I don't know…. This was just a random Rally x Ruka one-shot… _ oh well, enjoy! Its Rated M just in case... (sweat drop) oh my... O/////O

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btw: Rally and Ruka are about 16 or 17 years old...

Just a Dream


Rally moaned as a soft, whispering voice echoed in his ear.

"Rally… wake up…"

He sniffed the air and smelled a fragrance of sweet cinnamon. The fragrance suddenly put him under a spell, then he woke up as commanded only to find a teenage woman on top of him.

Her long blue-green hair flowed down her back and soft curves. Few strands of hair rested over her bare shoulder. The young girl's bronze yellow eyes shone seductively and gazed into his silver ones. The only clothing that she wore was a red lingerie bra and matching underwear.

Rally blushed at the sight of the teenage girl and felt his heart race with excitement. He couldn't resist that he wanted to touch her so bad. It's been a few years since he moved in to stay with Yusei, his wife Aki, and his new friends in Neo Domino. Ever since then, he started to have feelings towards Ruka.

Snapping out the thoughts of the past, Rally sniffed her sweet scent. Her smell of sweet cinnamon rushed inside his nose to his brain. He wanted to taste her.

"Ru-Ruka? Na-nani?" Rally stuttered.

"Oh Rally, I just wanted some company," Ruka cooed. She webbed her fingers in Rally's red hair. "I was feeling so lonely in my room." She then messed around with his hair.

"Ah…oh…" Rally's mouth started to water as he stared at her cleavage. "Eh?"

Ruka crawled towards Rally until she was on his lap. "Rally, I wanna play." She slowly wrapped her arms around his neck. She then moved her hands playfully: one up his bare neck, and the other down his bare back. She motioned Rally to touch her and do whatever he liked.

Rally took that chance. He trailed his hands down Ruka's smooth curves. As he moved his hands up her back, he felt the sweet kisses from her lips on his forehead to his cheeks, to his nose.

Their lips trailed up and down, until they were locked with each other's. Ruka moaned as her tongue danced with Rally's in her mouth. Rally then traced up her spine and unbuttoned her bra.

The bedroom immediately filled up with warm tension. Hot air filled with peppermint and cinnamon whisked around the young couple. Then all of a sudden, the slight imagery slowly blurred between white and black.

"Rally, wake up."

Rally moaned and stirred. He spotted a figure hovering above him. The sight of the figure was blurry at first, but then he became startled to see whom that figure was…..

It was Ruka. She wore a black tube top under a pink blouse that was tied in front of her waist. Her sleeves were rolled at her mid lower arm. She also wore mini pink shorts. She had a pink band in her hair and her long hair was in high pigtails.

Ruka grinned down at him. "Rally, I wanna play."

With an immediate response, Rally fainted from a nosebleed off his bed. Ruka stared at him dumbfounded, hands on her hips.

"I only wanted to play some ball, geeze."

The End.