Gilded Cage

By Bluegrass Elf a.k.a. Haiku

A Death Note Fiction

Rated: M

Pairing(s): One sided Misa/Light, Nonconsensual Light/L, future Light/L

Warnings: Rape, Violence, MPreg

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note in any way, shape, or form. I do, however, claim the plot line of this story as my own. I don't mind if you use some of the elements in it, of course, but it will really irritate me if you blatantly copy my work. You're better than that. Don't do it.

I also make no claim on the lyrics of Still Burning by Sixpence None the Richer.

Author's Notes: There's just not enough believable MPreg in this fandom so I decided to try my hand. Of course, once I started writing it I realized why DN doesn't have much MPreg. It's hard to come up with a plot that makes sense! I come from the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom, where Hiei is the most perfect candidate for MPreg ever, so I'm not used to having to work hard on it. But I did my best for this one and I hope you enjoy.

I love feedback from my readers, so if you have suggestions for the story, please throw them out there! I'll gladly look them over and if I use the idea then you'll get a nice little blurb at the beginning of whatever chapter I put it in.

Chapter 1: The Death of the Firebird

You are the burning

the flame that is turning

my smoldering ash into a bird.

So stay close my brother

I couldn't stand the loss.

You are the bridge of action.

I need you to help me cross

I need you to help me.

-- Still Burning, Sixpence None The Richer

Act one: the stage was set with three characters; opposing forces but perfectly balanced between each other. What was grandest about it all was that they did not even realize it. Ryuk couldn't help peeking in at them all just once to see how the great Yagami Light was handling things without his memories. What he found made the shinigami cackle with delight.

"So, Light, you really are a normal child underneath it all." A boy with his girlfriend and his best friend and what truly seemed to be an excellent alibi. After all, how could he be Kira if he had absolutely no recollection of it? So once again Yagami Light got to have his cake and eat it too.

Misa was beautiful, whatever rubbish her brain might be made of. Ryuk found that he truly enjoyed her and understood, to an extent, why Rem was so protective of her. Without his memories even Light seemed to care for Misa's welfare. She was sweet, charming, and meant well. Surely there was something lurking beneath all that beauty, some scars from her past. The deaths of her parents could not have left her unscathed but Misa did not let it show.

The detective… Ryuk was very amused by L. He'd been expecting someone far more… impressive. Of course, he gathered that L had that effect on most people. He was barely more than a boy himself and certainly still had the mindset of one with his childish narrow-mindedness. Ryuk knew, though, that inside that odd, awkward man-child was a brain that rivaled Light's own.

And of course, Light, dear precious Light, was simply fascinating. He was the model child, caring for Misa and L as though they were his younger siblings. He would entertain Misa whenever she wanted and he did his best to keep L in good spirits and focused on the task at hand (though sometimes his tactics were a bit questionable). Ryuk snickered to himself, thinking that Light could have been perfectly happy just like this but soon it would all be gone again. The Death Note would ruin it all.


"Misa-Misa! Is it true that you're currently living with your boyfriend?"

Amane Misa was not an idiot despite popular belief. It wasn't like she was just going to blurt out that she was actually a suspect in the world's biggest murder case or that she was actually under constant surveillance. She just smiled sweetly at the reporter and gave a cute giggle.

"Actually, I'm just living in the same apartment complex," she said. Well, it wasn't a total lie, anyway. "A friend of his gave me a good deal on a place there and all. Light-kun and I aren't ready to move in together yet. Of course, I'll be glad to take that step when the time comes!"

The reporter eagerly soaked in all of this information. "His friend, you say? Are you friends with this generous person as well, then?"

Misa frowned thoughtfully. How best to respond to this question? "Ah, well, he's another genius like my Light but he's a bit odd. I think that we are just too different to really get along. He and Light-kun get along extremely well, though, and that makes him totally okay in my books." She flashed another charming smile.


The soft lilting of music was a rare and much appreciated treat for Misa and Light. It was a compromise, L had said. If he was permitted to continue with his work during their date and they would agree to be calm and quiet, he would in return provide them with whatever music they wanted. Luckily, it was Light who chose the music and it was bearable for L. Light had good taste.

"This is… nice," Misa remarked after a while. She was snuggled up comfortably beside Light on the couch and L was perched opposite them with his laptop on his knees.

Light made a soft sound of agreement, his arm around her shoulders, holding her close. His eyes had drifted closed, the music having lulled him into an extreme state of relaxation. Misa was right, this was nice, being able to calm down and not worry for a while.

"I almost wish it could stay like this," Misa continued wistfully. "You know, it's not so bad, having Ryuzaki around. I think… we are good friends."

Surprised, L looked up from his laptop at her curiously. "… That's very nice of you, Amane-san," he remarked.

The blond gave a contented little sigh and smiled back at him. "Well, when Ryuzaki is nice like this he becomes much more tolerable."

L snorted at that and returned his attention to his computer.


Being chained to L twenty-four hours a day, it was no surprise that Light would find need to amuse himself somehow. He found this amusement by watching L, eyes carefully taking in every detail. His brain took those details and broke them down further, creating theories for why something about the detective was a certain way.

