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The Picture

"Bella," Edward said, pulling me out of my thoughts. I turned to look at him, one eyebrow raised, as I slammed my locker door shut.

"Yes, Edward?" I said calmly, watching his features calmly. I tried my hardest to keep a straight face, knowing this all hung on me and my acting abilities.

"Why did you put this in my locker?" he asked, holding up a picture of me in a black lacy negligee. I stared at it in pretend shock before shifting my eyes to Edward's. I could feel my face turning red, and for once didn't mind. It would just help me to pass this off as believable.

"I didn't!" I cried, snatching the picture from him and shoving it into my backpack. "There was no one around when I tried that on… At least, I didn't think there was. I can't believe this!"

"Are you trying to tell me that someone else saw you like that?" Edward asked darkly, gesturing at my backpack.

My face turned redder. "I… I guess so," I mumbled, looking down at the floor. I bit back the smile threatening to break out on my face, even through my embarrassment. Just ask, just ask…

"Bella," Edward said softly. His finger came under my chin and forced me to look back up at him. "I'm sorry."

My mouth dropped slightly in shock. That wasn't supposed to happen… "Why?" I asked after I found my voice again.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you," he said, searching my eyes for something. "I will find whoever took that picture of you, I promise."

I stared at him, unsure of what to do now. He stroked my cheek softly, his eyes returning to their original gold.

The bell rang. Edward took my books into his arms and gestured for me to lead the way. I could do nothing else but head to my next class.


It didn't work!

I folded the paper in half and wrote Alice's name on it, then handed it off to the person on my left. I watched out of the corner of my eye as it made its way to Alice, then as Alice read it, and finally, as she wrote a quick response and sent it on its journey back.

I tore it open as soon as it was in my hand. In her perfect handwriting were the words:

Don't worry. He will ask for it. Give him time. He's afraid of embarrassing you.

I sighed as I stared down at her words. I needed to know now. I don't know if I can wait much longer.

I thought back to yesterday evening. I had asked Alice to come over while the guys were out hunting, hoping for some advice. I needed to know if Edward was interested in me. Not my mind or my heart, but me. Instead of advice, she had a plan.

It had taken her the better part of an hour to convince me, but once the picture was taken, I knew it would work. It had to. I didn't know what else to do.

I groaned quietly and laid my head on the desk. The rest of the day was going to pass by slowly. I didn't have any more classes with Edward, so I would only see him for brief periods of time until school let out. I sighed and lifted my head, dutifully trying to pay attention to the lecture.


"Bella," Edward said later while walking me to my last class of the day. I glanced up at him. He seemed nervous.

"Yes, Edward?" I said, trying to keep the hope out of my voice. It wouldn't do me any good to distract him now.

"Do you think…" He frowned, then said in a rush, "Do you think I could have the picture back?"

I stared at him, a slow smile creeping onto my face. I reached into my bag and fished it out. "Of course, Edward."

He stared at me, confused. "Really? You don't mind me having it?"

"Of course not," I said with a shrug. "Why would I mind?"

"Um, well… You are almost naked in it, Bella," he said quietly in my ear.

I shivered as his cool breath brushed against my skin, then blushed as his words hit my brain.

He stopped walking and pulled me over against the wall. "Bella," he said, a suspicious frown on his face. "How did someone get into your room and take a picture of you almost naked without your knowledge?"

"Um…" I stared at the floor. I could feel my face heating up again.

"Bella," Edward said softly, lifting my face with a finger under my chin. "Why did you want me to have a half naked picture of you?"

"Well…" I mumbled, shifting my eyes away from his. I took in a deep breath and said in a rush, "You've never shown me that you want me, so I felt that if I could get you to look at a picture of me that way, maybe you'd start thinking that way…" It sounded totally dumb now, but there was no way of taking it back.

"Bella," Edward sighed, pulling me to him. "You could have just asked. You know I'll tell you anything."

"Sorry…" I mumbled against his chest. I wrapped my arms around his waist and breathed in his scent, trying to calm my rapidly beating heart. It helped a little, but then he pulled away and looked into my eyes, and not only did my heartbeat speed back up, but I forgot to breathe as well. His golden orbs were smoldering, fire dancing in them as he stared at my face, then let them roam over my body.

"Bella, don't ever think I don't find you physically attractive," he said in a husky voice. "I try my hardest not to think about it because I don't want to lose control and hurt you, but I am still a man, and you are still the most dangerously attractive woman I've ever laid eyes on." His eyes landed back on my face, honing in on my lips before he crushed them with his own.

This kiss was unlike any other we'd shared before, and I immediately forgot where we were. I threw my arms around his neck and my fingers immediately found his wonderfully soft hair. He gripped my hair in one hand while the other pressed against the small of my back, holding me firmly against him. He continued his assault on my mouth a few more moments, then pulled back and stared into my eyes.

"Breathe, Bella," he said, grinning playfully.

I took a deep breath, then groaned and hid my face against his chest when I noticed the small crowd standing around us, mouths open in shock. Edward laughed lightly, then leaned down and whispered, "Don't be embarrassed, love. Every single person in this crowd in envious." He let out another low chuckle.

I groaned again, but pulled away. "I'd better get to class," I mumbled, turning to go.

He grabbed my arms lightly and leaned down to whisper, "This picture is the best gift I've ever been given. I will keep it on me always." He kissed my lips softly, then pulled away and let me go.

I nearly ran into my next class, his laughter echoing behind me. I sank into my chair and allowed myself a small smile. At least I knew how he felt now.


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