A/N: Hello, it's me again…XD…I made this especially for Milo's birthday. This one is a humorous fic, but the second will be romance (so warning for Scorpio Milo's fans, and it is not yaoi, never yaoi…).


Quiz for Milo

When Milo browsed the internet to buy new tank for his scorpions via online, he was lost to a site which offered online quiz. The title is "How far you understand your fellows?"

Milo: (grinned) "Gee, this will be interesting. OK, first question. Who will be the one who's most likely give you gift in Valentines' Day? Well…course it's Aphrodite, it's too obvious. Second…who will be the one who really cares about his/ her appearances? Aphrodite again. Third, who's the one who has mirror in his/ her living room?...Aphrodite again…gosh, is this site made by Aphrodite? If yes, then better I turn off my computer…wait the fourth question is different…who's the one who doesn't like cheese burger…? Let's see…everybody likes cheese burger except Shaka. His favorite menu only consists of lettuce and peach. Ummm…the next question, who is the great pretender?....Camus, of course. The sixth one…hmmm, the one whom you believe never betrays you? Camus again. K, then…who's the one who like doing a prank…umm, the answer is…me. Yes, me, who else? I won't blame anybody. For the eighth question…who likes basketball?…I'm not sure, but maybe Aldebaran? He will win all the matches anyway. And…um…Gemini is the zodiac of…stupid question, of course Saga and Kanon. And….the one who's most likely laugh at your stupidity…well…I think ALL like to laugh at my stupidity, especially Deathmask. Yeah, he's the one who'll definitely laugh out loud. The next…who has good voice…? Who has good voice…I don't know, I never hear them sing, and I don't want to. Gosh, one question missed. K, I'll try to be better. Now…next question…who do you think will be the best lawyer? Dohko, of course. And…kitten is the favorite pet of…yes, Aiolia. And…mention three favorite colors of your closest friends. Let's see…Camus likes dark green, Shaka, likes white, and Mu likes maroon. Man, the questions are too easy for me. K…then…can you discover the weakness of your closest friend…? Camus' weakness…maybe Hyoga? He's always willing to do anything for him. And…oh, it's the last question!" (Milo read the next direction then) "Ask the questions above to your friends. If at least 12 until 15 of your answers fit with your friends', then you "really know them well". If it 9 until 12 answers fit, then you "know them enough". If it's less than 9 answers fit, then "poor you". Hmmm…ok, I'll ask them now."

Question 1: Who's the most likely person who'll give you gift in Valentine's day.

Milo: "Hey, Aphro, wanna ask you a question."

Aphrodite: "What question?"

Milo: "Are you the most likely person who''ll give me gift in Val's day?"

Aphrodite: (annoyed) "How could you think like that?!"

Milo: "…?"

Aphrodite: "I like celebrating Valentine, but I won't give any Val's gift to a joker like you!"

Milo: (sweatdrops) "Ok…(gave a scratch on the first answer)…crap…wrong answer at the very beginning…"

Aphrodite: "Whut?"

Milo: "Nothin. K…two questions again."

Question 2: Who will be the one who really cares about his/ her appearance?

Milo: "Are you the one who really cares about your appearance?"

Aphrodite: "Of course I am! Let's see, when I wear pink lipstick, I will match it with pink blouse. And then…the long pants will be very tight and blue in colour. Mmm…purple is not bad either. Then when I wear turtleneck sweater, it will be looooooveeely to be matched with polka dot pants…and—"

Milo: "Ok, I get it, let's go to the next question (or I'll burn your temple)."

Question 3: Who's the one who have mirror in the living room?

Milo: "Dite, you have mirror in your living room, don't you?"

Aphrodite: "No…I have moved it in my dining room."

Milo: "(Aa…wrong answer again…!) Ummm, I have an idea, Dite, why don't you return the mirror to your living room again?"

Aphrodite: "Why?"

