For the members and for the fan fiction

I was unable to write story so I created to how to recognize a witch

Witches wear gloves in hands as they have very sharp claws and no finger nails they also wear in summer too.

2. secondly they always wear a wig on their head as not a single hair are grown in their head if suddenly we remove the wig that will be very uncomfortable for them as they have a naked scalp .

3Thirdly their saliva is blue they use it for ink of the pen we can see little bluish color on their teeth.

Fourthly they don't have toes and their feet are squared shaped but they are able to walk.

It is last but not least they have a big nose to smell they thought that the children are worst than dogs dropping.

As we all think that witches are as like are in fairy tales wearing that silly hat and clothes and in broomsticks

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