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Dean let out a satisfying sigh as the scalding water hit his body from the shower head. All his tensed muscles relaxed under the spray making Dean smiled in satisfaction. He quickly poured some shampoo from the bottle and lathered his hair up. He was in the process of rinsing the suds out when he heard a familiar voice.


Dean paused in his rinsing and pulled the shower curtain back. His little, 6 foot 4 inches tall brother, Sam, was curled up in the corner of the bathroom, his eyes fixed on the shower. He wore a pair of baggy sweats and a baggy T-shirt. His eyes shimmered with the threat of tears.

"I'll be done in a sec, Sammy, 'kay?"

Sam showed no sign of understanding Dean's words. Instead his trembling increased and he plead, "De!"

Dean let the shower curtain fall and he quickly finished rinsing his hair. He turned the water off and grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist. Making sure the towel was secure, he stepped out of the shower and kneeled in front of his brother. Sam immediately wrapped his arms around Dean's neck. "De!" he sobbed.

"Shh, Shh, Shh…" Dean wrapped his arms around his broken brother. "It's okay. I told you I was only going to be in there a few minutes…" When Sam remained unresponsive, Dean sighed and hoisted his brother up. Sam let out a whimpering scream. "Sorry! Sorry… Shh… c'mon, Sammy."

He led his brother back into the main room and placed trembling Sam on the bed. Sam looked up at Dean with a look of pure pain and confusion in his eyes that tugged at Dean's heart and fueled his rage for Asmodeus.

As agreed, Asmodeus was handed over to Dantanian. Mostly because Dean's top priority was taking care of Sam. Revenge can come later.

Since Dean rescued Sam he's realized a few things. One being: Asmodeus healed all of Sam's injuries, so physically he's as healthy as a new born baby. But all the pain inflicted still remained. Over a period of time (according to Dantanian) the pain will start to fade. But for now, any jarring at all left Sam a quivering mess.

And mentally, Sam was destroyed. He had no sense of self or (as much as Dean hated to admit it) humanity. He didn't react to words, games, food, or general going-ons in the world… Pain seems to be the only thing that makes him react. It's as though all other capabilities have been taken away from Sam. Leaving Sam constantly tortured with the one thing he's aware of. He would truly be dead, if it wasn't for Dean. Dean seemed to be his only anchor to the world. Not his voice or even his person… But as long as Dean was close enough, within sight or not, Sam would find him and latch on.

Dean bent down and wiped Sam's tears off his face. Sam sniffled and grabbed Dean's hand. "De…"

'De.' The only word in Sam's vocabulary. All of Sam's feelings were expressed by unintelligible noises and 'De.' It was another testament of Sam's lost humanity. And another example of how important Dean was to Sam's sanity.

Dean used his free hand to pry Sam's hand off of his. "It's okay, Sammy. I'm just gonna go make some breakfast, okay?"

Sam looked despondently at his hand now that it didn't contain the comfort of Dean's. He looked up at Dean, tears brimming in his eyes once again. "De?"

Dean sighed. "Just wait a minute, okay?" Dean went to the kitchen of the apartment and started to make some toast and pouring some cereal, leaving it dry. As soon as he was done he set up the table and went back into the bedroom. His heart broke at the sight.

Sam sat dejectedly limp on the bed. Tears fell freely from his wide, unseeing eyes. Shivers ran up his body at regular intervals and he emitted small whimpers every few seconds.

Dean quickly sat by Sam's side and took him in his arms. "Shh… I'm here, Sammy, I'm here… Shh…" He rocked his unresponsive brother in his arms for more than ten minutes before he mumbled…


"Hey, Sammy!" Dean said softly. "Jeezus, I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have left you here alone…"

Sam turned into his brother's embrace and wrapped himself around his brother's naked torso, taking Dean's presence in. "De…?" Sam sobbed.

"It's okay, I won't leave you. I'm right here…"

"De…!" Sam buried his face into the crook of Dean's neck. Dean let the wetness consume his shoulder as he rocked Sam back and forth.