Milo: "Errr…to make your guests feel comfortable? I mean, they can check their appearance in the mirror while you make coffee or tea."

Aphrodite: "And let them think that they're BETTER than ME?! NO WAY!"

Milo: (gulped) "Fine…see you again, Dite!" (stepped to Shaka's temple)

Question 4: Who doesn't like cheese burger?

Milo: "Hi, Shaka. What are you doing?"

Shaka: (meditating) "Are you blind?"

Milo: "…I think that's the question I should give to you…"

Shaka: "What??!"

Milo: "Nothing, just want to ask you this: you don't like cheese burger, do you?"

Shaka: "What is cheese burger?"

Milo: (sweatdrop) "OK, I think that's been an answer, thanks, Shaka, bye!"

Shaka: "…?"

Question 5: Who is the great pretender?

Milo: (stepped to Aquarius temple) "My gosh…next will be Camus…asking him is far more difficult than asking ten Shakas together…" (arrived at Aquarius temple 15 minutes later) "Hosh…hosh…"

Camus: "What are you doing here, Milo?"

Milo: "Just…(hosh)…wanna…(hosh) ask you…(hosh)…a question."

Camus: "What for?"

Milo: "Well, I join a quiz in the internet. So…the question is: are you a great pretender?

Camus: "What do you mean by that?"

Milo: "You know…pretend that you are stern when you're sad…or pretend that you don't care about someone but in fact you're willing to die for him…?" (smiled innocently)

Camus: "I don't think I'm like that."

Milo: "Err…but the reality proves otherwise."

Camus: "…"

Milo: "Fine, I think no person can answer this except ME, even you yourself can't answer it…so the fifth question will be true though you disagree! Next question!"

Camus: "You're cheating."

Milo: "I'm not! Hey, that's the way it is, mate!" (grinned)

Question 6: Who's the one whom you believe will never betray you?

Milo: "K…Camus, you're the one who'll never betray me, aren't you?"

Camus: "Don't be too sure."

Milo: "Aaaargh, just say yes, ok?! I have had two wrong answers!"

Camus: (almost smiled) "Then what do you think? Do I look like someone who'll betray you in the future?"

Milo: "Noo."

Camus: "Then why you ask me?"

Milo: "Just matching your answer and mine. So you won't betray me, will you?"

Camus: "You've known the answer."

Milo: (get frustrated) "Heaven! Is it that difficult just to say YES or NO?!"

Camus: "Fine, I will never betray you. Satisfied?"

Milo: (smiled widely) "Very satisfied. K…bye, Camus!"

Question 7: Who's the one who likes doing pranks?

Milo: (stepped to nowhere) "Well…I have to ask myself for this question. Fine…Scorpio Milo, do you like doing pranks?/ Yes, I like it, that's my hobby!/ Well done!!/ (why suddenly I feel like being the evil Saga…?)"

Question 8: Who likes basketball?

Milo: (stepped to Taurus temple and met Aldebaran there) "Hi, Ald!"

Aldebaran: "What is it, Milo?"

Milo: "Just want to ask you a question: do you like basketball?"

Aldebaran: "Basketball? You mean meatballs put into a basket?"

Milo: "…"

Aldebaran: "Well…I'm not sure I like it too much…but—"

Milo: "K…wrong answer again…bye, Aldy!" (stepped upstairs) "Great, I have been the one who "knows my friends enough". I'd always felt I knew my friends very well."

Question 9: Gemini is the zodiac of…

Milo: "I will look like a moron if I ask this to the twins…better go to the next question."

Question 10: Who's the one that most likely laugh at your stupidity?

Milo: (grinned) "He…he…he…this is a question for Deathmask, it will be very interesting." (walked to Cancer temple and met Deathmask) "Good afternoon, Masky!"

Deathmask: "What are you doing here?!"

Milo: "Don't be so touchy…just want to ask you a question. Are you the one who is most likely laugh at my stupidity?"