While L slaved over documents and leads and basically ignored his unwilling companion, Light investigated the mystery of L's ethnicity. He looked up basic body profiles of all different kinds and compared them to the detective. L was small with a rounded face, which suggested Asian descent. His nose was large but elegant, and his eyes were too wide. European, perhaps, and then the thick, lustrous black hair made him think perhaps L was part Italian.

He listened carefully to L's accent when the detective spoke. There was a slight accent but it was hard to catch because L must have worked hard to completely erase it. Even something as simple as an accent could give his enemies clues. However, Light could find it; he could hear it despite L's efforts. It was an important clue because what Light heard was, undoubtedly, a British accent. Identifying the accent made the other pieces of the puzzle fit together. The nose, the eyes, the hair, the long spindly fingers and large feet; there was no denying that L was British.

British L was but Light could also tell that L was as mixed as a mutt dog from the pound. It was an odd combination, whatever it was (and he was certain, by now, that Japanese and Italian were in that combination somewhere). At first Light couldn't quite tell what made it seem so strange. Perhaps L didn't seem to fit together quite right, almost as though someone had taken bits and pieces from other people and merged them all into one. But then, that made it sound like L was unpleasant to look at and that simply wasn't the case. He was a fascinating person to watch and examine and often times Light would muse about L's body structure. What did the detective's skeleton look like? What medical malformations could be discovered in those bones? What about the muscle? And then, the skin? What did L look like underneath those baggy, unflattering clothes?

Light himself would never have acted on his curiosity. Without his memories of the Death Note he was simply an observer with no ill intentions or resentment for the detective. There was no killer instinct in him wishing harm on L. Kira, however, was a different story.


Misa knew that something was not quite right. She was known for hanging on Light's every word, watching his every movement, and that said, she'd have had to be blind to miss the way his eyes lingered on L when the detective's back was turned. What could she do about it, though? He'd never promised her his heart… she was the one who'd promised to win it. It seemed that L had beaten her to it.

L, however, did not seem to notice at all that Light was so fascinated with him. Occasionally he would feel Light's eyes on him and he would turn curiously to the boy and inquire if there was something he needed. Misa got the feeling that L didn't really know how to tell when someone was undressing him with their eyes.

She would return to her room and pretend that she noticed nothing. She wanted to cry about it but L would see her on his cameras and then he would wonder why she was upset. He would ask about it and Misa was not very good at avoiding direct questions, especially not questions from L. He had such an intimidating stare, it was all she could do not to spill her life's story out to him whenever he gave her even the smallest of glares.

Amane Misa could only suffer in silence.


"Misa, you and I will create a new world."

Her heart soared with happiness. Light loved her! It was all he had to say to her and she would gladly do whatever he asked of her. She knew he knew this and she vaguely knew that he was probably manipulating her. However, she didn't care. This was love she was being offered, after all.

Still, she felt a little guilty. He wanted her to kill Ryuzaki… She should be happy for the chance to erase the one who stood between them but all she could think was that it was such a shame.

When she realized that she couldn't remember his name she pretended not to be relieved.


"You're certain you don't want to stay here?" L questioned, his eyes glued to his coffee cup. There was the slightest tone of disappointment in his voice and Light reveled in it. L was already missing his constant presence and they'd only briefly been unchained. Inadvertently, he'd won L over.

"Will you miss me, Ryuzaki?" he taunted with the slightest of smiles, his good boy routine still in play. Poor L, how was he to suspect that things would soon turn sour for him?

L looked up at him with an expression Light had not seen before on him. A confused, disquieted look that showed L was not comfortable with the current situation he was faced with. "Perhaps," he replied softly, stirring the teaspoon in his coffee absently. "I've become used to having company as of late. Amane-san has promised to drop by now and then… I suppose that won't be too terrible of an annoyance."

"I'll be here on and off, Ryuzaki," Light assured him, easily picking up on what L was hinting at. "I am still part of this investigation, after all. I just want to try and catch up a little in school, if I can."

"I understand," the detective murmured so quietly that Light almost didn't hear him. "It's a shame though, isn't it? It was fun for a while."

Yes, Light thought to himself, it's a shame; a shame that I can't use you. He was going to kill L and there was no way around that. If only he could have had the opportunity beforehand to really teach the detective not to challenge Kia. "Now is not the time for fun and games," Light said firmly. Ah, but what fantastic games he could have played with L.

L nodded. "It's just a shame it's over is all." His long fingers absently gripped the arms of his chair and he watched Light with those bottomless eyes, never blinking, never giving anything away. Light let his eyes drift down the expanse of L's body and the old question came back. What was under all those clothes?

"Don't act like you really care, Ryuzaki," the murderer replied. "We're not really friends, after all." His words were specifically chosen to try and get a response out of L but the detective remained unmoved, cold and blank as always. Light wanted to erase that frost-over expression, melt it away with a hot blush and a look of unrestrained terror. L was right. It really was a shame that the detective would die before Light got the chance to see through his façade.

Game over, L.