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While writing this fiction, I'm facing with THREE problems. First, this's the first time I write a fiction. Second, English isn't my best subjects and third, I'm a Vietnamese so English isn't my first language. There's no way that I didn't make any mistakes in this story. But still, I'd be very happy if you could spend your time reading this and leaving a review. Or you can throw this into a trashcan, I won't mind.

At a forest…

Rocky's lying downwards on the ground, behind some bushes, having his eye on them. Those illegal hunters! They were here two days ago and began to create a wave of fear within the animals in this forest. Rocky can't take this anymore, he has to do something!

Rocky remembers their purpose coming to this forest. This is a ninja's training: survive in a forest, an unfamiliar environment, without any modern equipments. They had make a deal with Grandpa, after two weeks surviving in an unfamiliar forest, Grandpa would come and pick them up. However, surprisingly, Rocky and his brothers now have to face with one problem: illegal hunters.

Rocky crawls toward them silently. These brutes have to pay for what they have done. It is the rangers whom they must face. But first, let's go hunting.

What are they up to now? Rocky wonders as they're discussing something. And then they look up.

There's an eagle flying in the sky returning to her nest on the top of a tree. And suddently, Rocky realizes what they're going to do.


I don't like this at all!

Tum tum looks at the illegal hunters angrily. In two days, everything Tum tum heard was gunshots. He has to put an end to all of this, and he's sure that his two older brothers will have the same decision.

"Hey, Bob! I think I got one!"

One of the two hunters yells. He got WHAT?

"A bear! Look!"

He points at a bear lying on the ground, which is covered in blood. The hunter named Bob approaches:

"Wait! There's another one!"

He's right. There's another bear, much smaller, sitting next to the mother bear and sniffing her corpse. "I think that's her child."

"What are you waiting for? Let's get them!"

Oh no, I don't think so! Tum tum jumps out of the bushes and performs a kick at one of the hunters. The other points the gun at him, but Tum tum quickly knock it out his hands and this time, a punch right on his nose.

"That will teach ya a lesson!!" Tum tum yells as he's looking at the hunters who are lying unconsious on the ground. Then he ties them to a tree by using a rope from his bag.

"That will hold them for a while before the rangers come." Tum tum smiles.

The little bear comes near Tum tum and sniffs his hand.

"Are you ok? I'm sorry about your mother. Next time, be careful of the hunters!"

Tum tum smiles at the little bear and rubs her head. Then he stands up and goes away. The little bear sits there, looks at her mother silently for a moment, then she begins to runs after Tum tum.


A gunshot….

Colt wakes up, he has slept for about an hour on a tree. Those hunters again? Colt wonders and jumps down. Seriously, I'm really pissed off because of those guys! Colt thinks and runs quickly to where that gunshot came from.

Closer and closer.

Suddently, Colt hears someone yelling.

"Watch out! Shoot him now!"

"He's too fast! I can't! Arrggggh!"

Another gunshot, and another scream. What just happened? Colt runs faster. He realizes that those were the hunters' voices. Who else can they be anyway? But this time, it looks like that they're the one who having some problems.


No gunshots, no screams. Silent. Colt can hear his heart beating, he's stunned by the scene in front of his eyes. There, lying on the ground are the two hunters, their necks are wounded badly, and Colt's sure that there's no way they can survive with those injuries. Next to them, there's a white wolf, his mounth is covered in blood, those hunters' blood. The wolf looks at Colt and begins to snarl him. Colt slowly steps backward, then he suddently stops as he notices the wolf's right leg. It is bleeding! The bullet completed its mission, after all.

"You're injured." Says Colt. The wolf keeps snarling.

"Let me treat you." Colt steps forward. The wolf keeps snarling.

"It's ok, I won't hurt you." Colt comes closer and closer.

At this distance, the wolf may have another victim by biting Colt's neck. But somehow, he has a feeling that this kid won't do anything to hurt him. He stops snarling and let Colt touch his leg.

Knowing that the wolf had trust him, Colt takes out of his pocket a chakram (some kind of a ninja knife), and use it to take the bullet out of his leg. The wolf roars because of the pain and starts struggling. Colt puts his hand on the wolf's head to calm him down.

"Easy, boy. It will soon be over, I promise."

The wolf stops struggling and lies still. He believes that Colt won't hurt him, he wants to trust this boy since he's different from those guys. Colt isn't a doctor, but leaving a bullet in this wolf's leg isn't a good idea, either.

After about an hour, the bullet is taken out of his leg. Colt tears from his shirt a piece of cloth and uses it to dress the wound.

"You're fine now. Come on, stand up, boy." Colt smiles and pats the wolf's head gently.

The wolf obediently stands up. It's still hurt at first, but the pain soon goes away. Time will do its job, the wound will soon heal. He slowly comes closer to Colt and starts licking his hands.

"That's tickle!" Colt laughs and rubs him.

The two look at each other silently.

"You should go now…" says Colt "Go and find your freedom! Go!"

The wolf slowly steps backward, he suddently stops and looks at Colt for a while, then turns around and walks off.


The eagle is returning to her nest, returning to her children…

The hunters point the guns at the flying eagle and begin to shoot at her. Rocky can't let them do that! He immediately jumps out of the bushes and kicks the gun out of one of the hunters' hands, he's then defeated by a punch of Rocky. The other takes out of his pocket a knife and attacks Rocky, but he easily dodges it and quickly knock him down.

Looking at the two hunters lying unconsious on the ground, Rocky suddently has a bad feeling, something isn't right here…

The sound of trampled leaves… Someone is approaching!

Rocky quickly turns around but it's too late! The stranger knocks him on the head, he falls down.

"There's… another… hunter…?" Rocky whispers.

Before his mind completedly goes blank, Rocky notices there's something inside the third hunter's bag. Something's round and white… stones?


…Those're the eagle's eggs…

(To be continued)