden seals there, and instantly the Safe that Madara told him was there manifested itself. The Hokage was sweating bullets by this point, as he saw all of the information in his well protected Safe get removed by Naruto, who used his power, and brought it to a Shadow Clone he made before his copy left the room.

"How did you find out?" said the Sandaime while staring at the Namikaze with narrowed eyes.

"The true leader of the Akatsuki. Before his end, he felt the need to spite Konoha, and you in the process. I must admit, I didn't see you as a threat through this whole thing, much less a good a manipulator since everyone had made you their bitch in your old age, and tied your hands. Only after being shown the big picture do I see how foolish it was to let you live this long and will now correct that mistake," said Naruto with the once old now young looking Hokage ready for a fight.

"You are talking treason against your Kage," said the Sandaime seeing Naruto tilt his head slightly to the left.

"When the Kage himself is guilty of treason, then the act of treason against him is the opposite of treason, and is in fact...justice!" said Naruto getting into his fight stance and the Hokage scowled at him before summoning Enma.

"Sarutobi? What is the meaning of this?" said Enma curiously.

"Naruto here is committing treason against me. I need your help now to defeat him before its too late Enma!" said Hiruzen while Naruto scoffed at him.

"You talk of me committing treason, but does your summons know the truth, and how it is the other way around?" said Naruto with Enma frowning at him.

"What's he talking about Hiruzen?" said Enma seeing the Hokage scowl further.

"He's trying to trick you. Don't listen to him! He plans to deceive you!" said the Hokage while the Monkey King seemed unsure.

"Trick you? It is the Hokage, who has deceived, and tricked us all," said Naruto seeing the Monkey King looking at him to the Hokage.

"How?" said Enma while the Hokage's face showed he was getting angry over this.

So Naruto told him. Told the Monkey King everything. About the abuse, the Hokage's plan to bet on the horse that the Yondaime's son inherited the powers of the Force, and led things down the road where almost absolute power went with the title. That now all its enemies were either dead or too weak to oppose Konoha with the plan to make the future offspring holding Naruto's bloodline future weapons for him to control.

"So tell me something Enma the Monkey King summons...who is the trickster and who is the deceiver here?" said Naruto seeing Enma glaring hatefully at Hiruzen while the Kage himself was considering his options.

"Hiruzen! This is beyond anything Orochimaru has ever done. You deliberately hurt others in your belief it was for the greater good when all you've done is consolidate your own power. It was never for the glory of Konoha. It was only for yourself and the quest for greater power!" said Enma with the Sandaime seething in front of them.

"So what if it was for achieving greater power for myself. I AM Konoha! I am its God. I am the Kami of Shinobi! All Shinobi. Not just here in the Leaf. I will rule this village, as well as enforce my power over the other, or burn everything around me! Besides, look what has become of my actions since the plan was put into motion, and judge the results for yourself! Konoha hasn't been this strong since the Yondaime first took office and Iwa was crippled several years afterwards in the last war. No one can oppose Konoha now that all of its enemies are crippled beyond recovery and forced into submission. No one can stop Konoha from being the most influential power in the Elemental Countries!" said the Hokage with madness in his voice.

"No. Its not Konoha that achieves such influence. Just yourself. The fact Konoha gets the fringe benefits of such influence is only due to you being its current Hokage. Not the other way around. Something that I will change here and now. Enma...leave us," said Naruto with the Monkey King nodding before he was gone.

"I'll make you pay for that. I'll stain the honor of the Namikaze bloodline. I'll make your beloved family cursed long after I die. I'll even force the Kyuubi to serve me like she did Madara years ago. I'll have to seal her up again and in one of your offspring to ensure the Jinchuriki is made into a proper weapon!" said the Third Hokage before moving in for hand to hand combat.

Naruto leaped back, dodging each strike meant to cripple him with the Sandaime back to full strength, ironically by the man's own hands, and from using the very life source that was the Hokage's own enemies he had internally within Konoha. Enemies, who were also Naruto's, and thus was what forged the alliance to combat the evil around them. Naruto did not know it was through the Sandaime that these enemies were allowed to move like they did and had orchestrated the things to the point where he alone would reap most of the benefits of the village's enemies falling at the Namikaze's feet.

What a fool he had been to not see it!

"You think Asta will serve you? That anyone among the Clan Heads, the Sannin, or any Shinobi of the Leaf will continue to support a power hungry fool like yourself? Never!" said Naruto, as he Force Pushed the Sandaime back, and watched the man hit the desk hard.