Deathmask: "Myowahahahahahaha!!!"

Milo: "…"

Detahmask: "OF COURSE I AM!! I will even roll to the floor when seeing your stupidity!"

Milo: "That's fun. Thank you, Masky!"

Deathmask: "Wait…you don't feel hurt hearing my answer?"

Milo: (laughed) "Hurt?! Honestly that's the BEST answer you've ever given!"

Deathmask: "…? (I meant to see him sad…)"

Question 11: Who has good voice?

Milo: (stepped upstairs) "Well…I didn't answer it…so it's automatically wrong…ummm, but there's no harm if I ask bout this."

Aiolia: "Hi, Milo!"

Milo: "Hello. Ummm, Aio, do you know someone in Sanctuary who has good voice?"

Aiolia: "Good voice…? Probably Saga. You know he really likes taking a bath and I think he always practices singing during his bathing time."

Milo: "Yes, you're right…! Why didn't I think about that…?"

Aiolia: "What you're asking that for? You want to perform a choir?"

Milo: (laughed, imagining twelve Gold Saints sing together) "No…no…thanx, Aio!"

Question 12: Who do you think will be the best lawyer?

Milo: (stepped to Dohko's temple and found it was empty) "Oh…I forget, Dohko's in Rozan right now. Wait…there's someone there…Camus?"

Camus: "You again!"

Milo: "Why you really like hanging around in Libra temple?"

Camus: "I'm waiting for Hyoga."

Milo: (scared) "You want to kill him again…?"

Camus: "No, idiot, we'll practicing Freezing Coffin."

Milo: "Why don't you do that in your own temple?"

Camus: "Hyoga doesn't want it. He likes here because he feels he can concentrate more."

Milo: "Yes, coz this temple always reminds him to your "lecture" last time, and Hyoga thinks this place stimulates him to do revenge to you."

Camus: "Shut up, Milo. So how's the quiz?"

Milo: "The next question is for Dohko, I can't ask him. He's in Rozan right now."

Camus: "Why don't you phone him?"

Milo: "That's right…that's what I will do." (took his mobile phone from his pocket) OK…Dohko…" (pressing the numbers and waited)

Dohko: "Hello?"

Milo: "Hi, Dohko, just want to ask you something: do you think you'll be the best lawyer?"

Dohko: "What is this question for? Do you want to place me in a firm?"

Milo: "No, just for quiz."

Dohko: "Ummm…I don't think I can be the best lawyer."

Milo: "WHATZ?! But you're a Libra!"

Dohko: "Not all Libra can be fair in law, I don't have any confidence to be lawyer because it needs a lot of responsibilities."

Milo: "…"

Dohko: "Hello?"

Milo: "Yes…ok, that's it, thank you." (turned of his phone) "Damn, wrong answer again! Dohko's too down to earth! Ow…I've been in the category of "knowing my friends enough". Hope there will be no wrong answers otherwise I will be placed into "poor you"."

Camus: "Who receives the next question?"

Milo: "Aiolia. I'm about to ask whether kitten is his favorite pet."

Camus: (frowned his forehead) "He hates kitten."

Milo: "How do you know that?"

Camus: "Everyone knows it! He loves lion and hates kitten."

Milo: (in horror) "But I thought if you like lion then you'll like kitten as well!"

Camus: "Milo, do you like cockroach?"

Milo: "Yuck! I hate it!"

Camus: "See! You don't like cockroach though scorpion and cockroach are alike."


Camus: "Sorry. But both of them are insects."


Camus: "That's it. I bet Aiolia will react the same way if you say that lion and kitten are alike."

Milo: "…"

Camus: "Do you still dare to ask him?"

Milo: "…well…yes…to make myself sure."

Camus: "Just be careful, don't say something that'll tease him, or he'll kick you until you're landing on Japan."

