Oh, Doctor Ivo Robotnik. You evil genius, you. You always try to best Sonic the Hedgehog, but end up failing.

Do I see a lack of faith, or are you just down right hilariously bad at being a bad guy?

You steal candy from over nine thousand babies. Bu yet you are easily beaten by two creatures who could qualify as babies.

You have three idiotic nincombots, the two of which are the goofiest pairings ever ( a strange drill and a tall chicken pairing, anyone)? And you even demoted your monkey robot to third class!

...Speaking of which, you like to give yourselves prrrrromotions every now and then, even though you do absolutely nothing to stop Sonic.

And speaking of which, if you HATE THAT HEDGEHOG so much, then why don't you invent, oh, I don't know, a scientific experiment that actually kills Sonic and Tails!? But right, you are the good dictator.

Oh, Dr. Robotnik, or rather, RoBUTTnik as Sonic would say. You always strive so much to CONQUER Mobius, yet you say that you have plans, detailing them with with your phrase "Tomorrow, I'lll..."

And did you actually invent those blueprints? Or did you lie and smuggled them under your hideous orange moustache?

You truly are a one-of-a-kind, Dr. Robotnik. And I hope that you wouldn't be minding if I was snooping as usual.

Signed, with LOVE,

Wes Weasly

PS: Ha ha ha! I really tricked you, huh old palsy? Now I get to get all the money for making a love letter, to you! Hehehehehe!

"..." Dr. Robotnik was shaking as he teared the letter in his hands, his mouth foaming.

Scratch, grounder, and Coconuts panicked as they all backed away. Unfortunately, the three robots were not to escape the rage of Robotnik.

"NO ONE SOILS MY GOOD NAME AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!!!!" Robotnik bellowed as he literally destroyed his own secret laboratory out of anger and rage, why Wes Weasly was somewhere in the tropics of Mobius, laughing his head off as he dove into a poll of money.