"And what makes you think you're reign as Hokage IF allowed would make you any less different then my own ambition? Are you saying you'd stare power right in the face and turn away? Doubtful!" said the Sandaime before going through hand signs for a Jutsu, but was stopped when vines with sharp thorns sprung from the ground, and wrapped around his wrist tightly to make the man bleed.

"It wouldn't be the first time someone of my bloodline had a chance to seize power and turned away. The day I betray my principles for power, to forsake all that I love...then I will not wish to live, and use what courage I have left with my honor to take my life," said Naruto seeing the Sandaime was struggling to get free, but the thorns from the vines made that impossible, and they only sunk in deeper into the man's body to cause more bleeding.

"You will fail in sustaining the power the village has now Naruto. The village will fall and the people will blame you because you won't seize ultimate power like I have done," said the Sandaime before he let out a grunt of pain and looked down to see one of the Namikaze's Lightsabers piercing his gut with the second one soon followed within the chest cavity.

"Unlikely. I have those I can trust to help me stay on the right path. A path you walked away from years ago long before your retirement. And I told you earlier Hiruzen, my Darth Shi!" said Naruto before he beheaded the man mere second later and left the room.

(Namikaze Estates-Sometime Later)

"Welcome back Master. I take it that the vile meat bag for a leader of this village, who dared manipulated you has been brutally exterminated, and suffered greatly by your own two hands?" said HK-47 with Naruto removing his helmet.

"Naturally HK. Would I do anything less to someone like him?" said Naruto with HK just looking at him for a second.

"Of course not Master. Humans are well known for vengeance. Though when the cause is noble and true like yours has been there is no doubt the meat bag that suffers will in fact die a most agonizing death. I just wish I was there to record the Hokage's dying screams while he begged for mercy," said HK-47 with Naruto staying quiet on the matter of how the man died a somewhat clean death without screams.

"I'll make it up to you HK. Perhaps we'll go hunting for Missing Nin in the future to help satisfy your own strange blood lust," said Naruto knowing that would make the violent droid happy in his own psychotic way.

"That would be a splendid idea Master. Might I also suggest that we bring that Mitarashi Anko woman you are so fond of too? She has such a nasty violent streak when it comes to her enemies that I almost wish I was a meat bag just to feel the various emotions you feel when she's covered in blood that makes one want to ravish her for hours on end each passing day," said HK-47 with Naruto letting out a chuckle.

"I'll consider it HK. How is Fu?" said Naruto knowing the girl was a bit on edge since he had gotten away from her Shinobi village.

"She is doing well Master. She has already met Aburame Shino and I have seen a the two growing interested in each other. I believe it is in part to their connection to both the Biju in the girl and the insects in the boy though my hypothesis could be wrong with the two meat bags finding the preverbal 'love at first sight' though I would gag if I possessed a mouth," said HK-47 with Naruto letting out another chuckle.

"Don't focus on them too much HK. They aren't a problem and shouldn't be considered one anytime soon," said Naruto with the droid nodding in understanding.

"One more thing Master. The various females in the house have sensed your arrival from seeing the evil meat bag at the Hokage Tower and they all seemed...eager to see you up in the Master Bedroom. Lady Asta had requested the bed itself be triple reinforced due to your return requiring a 'special celebration befitting Naruto-kun's victory' she put it. This has led me to believe that the women in your harem or 'big family' plans to have sexual relations with you once entering the room," said HK-47 with Naruto blushing knowing that was exactly what that meant.

"I see. Thank you for the warning HK. Considering that piece of information, you may have to go to the store to make sure there is plenty of food for everyone later, and prepare for a cleanup detail later on," said Naruto while looking up at the second floor where the Master Bedroom was and could practically feel the lust coming out of it through the Force itself.

"Already taken care of and noted down Master. This wouldn't be the first time I've had to cleanup from one of your sexual romps in bed with one of the women of your family," said HK-47 with Naruto just grinning while heading upstairs.

"That was one or two women at the same time HK. Did you calculate the mess if it was a small army of women?" said Naruto with HK's eyes glowing in a way that was the droid equivalent of a human's eyes widening.

"Oh my! I miscalculated. Oh dear. I'll leave you to your mission of satisfying all those women sexually while I head out for some cleaning supplies that will no doubt be needed once over," said HK-47 with Naruto waving briefly at the droid heading for the door while the Namikaze himself headed for the bedroom to see the sight of all the women in his life he loved there ready to ravish him silly.