"I'm so sorry… I'm so sorry, Sammy…"


Bobby used the spare key and let himself in with the groceries. "Dean! Give a guy a hand, will ya?!"

"Uh, one moment, Bobby!"

Bobby grunted as he kicked his shoes off with difficulty. "This is not my kinda thing…" he mumbled.


Bobby fell backwards, dropping all the groceries and landing on his ass. "Oof!" Bobby grunted as he got back on his feet. "What the hell was that about, ya…!" Bobby froze.

Sam sat hunched over in front of him, tears streaming down his face. "Oh jeez, Sam! I'm sorry…!" Bobby felt awful and instinctively held out a hand to help Sam up.

"Nnah!" Sam screamed. He scooted himself back until he hit the far wall away from Bobby.

Bobby's hand recoiled. "Oh god, Sammy! I'm sorry! I didn't…"

Sam brought his hands up to his head and let out screaming sobs. Sam grabbed and pulled at his hair in a desperate manner while twisting and turning violently. Bobby found himself frozen in horror as he listened and watched the desperate sobs of a broken man.

"Sammy!?" Dean ran into the hallway and kneeled next to Sam, not even acknowledging Bobby's presence. "Sammy, look at me!" Sam's chest rose and fell quickly in respiratory distress as he continued to sob and scream. Dean grabbed Sam's hands and directed Sam's face to his. "Look at me, Sam!"

"Nah! Uh! Uhh…!" Sam screams started to fade, though his sobs stayed just as intense.

"That's it, Sammy… Just pay attention to me…"

"De! Deeee!"

"Shh… I know, I know…" Dean leaned forward and held Sam's head to his chest.

"De…!" Sam let go of his hair and grabbed the front of Dean's shirt, burrowing his face into his brother's warmth. Sam whimpered as a fresh wave of pain hit him. "Nnahh…" he sobbed.

"Shh… shh… It's okay…"

Bobby picked up the groceries and headed to the kitchen, letting Dean take care of Sam. He felt awful for Sam having another episode, as mild as it was. Bobby sighed. He loved these boys and would do anything for him, but he just felt so useless just buying groceries and paying the bills.

He came back in the hallway to find Sam sleeping in Dean's arms. Bobby looked longingly at Sam's slumbering form. It seemed to be the only time Sam seemed like… Bobby grimaced. Human. His face was peaceful without a care in the world. Until of course, his nightmares came. His nightmares have gotten so bad that they have to tie Sam to the bed so he doesn't knock himself off and hurt himself whilst trapped in the terrors of his mind.

Bobby remembers the first time they tied Sam to the bed. It was after a night that had Dean and him up to Sam banging his head against a wall until it bleed. Thankfully, Dean was able to calm his brother down before he did any real damage to his head. Bobby got his hands on some reinforced soft restraints and attached them to the bed. When they managed to get Sam in and tied for the night, he was a quivering, sobbing mess. Begging out 'De' like no tomorrow. Dean stayed seated by the bed the entire time, talking to and soothing his brother. Petting Sam's hair in a calming manner, trying to get Sam to relax. It all did little to help. Sam's eyes were fixed on Dean's face, practically begging his brother to let him go. Dean eventually broke down crying at being unable to help his brother.

Now when they attach Sam to the bed he just stares at Dean's face, and Dean stays by his side until he falls asleep.

Dean picked his sleeping brother up and carried him to the bedroom. Dean was worried about how skinny he was. They hand-fed Sam everything but it doesn't seem like enough. Carrying Sam, Dean could feel his hip bones poking out and the sharp points of his joints.

He placed Sam on the bed and sighed as he reluctantly placed his wrists and ankles in the restraints. Sam started to squirm as another nightmare assaulted him.

"Shh…" Dean placed a hand on the side of Sam's head while rubbing his cheek with his thumb and started to pet Sam's hair with the other. Sam whimpered and cried unaware of his brother's ministrations. He jerked and let out a short scream of pain.

"Shh…! C'mon, Sammy! Wake up now!" Sam jerked again and let out another scream of pain and started to sob.

"C'mon, Sammy! Wake up! Sammy, wake up!"

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