Author's Note: For the record, I have never written a fanfic with Lucy and Susan in it so I will have probably not done them with the justice they deserve so I am apologising now before I get pelted by rotten fruit! Criticism is greatfully welcomed...just don't turn too nasty!

Reflections by Always

Chapter One


"Oi, Lu!"

"Your majesty!"

Voices whipped past me as I ran, giggling and bare-foot down the smooth marble steps of the East entrance towards the beach.

My tiara managed to bob along easily upon my head as if the maker had known that I loved to run everywhere and had developed someway on its making to keep it firmly attached and to be kept still in times of what Susan calls my 'childish moments'.

I'm eighteen! I was still young enough to get myself into trouble yet I was old enough to know the tricks to get me out of it.

I'd been attending my duties all morning – visiting Mrs Four-Paw and her new litter of kittens, opening a celebration for Whiskernut's birthday (squirrels do love to have tree parties!) and listening to at least two suitors enquiring for my hand in marriage (yes, dear little me!). Though, both gentlemen seemed to vanish after Edmund and Peter wanted to talk privately with them.

Now was my time to let myself go free which of course included me holding up my dress as I ran through the limitless amount of corridors, my eyes fixed upon the soft sandy beach and its clear blue waters.

I am meant to be called 'Valiant', yet I have heard Ed calling me 'Queen Lucy the Nutcase'. Shows what he knows. I felt myself giggle with delight when my feet touched the familiar softness of the sand, toes clenching together to make little mountains. I know – my imagination can be an amazing thing once I get started. Ask Edmund.

I love to feel the freedom of the open space around me. It brought out the best part of me. I could hear the waves crashing into each other, the mermaids laughing as they somersaulted through the air with ease and back into the water with a loud splash. They popped their heads back to the surface, smiling and waving as they caught sight of me. I waved back, feeling privileged to be in my position. These all made me feel so alive and thankful to Aslan for bringing me into Narnia.

My eyes literally brightened as I caught a glimpse of my final destination: Pevensie Cove. Well…the cove wasn't actually called that, however it had been officially dubbed that by all four of us on our first week as royalty. We had been working hard all that week, trying to understand all the basics to do with laws, decrees, history of the world so far and we had needed a break just to be ourselves, no matter how helpful everyone had been. Peter had discovered it when we had been playing chase across the beach, Susan climbing up one of the rocks and somehow managing to lose her footing. Lo and behold, Pevensie Cove! It is this little horse-shoed shaped area with its piece of turquoise ocean and white beach, tall rocks surrounding everyone like a wall, keeping out anyone watching and purely secret to those who knew about it. Of course, being eight years old made the whole discovery even more amazing. I even think we should have our only little meetings there. Now, though, we are older and don't have as much time to come here anymore. The others may have other hobbies to occupy their time now, but I was still a child at heart!

I carefully stepped into the potholes embedded in the rock which made the ascent up it so much easier; maybe being taller helped a little too. I could climb this with my eyes shut, thanks to the number of times I had been here over the last ten years. When I reached the top, I headed over to the edge, sat down, letting my legs dangle over the edge, and shaking my hair as the wind took a-hold and blew it behind me.

I took off my tiara, tilting my head to the sight so I could take in every inch of detail about it. I loved how it shone in the sunlight, sunrays hitting each individual silver flower. It made me wonder sometimes if I imagined the flowers blossoming; nothing surprised me anymore.

The sound of a falling rock startled me out of my thoughts, and a smile spread across my lips as I caught sight of someone coming from the side out the corner of my eye. It was going to be either one of my brothers or maybe even Tumnus (I'd let him into our little secret since he is my best friend and all). "Alright, you have me! I surrender!" I replied, stifling a laugh, holding my hands up in mock-surrender.

"Good," whispered a voice I remembered but couldn't quite place, and before I could react, a piece of rough cloth was wrapped around my mouth and a rope tied tight around my wrists. What was going on? I struggled and twisted, trying to think of anywhere to get myself out of these sudden bonds. If only I had remembered to carry my dagger with me! Peter and Orieus constantly reminded me to on my guard, and that not people within in this world understood the ways of Narnians. I could hear myself screaming against the gag tied brutally around my mouth. Someone had to have seen me running this way! Someone would jump out of the shadows and stop whoever was doing this!

A sharp pain spread across my right cheek and my head flung in the same direction as I was backhanded by the assailant. Tears sprung immediately to my eyes at the action, making me gaze up at the masked person.

"Make one more peep, your majesty, and it will be the last one you will ever make," it hissed, emerald eyes boring down into my own, anger and malice shining deep within them.

What could I do?

I was utterly powerless, and this time, didn't have any of my family or friends to come to my rescue. Part of me wanted to cry, but the other hastened to remind me that I wasn't called 'Valiant' for nothing. I pulled back my foot and kicked him as hard as I could in the leg, eyes narrowed in defiance. No-one was going to take me without a fight.

The attacker gazed down at me, something powerful now evident in his look, and with a growl, grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder, my chin hitting his back hard, sending a shiver through my jaw and teeth.

"This will teach them what it feels like to lose someone they loved."

With that final line, he headed back down the rock, not caring about knocking me about. My eyes fell upon the not-so-distant view of Cair Paravel, the sun making the white gleam brightly as if a sun of its own. A single tear fell down my freckled cheek.

Would I ever see home again?