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I do not own Twilight, its plot or any of its characters. But this storyline, its all mine - well the majority of it at any rate; some chapters (well, one chapter) bear a very large resemblance to chapters of the original book. ^^

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Extended Summary:

Six-year-olds Bella Swan and Edward Masen were the best of friends. Due to her parents divorce, Bella had to leave Forks, so little Edward made her a promise and swore to himself that he would fulfill it.

On Bella's return, eleven years later, she runs into (literally) a tall, bronze-haired and green eyed, leather-jacket-wearing young man who seems to not only recognise her but seems irritated that she doesn't remember him. Who is he? He's Edward Masen, the most handsome and arrogant bad-boy in the town of Forks. Even after all these years, Edward is still intent on making good on his promise even if the methods he has to use are a little unorthodox.

Will Bella ever remember the sweet little boy from her past?

Will Edward ever fulfill what he pledged?

Well, you're going to have to read it to find out...



The sky that day was an unusually clear blue. Sunshine streamed from the heavens and the birds' warbling song was audible to any one person who happened to be about.

A small boy with bright, emerald green eyes and unruly bronze-coloured hair played in sandpit of a small park; he could not have been more than six years old.

Beside him sat a little girl of the same age; brown locks, shining slightly red in the sun, fell down to her waist and her chocolate brown eyes were cheerful as she helped her friend with his sand castle.

"How's this, Bella?" asked the boy, sticking his tongue out thoughtfully as he placed a small, twig and leaf flag atop of their creation with exaggerated.

The girl beamed at him. "It's really, really good!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together with glee. "You make the best sand castles, Edward."

The bronze-haired boy smiled back at her.

Suddenly, Bella's face fell, the atmosphere surrounding her becoming as gloomy as the expression on her face.

Little Edward cocked his head to the side. "What's the matter?" he asked, worriedly.

The small girl brushed her sandy thumb on her dress then stuck it into her mouth, a hesitant look spread across her pale features. "Mummy says that we have to leave Forks," she whispered, her lower lip trembling as unexpected tears sprang into her eyes. "Mummy says that she and Daddy aren't going to be living together any more, and that Bella has to go with Mummy to Phoenix."


Edward's eyes widened. "You can't leave Forks!" he cried. "What if I never see you again? I won't be able to make sand castles with you anymore!"

A tear slid down Bella's small face and splashed into the sand. The damp mark it left faded almost immediately as the sand sucked it up.

Edward pulled her into a hug and, on impulse, gently kissed her cheek.

Both children blushed.

Then Edward made her a promise, one that he vowed to keep no matter what. He repeated it again to himself as Bella and her mother drove away, swearing that when the time came for Bella to return he would fulfill it.