'HK, you have no idea how busy you are going to be later, and I'm glad you can't hate me for it,' thought Naruto before he was pulled into the room by Asta with her tails after she had regained her demonic power sometime ago in the last three years and Anko putting up a Sound Barrier Jutsu to keep the noise down.

They did have neighbors after all.


Naruto wore the Hokage robes, as he stood in the office where the previous Kages once ran the village in his place, and smiled down at the people below. On the wall, the various pictures of the previous Hokages' stood, but one was of them had been removed, forever marked to be scorned for all time, and never to be put on the wall no matter what. Naruto had told the Clan Heads of the Sandaime's actions, how he manipulated things, Konoha's people, and had the proof to show his words were hardly accusations. Even the old man's own face on the Hokage Monument had been destroyed, the Yondaime's face moved to where its predecessor once stood, and Naruto's face placed right after it. It was almost funny since now some people outside the village got the wrong idea about Konoha being "one head short" on the Hokage Monument since Naruto was the Fifth Hokage despite their only being four Hokage Heads on the mountain.

During Naruto's time being Hokage, he had kept Konoha strong, yet made sure to keep arrogance out of the village, which wasn't easy in some cases, and had to up the Leaf's Shinobi curriculum so there wouldn't be any weak Shinobi now that his days in being an Academy Instructor were long since over. Shino was seeing to things there with using his own hive mind sets to protect Konoha like it was one big giant hive with the Hokage of the village being the "Queen" that commands it though he told them its "King" since his gender was male.

Fu was currently married and pregnant to the Aburame thanks to Naruto's introducing the two to each other with both Shinobi finding they had a lot in common. Their own love for bugs being one of them, which Kiba thought was insane, and paid for it by being chased around Konoha by Fu until Naruto asked her to forgive the Inuzuka for being an idiot.

She did on the condition of hurting him at least with one hit, which Naruto accepted since Kiba was being an idiot, and the Inuzuka accepted. Though he failed to notice the evil gleam in Fu's eyes when accepting and Kiba fell down in pain after the hit he took was aimed between his legs.

"Naruto-kun, its time for Hanabi's wedding," said Hinata reminding her husband of the wedding he was to attend with Hanabi marrying Konohamaru.

It had taken a bit of time to get Hanabi to accept her crush for Naruto was that of a crush to an extremely powerful Shinobi. Konohamaru, who had endured a brief scorn from his peers for his Grandfather's actions found sanctuary ironically in the man, who had helped bring those actions to light, and told the people that the Sandaime did these things on his own with the Sarutobi Clan being innocent of being involved in the fallen Third Hokage's actions. That if anyone hated the clan, much less Konohamaru in question would answer for it, and answer for it without mercy. Konohamaru himself, thanked Naruto over, and over again while begging to be the man's student in being a Shinobi.

Seeing the fiery determination in the boy's eyes, Naruto agreed while telling the boy the training would be fierce, harsh, and at times be considered...well cruel. As Naruto trained the boy, he saw a lot of potential in Konohamaru, as well as the Konohamaru Corps. with Hanabi tagging along since she needed to be with kids her own age, and the Namikaze decided to play the match making game since it was clear the Sarutobi liked the Hyuuga girl.

Hence the end results after several years being the two getting married.

"You know she'll never truly get over her feelings for me. Regardless if Konohamaru is the better man for her," said Naruto to Hinata, who just smiled gently, and kissed him on the cheek.

"She's made peace with her decision in letting the crush end and I can honestly believe is happy with Konohamaru," said Hinata with Naruto smiling now.

"I know. I wonder if she sees Konohamaru as a replacement for not being with me," said Naruto with Hinata letting out a giggle.

"Honestly, for all your power...," said Hinata while giggling some more and even Naruto let out a laugh.

"You're right Hinata-chan. I'm being foolish. Hanabi is happy and I'm questioning it. I'm sorry. Let's go get your sister married off to the perfect man," said Naruto with Hinata letting out a laugh now.

"If Konohamaru was the perfect man in the entire village, I would have married him, and not you," said Hinata before the two walked out of the room.

"Okay! Okay! I get it. Come on. Knowing the kids, they're be wondering what happened to us, and Anko will probably tell them something perverted," said Naruto knowing that was Anko's style.

"Unless Temari smack her over the head with her iron fan. Sometimes I wonder how you have the energy to put up with all of us," said Hinata with Naruto shrugging.

"I honestly don't know. What I do know is you are all in my lives and I wouldn't change it for anything," said Naruto with Hinata smiling at him.

"Neither would we Naruto-kun," said Hinata while the two walked to meet the others and bring further joy to people around them.


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