Before the storm:

Mission 01: Case of the missing Coffee part 1.

Time: 0600 hours

Location: Level 31 Turk floor/Lounge

"...ugh stupid train, made me run a marathon" Rod whined as he walked into the Turk lounge, he'd just come back from a mission that involved running after a train in Midgar. Some bright individual had come up with the brilliant idea of hijacking a train in Midgar only to discover it was full of shinra executives. Including an important business partner who happened to be in Midgar at the time, so naturally they sent someone to stop them at 4am in the morning, and he was the lucky person, so here he was early to work and in serious need of caffeine.

What he needed was coffee, the caffeine would do wonders but found none, he searched all the cupboards and shelf's, before slumping onto the couche annoyed and peeved at the lack of his caffeine dose. Of course when a certain dirty blond female with long hair tied back, and clad in a black suit a typical Turk trademark.

She yawned then looked at him "Morning Daisuke, how strange to see you here on time for once you didn't even need that special alarm Tseng set for you" she remarked sitting casually beside the spiky brown haired turk. He glared "shut up Samatha it's too early, and I don't need an alarm princess" he snapped grumbling.

"Yo newbie's where's the coffee the old man wants one" a lanky looking man with red hair which was held in a messy ponytail with goggles on his forehead greeted, a bald man shuffling in behind him glancing emotionlessly at them.

"There is none I looked already, I feel sorry for the one who has to face the old man" Rod remarked, Reno glared "hey rookie respect your elders, now go get some more you know what Velds like".

Rod shivered "yeah but it's not my job to get it and Veld asked you so it's your job" Rod retorted.

The bald senior turk nodded in agreement, Reno looked between them annoyance on his face "fine well then rookies we're going on a mission and I'm higher then you so don't complain yo" Reno spoke, Rude didn't show any emotion behind his sunglasses unlike the other two.

"What's going on I heard Reno and something about coffee" a very confused blond male with short curly hair murmured wiping the sleep out of eyes and glancing at the group of turks, another female entered after him but didn't say anything except went to the fridge, raising an eye at her colleagues

"Nunchaku what great timing, we're out of coffee and the old man wants some so you're going to join us on a little quest, Rosalind too".

"What!"came the startled response of Rosalind, Rod snickered a bit at this but was cut off by Rosalind's glare "what...hey I'm the one who woke at 4am".

"You wake up early that a laugh, so we gonna find this coffee or not" shotgun remarked bringing attention onto her, Reno grinned making the others even Rude groan.

"Some of us have work to do" Gun countered walking off with a cup of tea in her hand, they stared at her "its tea idiots now I'm going to do my paperwork unlike you lot" she said walking off.

Reno stuck his tongue at her as she left "well who cares let Gun go off she's too stuck up anyway, come on turkeys to find coffee we shall go!"

As they followed him Shotgun whispered in Nunchakus ear "has Reno gone crazy, I know he's usually relaxed but he's..."

"He's on a sugar high" Rude finished for her.

"Wow..."Nunchaku mumbled.

"So where to first?"Rod asked curious as to where Reno was heading so far they had gone up to the Soldier floor via the elevator.

"The first class soldiers lounge after all there's only 3 first class SOLDIERS I'm sure they won't miss a few coffee containers" Reno replied making the others sweat drop.

"Are you sure this is such a great idea I mean Septhoroth I wouldn't want to his enemy you know...and well" Nunchaku started but was stopped by Rude "if they ask Reno will take the blame "Rude finished.

Rod, Nunchaku and Shotgun stared at him "what wait you just want him to get into trouble don't you, what a great partner..."

Rude glanced at the three younger Turks stating simply "when Reno sets his mind to things he does them, no use stopping him now, beside I want a coffee as well".

"Wow Rude just like spoke more than a few words..."Shotgun murmured stunned.

"You asked" he murmured before walking off after Reno who was plotting just how they could get in and out without being caught by Angeal, Genesis or the great hero himself.

"we're doomed aren't we" Nunchaku whispered in Rods ear, Rod just nodded fearing what would happen if any of the said three SOLDIERS found out.