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Mission's chapter 5

"you fool look what you did to my lab, you turks are all the same, you ruin my genius experiments , none of you can keep out of my experiments and yet i still deal with you incompetent fools, you don't even make good specimens or experiments!"Hojo yelled jumping up and down as some poor infantry man cleaned up the mess Reno and co had caused.

Two guns was still out cold as Hojo threw his hissy fit but that didn't deter the Doctor any less, two guns finally woke up with a groan and rubbed his head "what happened..."he muttered groggily.

Hojo was now yelling at a blond infantry man who had dropped a glass beaker on the floor by accident "you're as incompetent as that turk get out get out" Hojo yelled sending the frightened infantry man running.

Two guns or Rafe as others knew him sighed "that's a little harsh ain't it professer" he commented.

Hojo looked at him glaring, Rafe stepped back "hey calm down its only some beakers did anything get stolen?"

Hojo looked at him "no my experiments are fine but look at my lab, if you weren't sleeping on the job this wouldn't of happened, and don't tell me how to treat them now start cleaning!"Hojo demanded handing Rafe a broom.

Rafe sighed "geez he needs to relax more, wheres Shotgun gone?"He asked.

"She's gone to get cleaned up, now what happened here professer Hojo?"A grumpy and very displeased Verdot stated, he looked well menacing, Rafe winced 'man I heard he was a crouch without coffee but this is...'

Verdot stared at him "I've sent Cassandra and Mathew to cover for you, now get moving i want your paperwork in by 9am tomorrow morning!"Verdot yelled, Rafe didn't waste any time getting out of there.

Meanwhile Samatha munched on a sandwich while the others watched, Rod just mourned the loss of 100 Gil that Reno had borrowed from his wallet...then given to Samatha who now owed him, not that she'd pay him back anytime soon.

"That was the last of my pay check, I needed that money for tonight!"he moaned.

Cissnei sighed and reached into her wallet producing 100 Gil "here take it, unlike you i don't spend my pay check on alcohol at the bar in sector 8"she responded.

Reno looked at her "we were socializing, you know you'll never get a boyfriend by being a hermit all day yo'" he suggested.

Cissnei stared "And that Reno is why I don't go to bars, because then you turn up to work with a hangover, piss off Verdot and Tseng and lose at least 5 hours of your time because you got too drunk to remember anything."

Reno scoffed "yeah says you anyway Samatha it's your turn who do you want to steal coffee from?"

Cissnei and Nunchaku looked at her begging her to pick someone logical and not a higher up, unfortunely she was either blind or...well yes that she picked the worst name possible.

"What about Rufus?"

Everyone except Reno went pale at the thought of even thinking about raiding Rufus Shinra, the son of the president's quarters for coffee...Reno however thought it was a marvellous idea.

"We're truely doomed this time" Nunchaku wimpered sulking on Cissneis arm, she nodded "I know...uh Samatha why Rufus did he do something to you?"She asked her female comrade.

Samatha frowned "that fiendish creature of his..."

Rod interrupted then "oh his cat/demon pet what was it called?"

Cissnei answered for him "Dark nation I believe..."

Samatha glared "if you're finished interrupting me...his thing wrecked my pants see they're all disgusting, last night I had to escort him to a function as his bodyguard and he let his demon chew on my pants, they ruined!"She blurted out melodramatically.

Cissnei and Rod stared, they almost mimicked Rudes silence, Nunchaku however spoke "uh you could see Tseng and get them replaced...I mean it's only your pants and it's not that...bad" he said looking at a chuck missing from her trousers.

She glared "it is that bad, so are we going to steal Rufus's coffee or not, or should i report Rod to Verdot?"She demanded.

"Hey that's baist it's not my fault you just live to get me!"he yelled.

Reno went between them before it got too nasty "turkies turkies lets not fight amongst ourselves let's take this out on Rufus yo'"

Rude looked away ashamed of even being there, Cissnei stared at him "we're suffering too, let's hope his stupidity doesn't rub off on us..."

Samatha chuckled, Reno growled "hey you're supposed to be on my side yo' anyway lets go bother Ruffie..."

"Ruffie...wait i don't wanna know" Cissnei stated shaking her head.

With Tseng

Legend and Tseng were still sitting in the room discussing matters at hand, the political situation in other words 'grown up talk' something certain other Turks would never understand namely Rod and Reno in particular.

The special coffee blend had been finished long ago, Tseng stood up "so you got the idea...now onto the plan, you'll go in search of any disaster that has occurred in the building on floor 50-61, I'll check the other floors up to floor 70, if you hear of any...break in's or disasters its most likely a clue that'll lead to Reno" Tseng explained fixing the creases in his turk jacket.

Legend nodded "and I'll contact you once I've finished good luck Tseng..."


Rufus Shinra the teenage son of the president stared at a computer screen, glaring at a pixelated character of a SOLDIER jumped as if controlling it by his stare alone, Darknation his loyal and tame...pet stood guard at the door, suddenly the computer stopped and he stared upset and angry.

The young soon to be Vice President was unaware that 6 Turks were outside coming up with a plan to raid his quarters for coffee, then again they weren't aware that Rufus hated coffee.

"Ok let's get this over with" Reno said motioning for them to play their parts, Samatha was to tell Rufus that there was an urgent request for his presence in his father's office, Reno as usual was going to wait for the others before invading. Rude stood by guarding the entrance so no one could interfere, Cissnei had already knocked out the power and cameras which was certain to annoy Rufus, Nunchaku had the task of sneaking in with Rod while Rufus was away.

"Uh question where would a teenager hide coffee?"Rod asked.

Reno thought for a moment but Rude answered first "under his bed..."

Rod nodded "ok lets uh...steal this coffee wait why would Rufus have coffee...he hates..."Rod blurted out suddenly dawning on the fact that not only was it suicidal but pointless but the plan was already in action, Samatha led a very angry Rufus towards the elevator, once they were out of sight they snuck in.

Rufus Shinras apartment was huge, the living room was large and filled with expensive toys, and a 70' inch television, a bed room was on the left and bathroom and kitchen separated in other rooms.

"Bedroom...bedroom now which one is the bedroom..."Nunchaku muttered analyzing the room and grinning when he found it, Rufus had even marked it.

Rod however was having a hard time with Darknation, the cat had stayed behind and glared at him, it looked like it ready to kill.

Nunchaku was too focused and had already made it to the bedroom, he checked the closet first 'nothing here' he thought before turning to the dresser 'nothing here either man he must have a cleaner or something' nunchaku thought at the overly immaculate dresser.

He then proceeded to check the bed, lifting the mattress carefully he found no coffee but a book, it was black and the words 'my diary keep your grubby paws off it' were engraved on it. Thinking if he should keep it or dump it he heard a loud yelp in the other room, he sighed and hid it in his jacket before leaving to help the distressed Rod.

Rod was now wrestling off Darknation who had its grip set on Reno's ponytail, Reno was moaning in protest as Rude helped Rod wrestle the cat away.

Nunchaku stared unsure of whether to say anything, Cissnei however emerched in good timing with an expensive looking shoe, the cat turned its attention to it, Cissnei took this as an advantage to throw a chocobo printed blanket over it. Darknation hissed and growled as it fought to get the now torn blanket off it.

Reno didn't need any more motivation than that, they all dashed out just in time, leaving just as a very grumpy Rufus returned scowling, Samatha saw them and ducked behind them, Rufus didn't notice them but ran to his pets side.

Nunchaku meanwhile sighed a breathe of relief when they were well away and safely on the turk floor accidently losing the book at the same time , Reno snapped it up before he got a chance, he looked at it smirking.