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Both the brothers jumped as Dean's cell went off. He groaned as he anticipated who the call was from and what it was about.


"Dean, Bobby's awake now."

"He is?!" Dean breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh thank god..."

"We'd like to keep him here for another day for observation but then he should be able to go home. But you can come in and see him if you like."

Dean looked down at Sam who was looking at Dean fearfully and strangely acceptantly... Dean remembered how fearful hysteric Sam was acting of Bobby earlier and was left wondering what he should do.

"Dean?" Dr. Reed asked, unsure if he was still there.

Dean took a deep breath, hoping he was doing the right thing. "We'll be there in half an hour."


Sam was catatonic again as Dean made preparations. He hung a few select amulets around Sam's and his own neck, hiding them beneath their shirts. He grabbed a couple bottles of holy water, placed his pistol with silver bullets in his jean's waistband, and hid a silver knife in his boot. He tucked his father's journal of exorcisms and a stake inside his jacket. After he was sure outsiders wouldn't be able to tell he was packing, he sighed. He mentally went over his arsenal, hoping he would be ready for any potential threat the potential thing inside Bobby posed.

He led his catatonic brother to the car. But Sam wasn't just catatonic, it was like he was hopeless. Like he had given up. Dean was really, really hoping this wasn't a mistake.

Knowing their luck, it probably was.


Dean noticed how Sam got increasingly more frightened as they got closer to Bobby's room. Dean had one arm around Sam's shoulders, leading him on, while his other arm was curled back, his fingers poised to grab his pistol at a split second's notice.

When they reached Bobby's room, Sam was trembling violently and tugging on Dean's shirt, mumbling under his breath, "No, no, no, no..."

Dean took a deep breath before opening the door and leading Sam in.

Bobby was sitting up, reading a magazine of some sort. He looked up at the brothers and smiled warmly.

"Boys." He closed the magazine and flung it aside.

Sam's trembling got impossibly more violent. Dean grabbed one of the bottles of holy water and handed it to Bobby. "Bobby, we have reason to believe that's there's something inside you... supernatural something inside you."

Bobby frowned. "Like what?"

"We don't know."

"We?" Bobby leaned a little to see Sam. "Is Sam better?" Bobby asked excitedly.

"Of a sort..." Dean pointed to the holy water. "Drink that."

Bobby smiled. Dean blinked. There was something... odd about that smile...

After Bobby drank the bottle with no reaction, Dean stepped up to Bobby's side, leaving Sam standing hunched over, trembling fearfully at the door.

"One last thing..." Dean pulled out his silver knife and and made a small slice into Bobby's bicep. When there was no reaction, Dean smiled. "So if there is something in you, it's not affecting you."

Bobby gave another 'off' smile. At least from everything I know, Dean thought. "Look," Dean said, "We just came to check up on ya. We'll be back tomorrow to pick you up!"

Bobby's 'off' smile became wider. "Alright, I'll see you boys tomorrow."

When Bobby's gaze swiveled to Sam, Sam's breathing hitched in fear and his trembling became more pronounced.

Time to GO! Dean grabbed Sam by the arm and quickly led him away. "I'm sorry..." Dean whispered. "I shouldn't have brought you here with me."

Sam shook his head adamantly and rested it on Dean's shoulder as they walked, which was a bit awkward but Dean didn't dare shrug him off only to be a bit more comfortable.

"Pet don't leave Deanie..."

Dean nodded. "Alright, you won't leave me."


Sam was once again asleep as Dean paced the room. What the hell am I supposed to do now...? If he's possessed it's one hell of a demon! If he's not, I gotta figure out what's wrong with him. Dean grabbed Sam's computer. For a moment he just sat there. Okay, something that can make people go into temporary comas and aren't affected by silver and holy water.


Dantanian stood menacingly over Sam. "I swear! I try everything! I beat you, I pull your freaking balls off! But you still won't tell me.

Sam just lay on the table, trying desperately to quell the trembles racking his body.

"I could try a combination of things..." Dantanian said thoughtfully. "Or I could just rip out apart piece by piece, make you whole again, then ask you again. How's that sound?

Sam kept his mouth firmly shut, knowing if he opened his mouth, his body might just decide to tell Dantanian the locale of his brother. Then Sam noticed something else. Dantanian was naked.

"I suppose either way, I should just use you for pleasure first... I mean why waste a fine specimen as yourself?" Dantanian climbed up, forced Sam's mouth open, and plunged himself in.

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