Milo: "He has no such skill. Besides you'll be very sad if I leave you, then I'll prevent whatever he wants to do to me." (stepped to Leo temple)

Camus: "Yes…right…" (sarcastically)

Question 13. Kitten is the favorite pet of…

Milo: (thinking) "…well…Camus is right anyway…what if Aiolia kicks me until I land on Japan…?"

Aiolia: "Milo, you're here again."

Milo: "Yes….er….um…want to ask you a question."

Aiolia: "About singing contest again?"

Milo: "No…no…eh…I want to know…ummm…is kitten your favorite pet…?" (almost closed his eyes)

Aiolia: (looked disturbed) "I have to tell anybody for hundred times that KITTEN IS NOT MY FAVORITE PET!!"

Milo: "Alright, alright!" (ran to Virgo temple with light speed) "Boy, he's that angry only because I ask about kitten…"

Readers: "But you yourself almost going mad when Camus teased your scorpions."

Milo: "…"

Question 14: Mention the favorite colors of your three closest friends.

Milo: "Hi again, Shaka."

Shaka: "I still do not know what cheese burger is."

Milo: "Forget it. There's another urgent question: you're favorite color is white, isn't it?"

Shaka: "True."

Milo: "K, bye."

Shaka: "Hey, what is cheese burger anyway?!"

Milo: (stepped to Libra and met Camus again)

Camus: "So how is it?"

Milo: "You're right, that lion is very furious. Just forget it. Now a question: your favorite colour is dark green, isn't it?"

Camus: "Yes, it is."

Milo: "Great! Now…oh…no…the next is Mu! It means I have to pass Aiolia's temple again!"

Camus: (sighed) "Just call him, Milo."

Milo: "You mean like this: MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!"

Camus: (closed his ears) "I mean with mobile-phone, damnit!!"

Milo: "Oh…right." (got embarrassed as he took his mobile phone and pressed Mu's number. He had to wait for few seconds)

Mu: "Hello?"

Milo: "Hi, Mu-sama. Want to ask you a question: your favourite colour is maroon, isn't it?"

Mu: "Yes."

Milo: "K, bye." (turned off the phone and breathed in relief) "Fine, only one question left…" (his face suddenly turned into horror) "Ooohh…no…I have to ask him again…"

Camus: "What?"

Question 15: Can you discover the weakness of your closest friend?"

Milo: "Ummm…Camus?"

Camus: "Whut, Milo?"

Milo: "Your weakness is Hyoga, isn't he?"

Camus: "…"

Milo: "Well…I always think you love him too much." (smiled innocently again).

Camus: (looked thoughtful) "Hmm…"

Milo: "Am I right?" (his heart beat fast)

Camus: "There's another one."

Milo: "Oh no…no… just say that's Hyoga's your only weakness, ok?! Or there'll be more wrong answer and I'll be placed in "poor you"!"

Camus: "My other weakness spot is…"

Milo: "STOP IT! Don't say anything!"

Camus: "…Scorpio Milo."

Milo: (blinked) "What?"

Camus: "Well…I'd thought you've known it! It's Hyoga and you who can look through my feelings."

Milo: (blinked again) "Ummm…I don't know I should feel happy or sad. (I'm placed in "poor you"!!) I mean I even haven't understood my best friend's weaknesses."

Camus: "Come one, Milo, it's just a quiz. It's not an exact parameter to measure friendship."

Milo: (sat beside his best friend and sighed) "You're right." (smiled) "But at least I'm happy because I can find the correct answers."

Camus: "Right."

Several minutes later Hyoga came.

Hyoga: "Good afternoon, Shihyou. Good afternoon, Milo."

Milo: "Good afternoon."

Camus: "You're late, Hyoga."

Hyoga: "I'm sorry. I've just browsed the internet and find this quiz, titled "What your friends like and dislike". So…wanna play this first before practicing?"

Camus and Milo: (looked at each other, then together said…) "NO!"

The End