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The rain was coming down in a slight drizzle. Not quite enough for an umbrella, but enough to make you wish for one. Reaching out for her brother's hand Sarah McGee said just that.

"Kind of makes you wish for an umbrella doesn't it?"

Smiling down at his baby sister, Tim slung his arm over her shoulder.

"You going to melt?" He asked with a slight smirk.

"No, but it's a long walk back to the dorm. You should just go on to your car. I can manage to cross campus safely you know!" Sarah's eyes widened as she remembered what happened a few years ago. She immediately flung her arms around his waist and sighed.

"I'm sorry! I keep trying to put it behind me…Guess it's working al little to well huh?"

Tim just squeezed her a little closer, and replied, "It's fine Sarah. I know you didn't mean anything by it. Besides I want to see your face when you see your present." He just broadened his grin when she let out a squeal.

"My present!?! Tim you already took me to a fantastic dinner at a totally exclusive restaurant, and then to the invitation only lecture on literature in the 19th century! What else could a girl want?"

"Well," said Tim thoughtfully, "The lecture invitation said I could bring a guest. Plus I knew you would love it, literature being your major and everything. The dinner was to make up for missing your actual birthday, and besides I had to find some way to get you out of the dorm so they could get everything set up."

Crossing into the section of campus that housed the dormitories Sarah proceeded to grab him by the hand and pull him even faster, the rain forgotten. Her pace went from quiet stroll to a power walk that would make the little ladies at the mall look like polite turtles.

"Give me a hint, pretty please!" She begged practically dragging him toward the crosswalk. "Come on Tim…just a little one!"

Laughing he held her in place while they waited for the light to change. Sarah was bouncing with excitement, reminding Tim of Abby after too many Caff-Pows. Writing had brought him a lot of grief over the last few years especially when his co-workers at NCIS found out about his first book. Thanks to Sarah, but he couldn't deny that the money made it a little easier. He enjoyed being able to give his parents nice things. It was his way of making up for everything they had done for him. They had supported his choice of schools and fields of study, helped him more than a few times financially when money had been tight, and when he had chosen law enforcement as his career unlike his professors and schoolmates had simply accepted his need to help people. Plus, he was now able to spoil is little sister, not that she wasn't spoiled already.

Smiling to himself, Tim watched as the light changed and gave a soft chuckle as Sarah let go of him to make a mad dash across the street calling over her shoulder to him.

"Last one to the door is the biggest McGeek!" Laughing at her own Tony DiNozzo style joke she looked back to see her brother's bright green eyes light with challenge and his pace quicken.

Tim had almost caught up with her halfway across when they both heard the screech of tires. Looking to his right he barely had enough time to push Sarah out of the way before something plowed into him. He felt bones breaking and incredible pain as he was tossed onto the hood of the vehicle. He heard the crunch of glass as he struck the windshield, then he was flying through the air. Hitting the asphalt Tim rolled, and finally skidded to a stop. Holding onto consciousness, his only thought was "Sarah..Sarah...Sarah…" Turning his head at the sound of running feet he saw her. Cell phone in hand running toward him. His brain didn't register that she was calling his name, all he saw was that she looked okay.

"Thank God…" was all he thought as his world dissolved into black.